Psychic TV

The last days have been pretty peculiar.
We gave a lesson in a secondary school, we discussed about poster art and we talked about our experience.
It’s been pretty amusing and it’s been cool to see how these young kids were interested in the process of silkscreening and in the posters themselves.
In the meantime we’ve designed and printed a poster for the Psychic TV show tomorrow in Milano.
Pretty excited about it, looking forward to see them live.
Even if it’s a very “light” image, we used 6 screens for 7 colors.
The posters are printed on clay raw paper and there’s also a very limited edition art print on iridescent light green paper.
We’re gonna number them tomorrow, but the run will be about 120 pieces for the regular edition and 20 for the Art print.


First color has been white.
Then we worked on a iridescent light blu shading into a darker one.
We kept the pencil design and we used a cyan color to put it on paper


To give the idea of the water, and of its depth.
The second to last colour has been a dark red, and it’s been used for the outline of the print.


And last one a transparent white on top of everything.


Here below You can see the final print.


And this is a detail of the Art print.
We used a gold iridescent ink instead of the white and the paper is outstanding!IMG_3357

It’s very difficult to give You and idea using pics, sorry…


Here above You can see the Art print.
The poster will be available tomorrow during the show and then, from friday, on our webstore.
See You tomorrow!


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