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Finally we’re back on the blog.
I always promise to keep it alive, to write more and blah blah blah… but then time is tyrant and we forget to post everything we do (well… not everything, let’s say… the things we’re working at…) for weeks…
But today, thanks to the sun shining and enlightening our minds… we’re here writing.
Ok, maybe it’d be better to take advantage of this wonderful weather for taking a walk, but we’re lazy guys…
Back in September 2015, we did a poster for Faith No More’s show at Red Rocks Amphitheater in Denver, USA, released through Secret Serpents.
We worked on three different runs and variants and they were printed in the USA by Monolith Press.
We’ve been holding some AP copies and now we are happy to tell you we’ve also handprinted two Art prints at Malleus studio, with our inks and papers.
We could not resist to create an artwork without printing it ourselves!
Named “Gemma”, there’s a run of 40 pieces on italian cream paper and then anothe run of only 25 pieces on gold sparkling paper.
Both prints are 6 colors handprinted silkscreens.


They’ll be available on our store from February 11th.
Grab them!!!

Faith no more

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It’s a very busy period here in the North of Italy, in the small town called Tortona (translated in english should be something like “big cake”…).
We’re working on a lot of projects, record covers, t-shirt designs, book covers, dvd covers and well, of course, posters.
So, we’re very happy to reveal our new one for Faith no More and Gogol Bordello show in Denver!!!
They’re a part of the FNM poster serie curated by Secret Serpents.
We’ve worked on the artwork and they’ve been printed in the States by Monolith press.
They’ve done a very good job as You can see here below.
This is the regular edition, 5 colors and 125 pieces

and this one is the variant, 5 colors and 35 pieces only.


And here are the details:










Both the regular and the variant edition (signed by Malleus) are going live at the Secret serpents site tomorrow, Saturday, September 12!!


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