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Sole is the italian word for Sun.
Sun is the power source of our lives, it’s what we need to feel alive, to feel good, to give birth to our energy and create.
And Sole is the name we gave to a new project representing for us a new approach to poster art.
After years of silkscreening, we decided it was time to experiment something different, for giving a new value to what we do.
We needed to see our prints pop out of paper, becoming something we can’t name simply a “poster”, to give the work we do a new strength.
Sole is our first gilded silkscreen.
“SOLE” is a limited edition art print taken from the original gigposter we did for our  friends Orange Factory.
Originally created for a gig of Mugstar in Belgium we worked out a regular version handpulled silkscreen of 40 copies and a variant version of only 15 copies using gold metal leaf gilding process.
Here below You can see the regular version, it’s a 4 colors on red paper.


Then we printed 15 copies on a darker red paper and we used gold metal leaf on them.
It’s been a very long process, every poster has been totally handmade, so we had to glue them with a small brush and put the foils on them and so on…
As You can see in the video here below.


And here are some pics.




Both versions will be on sale on our store on the 2nd of march.
Hope You’ll like this new malleusdelic step!



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Finally we’re back on the blog.
I always promise to keep it alive, to write more and blah blah blah… but then time is tyrant and we forget to post everything we do (well… not everything, let’s say… the things we’re working at…) for weeks…
But today, thanks to the sun shining and enlightening our minds… we’re here writing.
Ok, maybe it’d be better to take advantage of this wonderful weather for taking a walk, but we’re lazy guys…
Back in September 2015, we did a poster for Faith No More’s show at Red Rocks Amphitheater in Denver, USA, released through Secret Serpents.
We worked on three different runs and variants and they were printed in the USA by Monolith Press.
We’ve been holding some AP copies and now we are happy to tell you we’ve also handprinted two Art prints at Malleus studio, with our inks and papers.
We could not resist to create an artwork without printing it ourselves!
Named “Gemma”, there’s a run of 40 pieces on italian cream paper and then anothe run of only 25 pieces on gold sparkling paper.
Both prints are 6 colors handprinted silkscreens.


They’ll be available on our store from February 11th.
Grab them!!!


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Today it’s the last day of 2015, a hell of year for Malleus.
Even if we don’t believe in the New Year’s resolutions, cause we think that everyday is a new start to discover new things in life, we surely think about the 365 days just gone.
Even if cruelty, insanity and stupidity are still ruling the World (and we have had some terrible examples in the past months), we’re still trying to do our little job to make things looking like a little more nice and give the world a little touch of beauty.
We’ve travelled a lot in 2015, meeting so many great people, common people, like us, guys and gals to talk and laugh with, people to share our interests and goals.
We’ve done a lot of prints, we lied down a lot of ink on paper, so many images came out of our brains, we’re happy we can push what we do to a different level.
We’ve felt good a lot of times but we’ve lost our happiness so many time in the past year.
At the end it’s difficult to say something that represent the entire time passed in one year.
We can say it’s been a weird time, a crazy year, a very different one.
For so many reasons.
But, even if it was a strange year, we want to thank You all for following us and give us the fuel to create what we’re doing.
Have a great new year’s eve.

Our favourite album of the year has been Abyss by Chelsea Wolfe.

Psychic TV

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The last days have been pretty peculiar.
We gave a lesson in a secondary school, we discussed about poster art and we talked about our experience.
It’s been pretty amusing and it’s been cool to see how these young kids were interested in the process of silkscreening and in the posters themselves.
In the meantime we’ve designed and printed a poster for the Psychic TV show tomorrow in Milano.
Pretty excited about it, looking forward to see them live.
Even if it’s a very “light” image, we used 6 screens for 7 colors.
The posters are printed on clay raw paper and there’s also a very limited edition art print on iridescent light green paper.
We’re gonna number them tomorrow, but the run will be about 120 pieces for the regular edition and 20 for the Art print.


First color has been white.
Then we worked on a iridescent light blu shading into a darker one.
We kept the pencil design and we used a cyan color to put it on paper


To give the idea of the water, and of its depth.
The second to last colour has been a dark red, and it’s been used for the outline of the print.


And last one a transparent white on top of everything.


Here below You can see the final print.


And this is a detail of the Art print.
We used a gold iridescent ink instead of the white and the paper is outstanding!IMG_3357

It’s very difficult to give You and idea using pics, sorry…


Here above You can see the Art print.
The poster will be available tomorrow during the show and then, from friday, on our webstore.
See You tomorrow!


Foo 3

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Finally we’re happy to announce that Foo Fighters live in Casalecchio di Reno’s poster and its variant will be released on wednesday Nov 25th on
Sorry if it took so long, but the band’s management asked us to wait for putting our copies on sale.
We’re still waiting news from them regarding the Torino poster, since the show has been cancelled and we still don’t know, so far, when and if it’ll be on sale.
Anyway, just to refresh your eyes, here are the pics of the 2 posters that will be on sale tomorrow.
The regular version:FF_regular















It’s a 6 colors handprinted silkscreen on italian cream paper, limited edition of 248 copies.
And the variant:















This one is a 6 colors handprinted silkscreen on italian cream paper, limited edition of only 53 copies.
So, be quick if You want one of these.

In the meantime, we’d like to show You the cover art of a bluray disk we’ve worked with Arrow films.
It’s “What have you done to Solange”, an italian movie from the 70s, directed by Massimo Dallamano and featuring the wonderful Camille Keaton amongst the other actors.

The movie will be release on the 14th of December in UK and the day after in the USA.



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It’s been a terrible weekend.
I guess You’ll know why and it’s quite difficult to write about posters and silkscreen when the World is drifting.
And we are all sinking down, grabbed on the raft of a disappeared humanity.
But life goes on, it has to.
We arrived in Torino, yesterday afternoon, to bring the posters for the show of Foo Fighters, just in time to find out the tour was cancelled.
It was something we could imagine, but we felt sad.
It was a feeling of changing, difficult to explain by words.

This is the poster we realized for the show, 5 colors on italian cream paper, limited edition of 255 copies.


As You can see in the details below, there is a little surprise on the wall of the last image inside the frames…


It’s the Foo Fighters poster we designed for the show in Collecchio.


We also worked on a variant edition of 55 pieces, printed on italian cream paper with 5 blacklight colors.



The prints will be available soon, so, if interested, stay tuned.




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We’re really happy to tell You that we’ve worked on the posters for the 2 gigs of Foo Fighters in Italy.
The band of Dave Grohl will play on friday in Casalecchio and on saturday in Torino.
And it’s been great the band started the european tour from Cesena, after the crazy performance of 1000 musicians that played “Learn to fly” to invite Foo Fighters to play in the italian city.
Anyway, today we’re showing You the first of the two prints.
It’s a 6 color handmade silkscreen limited to 248 copies on cream paper.
And this is the design.


Then we’ve worked on a variant version, 6 colors on cream paper, limited to 53 copies.



The regular version will be on sale during the gig and then, starting from monday, on our webstore.
In the meantime, we’re printing the second one for Torino.


Stay tuned for more!

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