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Today it’s the last day of 2015, a hell of year for Malleus.
Even if we don’t believe in the New Year’s resolutions, cause we think that everyday is a new start to discover new things in life, we surely think about the 365 days just gone.
Even if cruelty, insanity and stupidity are still ruling the World (and we have had some terrible examples in the past months), we’re still trying to do our little job to make things looking like a little more nice and give the world a little touch of beauty.
We’ve travelled a lot in 2015, meeting so many great people, common people, like us, guys and gals to talk and laugh with, people to share our interests and goals.
We’ve done a lot of prints, we lied down a lot of ink on paper, so many images came out of our brains, we’re happy we can push what we do to a different level.
We’ve felt good a lot of times but we’ve lost our happiness so many time in the past year.
At the end it’s difficult to say something that represent the entire time passed in one year.
We can say it’s been a weird time, a crazy year, a very different one.
For so many reasons.
But, even if it was a strange year, we want to thank You all for following us and give us the fuel to create what we’re doing.
Have a great new year’s eve.

Our favourite album of the year has been Abyss by Chelsea Wolfe.

Finally back

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We’re finally back home.
“Finally” just because 50 days has passed since we arrived in Chicago on the 10th of May for the first North America’s Ufomammut tour.
To be honest we had such a great time during the tour and after (when the 3 of Malleus joined their strength for a great holiday…) that taking the plane in NYC has been hard.
It’s been such a great and exciting trip!

As we said we arrived in Chicago and we spent the first days thinking to be in Alaska…
We visited incredible places,
going through the sandstorm,
to see the sun set behind giant and neverending clouds.
We turned into aliens
and we met dinosaurs in the desert
(not to mention the giant squirrel hidden in California…)!
We shared a lot of vibes with our friends Usnea,
and we met friends we didn’t see since a long time!
We met even more, but as usual we forget to take pictures… but for real, we met a lot of friends!
We also stopped in the middle of nowhere, where rules are written and are very clear.
We taught the best of italian to our friends Usnea…
and we met a supernatural cat at Lindsey Kuhn great house!
We discovered a secret and we stared at it for hours…
…and being a secret I can’t tell You why the surprise!
Then we said hi and after more than a month, our roads divided
(Please, note: there a lion behind the couch!)
And when we met with Lu (she came from the desert!), we went to Niagara,
we saw toilette guitars,
witches in Salem…
friends in New York and
other ones around.
We showed our love…
and we watched the NYC skyline while the sun was going down.

But most of all, we practiced a lot for the “smiling like dumb faces” picture on the Empire State Building…

And now?
How can we celebrate our comeback at Malleusdelic headquarters?
How can we show You how happy we are to be back?
What would be the best way?
To make You all of us happy (malleus trio and all of You following us!)…
so, from next monday You’ll find 2 new posters on our webstore.
Blues Explosion and ASG.


And that’s not all: from monday and for a week, EVERYTHING on our webstore will be on SALE, we’ll have a 20% sale promotion to celebrate our comeback:-)
So, hope You’ll be happy to visit our store and check for Your favourite Malleus’ posters!
We’re back.

Watched Mad Max! Cool cool cool


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We’re back from a weekend in Canada, in Quebec, to be more precise.
Well, we’re back since a few days but I was into a sort of Jet-lag cloud and I was not able to think that much to write silly things on the blog.
Now I’m ready to fill this page of a few nice images and thoughts.
We’ve been there for a gig of our band Ufomammut, but it’s been so great we’ve got so many inspiration that it’ll reflect a lot on future Malleus stuff.
We played at FIMAV (Festival International de Musique actuelle de Victoriaville) and it’s been rad.
To be honest, it didn’t started so good, cause one of us (guess who…) doesn’t like to fly that much.


Even if it’s nice to see out of the window You’re floating in the sky. Just don’t think about it…


After lots of hours we arrived in Canada. Our ass was squared, we were totally exhausted but the first impression was very good, super nice people and great bridges. Then we felt almost asleep…


…and we dreamt about big trucks till we arrived in Victoriaville, small town close to Montreal (well… close is not the right word, but yes, not so far)


After a morning spent fighting against jet-lag and headaches we prepared for the show and we played at midnight (that was 6 in the morning for us…)



But it’s been soooooo cool. Great people and a totally warm crowd.
Then, after a little rest, we had a great visit to Montreal.
We met our friend Marc of Image Folie merch and he’s been our Cicero, our tourist guide!
And we saw so many things of Montreal, it’ll be pretty difficult to remember them all.
We started from the Canadian Space Agency and the KTM factory, to reach the Biosphere of the 1967 Expo.


And it was not the only big ball we saw, cause we also visited a giant orange one


And it was full of orange juice! After a ride in the F1 circuit…


…we entered the main City…


…to see a long file in front of Schwartz, where people can eat the beat meat of Quebec.


And You can also decide to suicide Yourself adding some chili…


We had a pilgrimage to Saint Joseph where You can use Your knees for the steps to see the heart of the founder…


So we decided it was time to check old bridges and especially…


…to see the Mount Saint Hilaire, where the UFOs are surely hidden in the lake on top.


And this 6 fingered cat knows something about it for sure.


So we thanked Marc…


… and we went back to Victoriaville where a metal night was waiting for us.


Unfortunately, all this happiness made us so sad the day after, that we all cried before leaving for the airport.


And when we took the plane…


… we couldn’t imagine we were going to get lost in space!


