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The last weeks have been hard ones, lots of works to finish and lots of posters to print.
Because from today, we’ll be on the road with our band Ufomammut for the entire month of October, travelling all around Europe, visiting places we’ve never been before.
We’re pretty excited and we hope to meet a lot of new people on the road.
It’ll be a long tour and it’ll keep Ufomammut’s last album Ecate around for the third time time year since its release: Europe in April and America in May.
We’ll also looking forward to meet some friends on the road, sharing stage with Jex Toth in London and all the gigs up in Scandinavia with the mighty Suma.
Very excited to tell You there’ll be Malleus as well, so lots of posters and also, thanks to our friends at Secret Serpents, a poster serie for the tour will be available during the shows.
These are the gigs where to find us:-)

01. The Rat’s – Puget sur argens (FR)
02. L’Antirouille – Bordeaux (FR)
03. Le Ferrailleur – Nantes (FR)
05. Audio – Glasgow (UK)
06. Voodoo – Belfast (UK)
07. Grand Social – Dublin (IRL)
08. Soup Kitchen – Manchester (UK)
09. Islington Academy – London UK) w/ Jext Toth
10. Baroeg – Rotterdam (NL)
11. Desert Fest – Antwerp (BE)
13. Loppen – Copenhagen (DK) w/ Suma
14. SofieHof – Jonkoping (SWE) w/ Suma
16. Korjaamo – Helsinki (FIN) w/ Suma
17. Lutakko – Jyväskylä (FIN) w/ Suma
18. Klubi – Tampere (FIN) w/ Suma
20. Geronimo’s – Stockholm (SWE) w/ Suma
21. Blitz – Oslo (NOR) w/ Suma
22. Babel – Malmö (SWE) w/ Suma
23. Marx – Hamburg (DE)
24. Into the Void – Leuwaarden (NL)
25. Underground – Cologne (DE)
27. Bi Nuu – Berlin (DE)
28. Firley – Wroclaw (PL)
29. Ut connewitz – Leipzig (DE)
31. Bauhof – Pettenbach (A)

In the meantime, a few posters we’ve worked lately will be realized, so check our facebook pages and such, like a new serie for jon Spencer Blues Explosion, Ufomammut, Mudhoney and in November a surprise:-)
So, stay tuned!



The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion

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Every time Jon Spencer keeps in touch with us for a poster we feel like we’ve to set our minds on a cool thing to come.
A lot of different inputs come to us from him and there’s a lot of brainstorming around ideas for the poster to realize.
We’ve just finished the printing of the upcoming European tour of JSBX that will start in a few days (check HERE) and we’re very happy about the result.
The inspiration came from a movie of 1971, “Blood from the Mummy’s tomb” featuring the wonderful Valerie Leon.
Then Jon suggested to create a sort of “extraterrestrial touch” to the idea around it mixing elements of the past with a sarcophagus  in a Giger style.
So, we worked hard on the final image for what will be “Blood from the ancient ones” tour.
We already talked about the printing process, one color was missing, so let’s go with it.


Last color has been a very dark brown, we wanted something warm but not black to give more prominence to the metallic inks we used.




And thanks to a lot of color overlays we had a lot of chromatic solutions.


And details, lots of things to discover in the sarcophagus and print.


There are also 4 different inscriptions for the name of the band.
The first 2 are on the right side of the poster.
One is “The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion” on the wall, like an engraving at the top of the wall.
Then, the hieroglyphics behind the tour name (Blood of the ancient ones) are, again, the name of the band.
Read them vertically and You’ll see.



If You look at the Sarcophagus You’ll see JSBX at the bottom of it.


And last one is very hidden in the golden belt of the Queen


And this is the final look of the print.
It’s a limited edition of 135 pieces.
100 copies will be on sale at the merch table of JSBX during their European tour.
20 copies about will be on our webstore once the tour will be over, after the 29th of may.



Meat and Bone

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We’re really proud to show You another work we’ve just shipped to the States today.
The final result is exactly what we had in mind while drawing it, and it’s really rare things comes out so extraordinary perfect.
First of all, let’s start from the beginning.
We’re talking about another poster for our friends of Jon Spencer Blues Explosion.
Apart from being one of the best live bands we’ve ever seen and a supercool band, they’re also totally fond of Malleus.
And I think that, when things are reciprocal, everything comes out way better!
Said that, let’s talk about Meat and Bone.
It’s the title of the new album of JSBX and Jon contacted us cause he wanted a poster to commemorate the new work.
And You can find it here, where You can preorder the rad “exploder package”.

We thought about the “meat and bone” idea and we worked about the idea of a woman in front of a mirror reflecting herself as a skeleton.
But there’s more, as You’ll see.
We worked in a “secessionist” style too and we used a new paper we’re getting addicted to.
It’s a lighter one and totally awesome, materic and rough, and metallic colors really pop up on it.

Let’s go with the printing process.


We started with a gold to work on the mirror and background, a nice tapestry on the wall.


Second color has been a red.
And then a lightly trasparent white to obtain different variants of it to have a dirty color on bones and a light pink on the woman skin.




And the final effect is great cause the white created a sort of “real skin effect”.
It’s very cool.
Also we printed it to have imperfections on the skin, the idea was to have a sort of “Schiele” colouring.
So the white on screen was different.


And the idea came when Jon asked for a Secessionist mood and a sign “JSBX 2012” similar to the Egon Schiele one.
And with black color we closed the poster.



It’s a run of 250 pieces.
200 are in the USA for the preorder.
We’ve 50 and we’ll keep You posted about them.


Very very happy:-)

Listening to Clutch “Robot hive exodus” right now
Burning Beard! Fuck Yeah!

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