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Today it’s the last day of 2015, a hell of year for Malleus.
Even if we don’t believe in the New Year’s resolutions, cause we think that everyday is a new start to discover new things in life, we surely think about the 365 days just gone.
Even if cruelty, insanity and stupidity are still ruling the World (and we have had some terrible examples in the past months), we’re still trying to do our little job to make things looking like a little more nice and give the world a little touch of beauty.
We’ve travelled a lot in 2015, meeting so many great people, common people, like us, guys and gals to talk and laugh with, people to share our interests and goals.
We’ve done a lot of prints, we lied down a lot of ink on paper, so many images came out of our brains, we’re happy we can push what we do to a different level.
We’ve felt good a lot of times but we’ve lost our happiness so many time in the past year.
At the end it’s difficult to say something that represent the entire time passed in one year.
We can say it’s been a weird time, a crazy year, a very different one.
For so many reasons.
But, even if it was a strange year, we want to thank You all for following us and give us the fuel to create what we’re doing.
Have a great new year’s eve.

Our favourite album of the year has been Abyss by Chelsea Wolfe.

New Year, Old Year

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Xmas is already gone, this year it came quickly, without snow, all in a sudden and it faded away.
Maybe it’s getting old, maybe is that we’re deep under a pile of things to do, but it went really fast.
But it’s ok, to be honest I don’t like holidays too much, I prefer to spend my days creating and doing rather then sleeping too much…
There’s a proverb here in Italy saying that “if You’re sleeping You won’t fish” and it’s something like “The early bird catches the worm”…

Well, at the end, I hope You had a good Xmas day.
And hope the new year coming will be a very very amazing one.
We’ve a lot of projects going on for this year coming, we’re working at a lot of posters (and I’m pretty sure we’ll have a lot to print in these months!), drawing the new Argento, working on The Black Keys, an Earth poster, and other ones we’ll announce soon.
Then we’re designing another artwork for Caracol, the new Ufomammut (and the visuals too!), the next I.C.O. and more and more and more.

And other things will come soon from the Malleus lab!

Have You seen this?
I like the frame a lot!

Don’t forget we’ll have the AP versions on sale at the beginning of next year.
Only 9 copies total!

And don’t forget to sign in for being one of our 2012 subscribers!
We’re receiving a lot of requests and we’ve only a few spot left.

Listening to drumcorps new single headstrong and heartfoolish right now.


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A couple of days to the new year.
I’ve liked this one finishing.
Ok, getting older, but it’s been a nice one.
We’ve done tons of things, with Malleus, with Supernatural Cat and with our band Ufomammut.
We enjoyed it, we met lots of great people, we visited a lot of great places, we did a lot of posters, drawings, we used a lot of pencils, screens, inks, paper, and we satisfied our souls a lot.
And this is the important.
Feeling great with Your soul.
Well, Ok, I need to meet Lemmy to feel 100% ok with myself.

And what about You?
I’m always the one speaking here.
Hope this year with Malleus has been great for You too.
In the last days we’ve received some nice emails like the one from Mitchell (showing the unfinished tattoo on  his leg)…

… and the one from Chiara (so happy for her brand new print).

This things worth a lot for us.
Thank You guys.
Thanks a lot for a wonderful year together.

Listening to Tweak Bird right now.
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