I always said airplanes are dangerous… yes…


Walking by Ryan Larkin


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We’ve been out of the studio for a couple of weeks.
We’ve been on tour with Ufomammut and it’s been really great.
We have had a lot of fun and we’ve met a lot of people.
We’ve been witness of the dead of a teddy bear, the poor guy sinked in a sea of plastic coloured balls.


So we decided to go and buy some music to ease our sad souls, but we bumped into very strange things…


We decided it was better to eat something to alleviate our sadness, but again, we run across something we’ve never wanted to see…


And then again, another animal died in front of us…


But this time we had a good meal, soup and muffin…
Could You ask for more?


On the road to London we saw the clouds open and the Big Ben touched the sky.
it was amazing, after days of rain we could see the sun was still there!


And  a puppet, alive and kicking, surrounded by jewels, was waiting for us.
A dragon with a pumpkin was playing an ivory cornet.


The dragon told us that something incredible was waiting for us and  we understood it was time for washing our van…


And, like the dragon predicted, we saw, for the first time in our lives something incredible: the police limo!


One of us, touched by a magic spell, got serious problems of sleeping on the road

12 13 14

But at the end, everything went as we couldn’t imagine and we finally gave birth to a new super trio with Balázs Pándi: the cool, the dumb and the evil.


Watched Lords of Salem.
Love the movies of Rob Zombie.
Super cool!


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Today we’re gonna show You tattoos and rock’n’roll.
I must say I’m a little disappointed, I expected more partecipating in our giveaway, I was thinking that more people were going to send their tattoos.
You’re too shy.
Damn, every time we tour with Ufomammut we meet people coming and showing malleusdelic tattoos and then… disappeared.
We received only 5 tattoos… and 2 from the same guy!
So, I think I’ll ask You something easiest for the next giveaway, let me  think about it and I’ll tell You.
Before showing You the winner, it’s time to present You the new band coming out very soon on our little record label.
They’re Zolle and they totally rock!!!

You can read more here!
nd this is the artwork we did for the cover


Ok, now let’s go with the tattoo contest.
So, thanks a lot to Adriaan for sending his “Current93” inspired art.


Then  thanks to Pascal, he has “Ufomammut” on his arm.


And Jon… well the tattoo is very cool but it’s a little strange to me, being the Malleus logo:-)


And the winner is… MIKE!
He got these 2 superb tattoos taken from Linea 77 and Nina Nastasia posters.
Wow, these are amazing!

malleus_tattoo_linea_hair malleus_tattoo_linea nina_nastasia_tattoo

So, time to go now.
Back soon with another idea for a giveaway, so stay in touch!

Watched “Sushi girl” tonight. Nice.


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Finally I’ve decided to come back to You.
It’s been a lot of time since the last time I’ve set my mind on this blog.
It was September, I think.
More then a month.
Much more.
Sorry. I know You didn’t miss me at all, but I did.
The fact is that I’ve been on the road with Ufomammut and I.C.O. for a month.
We spent our time seeing magnificent things.
Water, for example

Or skies.

And holes in the sky

And circles in the sky

Or simpler rainbows in the sky…

And bridges in the sky

And we saw strange things, like an old man playing piano in the night

Or pizzas with the awful names…

And we saw bad painters forgetting their paint rollers in the toilet of a boat…

And spaghetti forks for lazy people

And we met creatures we thought were only  legends…

And we gave birth to amazing rockstars

And, as always, we found the mighty heavy POZZA…

… but it’s nothing compared to the purple cakes…

And poisoned by food we discovered our real name is…

But we’ve been strong and thanks to Pentagrams…

…and Madonnas…

… and above all a great team…

… we survived.

So now, after a flu and a week spent with our friends from Belgium Sara and Benny of Orange Factory, we’re back in studio.
And we’re already working at the new Argento poster, at some posters (Monster Magnet and The Black Keys amongst others), at some record covers and many many more.
So, let’s prepare Your eyes cause a lot is coming soon.
And from tomorrow, the last Jon Spencer Blues Explosion and Ufomammut posters will be on sale on our store.
So, back to normal life!

Have fun

Listening to Nate Hall – “A great River”.

ORO “Opus Alter”

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The second part of the new Ufomammut’s album will be out in about 20 days via Neurot Recordings.
And as You know, we run a little little record label called Supernatural Cat (that cat is the one taking pictures…sometimes)
We usually realize a limited edition version of our records, handprinted, handicraft, with a different color 180gr vinyl and dvd with the visuals of the entire record.
We do this mainly cause we consider the music something not only to be listened to, but something You need to look at, to touch, to give a great value, expecially today in the digital era, where everything is loosing its importance.
And sometimes people seem not to understand this, it’s difficult that You stop and touch a piece of paper, nowadays.
it’s like we’ve lost our senses, sinking in a vortex of digital objects that at the end have the only value that are making our generation blinded.
Anyway, apart from these things, we’re here to present You the limited edition of the ORO “opus Alter” vinyl + dvd that will be in preorder from today.

The cover art is a triangular folded one, on black glittered paper printed with gold metallic ink.
The inside is black ink.

And this is the entire looking of the new album.

And this is how it’ll be

Hope You’ll like it.
If You’re in Europe, Japan, Africa, Oceania, South America, please, go HERE

if You’re in the USA or Canada click HERE


And if You have time, watch the first part video in its entirety

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