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The last weeks have been hard ones, lots of works to finish and lots of posters to print.
Because from today, we’ll be on the road with our band Ufomammut for the entire month of October, travelling all around Europe, visiting places we’ve never been before.
We’re pretty excited and we hope to meet a lot of new people on the road.
It’ll be a long tour and it’ll keep Ufomammut’s last album Ecate around for the third time time year since its release: Europe in April and America in May.
We’ll also looking forward to meet some friends on the road, sharing stage with Jex Toth in London and all the gigs up in Scandinavia with the mighty Suma.
Very excited to tell You there’ll be Malleus as well, so lots of posters and also, thanks to our friends at Secret Serpents, a poster serie for the tour will be available during the shows.
These are the gigs where to find us:-)

01. The Rat’s – Puget sur argens (FR)
02. L’Antirouille – Bordeaux (FR)
03. Le Ferrailleur – Nantes (FR)
05. Audio – Glasgow (UK)
06. Voodoo – Belfast (UK)
07. Grand Social – Dublin (IRL)
08. Soup Kitchen – Manchester (UK)
09. Islington Academy – London UK) w/ Jext Toth
10. Baroeg – Rotterdam (NL)
11. Desert Fest – Antwerp (BE)
13. Loppen – Copenhagen (DK) w/ Suma
14. SofieHof – Jonkoping (SWE) w/ Suma
16. Korjaamo – Helsinki (FIN) w/ Suma
17. Lutakko – Jyväskylä (FIN) w/ Suma
18. Klubi – Tampere (FIN) w/ Suma
20. Geronimo’s – Stockholm (SWE) w/ Suma
21. Blitz – Oslo (NOR) w/ Suma
22. Babel – Malmö (SWE) w/ Suma
23. Marx – Hamburg (DE)
24. Into the Void – Leuwaarden (NL)
25. Underground – Cologne (DE)
27. Bi Nuu – Berlin (DE)
28. Firley – Wroclaw (PL)
29. Ut connewitz – Leipzig (DE)
31. Bauhof – Pettenbach (A)

In the meantime, a few posters we’ve worked lately will be realized, so check our facebook pages and such, like a new serie for jon Spencer Blues Explosion, Ufomammut, Mudhoney and in November a surprise:-)
So, stay tuned!




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We’re leaving for the USA tomorrow.
Well, only 2 of us, that will become 4… confused?
Poia and Urlo will fly to the States with their band Ufomammut (with Vita and Ciccio) for a monthly tour.
So, Lu will be alone in the studio finishing some prints before leaving for the States too.
Just to tell You we won’t be absolutely  in the studio from the end of May to the end of June…
We’ll be around, enjoying the life on the road on the USA.
This is where Ufomammut will play:

13. Reggie’s – Chicago, IL (USA)
14. Now That’s Class – Cleveland, OH (USA)
15. Bug Jar – Rochester, NY (USA)
16. Mod Club – Toronto, ON (CAN)
17. Le Ritz – Montreal, QC (CAN)
19. Saint Vitus Bar – Brooklyn, NY (USA)
20. Johnny Brenda’s – Philadelphia, PA (USA)
21. Maryland Death Fest – Baltimore, MD (USA)
22. King’s – Raleigh, NC (USA)
23. Drunken Unicorn – Atlanta, GA (USA)
25. Siberia – New Orleans, LA (USA)
26. Walter’s – Houston, TX (USA)
27. Red 7 – Austin, TX (USA)
29.Sister – Albuquerque, NM (USA)
30. Flycatcher – Tucson, AZ (USA)
31. Complex – Los Angeles, CA (USA)

JUNE 2015

02. Catalyst – Santa Cruz, CA (USA)
03. Elbo Room – San Francisco, CA (USA)
04. Press Club – Sacramento, CA (USA)
05. WOW Hall – Eugene, OR (USA)
06. Rotture – Portland, OR (USA)
07. Chop Suey – Seattle, WA (USA)
08. Neurolux – Boise, ID (USA)
09. Bar Deluxe – Salt Lake City, UT (USA)
10. Hi-Dive – Denver, CO (USA)
12. Turf Club – St Paul, MN (USA)
13. Metal Grill – Milwaukee, WI (USA)

We really hope to meet You during this trip.
It’ll be cool to see Your faces and talk with You.
We’ll have some prints (well, only related to the band) and, thanks to Secret Serpents, there’ll be a poster serie with different artists too!
Pretty excited about it.

In the meantime, before leaving, we’ve completed a few new prints and we’re finishing some more.



Asymmetry festival and its variant.
On sale now.


Desert Fest London 2015.
On sale now



Blues Explosion US’15 Freedom Tour
(On sale soon)


Acid King / Black Cobra Euro tour
(on sale soon)
Moreover we’re working on a new Mudhoney print for their show in Milano next week and to a Euro tour print for ASG.
So, stay tuned, follow us on the website/facebook/instagram and whatever and You’ll see more very soon.
And come to say hi to our shows in the States!

Watched Mortdecai. Nice


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We’re at the end of another year, another 365 days passed between a lot of projects, drawings, prints, videos, music, vibes, dreams and nightmares.
And it’s been a cool year, thinking back at it.
I can’t tell You why, but I feel like it’s been a cool one, if I think at it.
As always, we’ve done a lot of things we had in mind in the way we wanted, no rules, just the feeling we need to do something in that moment for some reason…
Hope You’ve enjoyed this year too and I’m pretty sure we’ll spent the next one together again.
Keep us following us!
Have a great great new year from Lu, Poia and Urlo aka Malleus.


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It’s almost winter.
And the end of the year is getting closer.
All of a sudden will be 15 years ahead to 2k.
I remember when it was going to turn from 1999 to 2000… there was this fear of the millenium bug… all the computer had to shut down, we were supposed to enter a second middle age… well, not for the computers maybe, but it happened.
Anyway, sunday will be the first day of winter, we’ll move from the darkness to the light.
Days will start in getting longer and this is a good thing.
But, like every year, when we get close to the end of the year, I start in thinking about what we’ve done in these 12 months.
We did a lot in this 2014 and I’m happy about everything.
So, we want to celebrate with a last print.
It’s an art print and it’ll be released on sunday the 21st.
Obviously it’s called “Solstice”.
It’s a very limited edition of 77 copies and it’s a 9 colors plus glittered ink on very heavy black paper.
Let’s go and see it!

We started with 2 colours at a time, with a shade from a browny purple to a light violet, both metallic inks.



Then we moved on with a brown and then a gold ink.



As You can see there’s a door, a very heavy wooden one.
And the 5th ink has been a metallic one again, a light blue silver.


The sixth and seventh colors came into a shade again.
And now You can see there’s the shape of a woman outside the door.


Eight color is a black, to define the details of the wooden door.



And then the nineth color is a white ink.
Snow, a lot of snow, like there’s a storm, the wind opens the door and outside a woman is staring at us.07



Then we added more power to this iconic print with some incredible glittered ink.
It’s very difficult to make it appear in a photo, it’s a translucent ink, shading from white to silver to green and blu.



And this is SOLSTICE, the final print of this 2014.


Hope You’ll like it.
It’ll be on sale this sunday, on our westore.
Have a great Winter Solstice!

Watched “The Strain”.
Cool Tv serie by Guillermo del Toro

Jacqueline Ess

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Blown away.
We’ve been totally blown away in the last weeks by a lot of work.
It’s a very good thing, I know, I don’t complain.
Most of all, our time has been absorbed mainly by 2 big projects:
the dvd for the 15th ufomammut’s anniversary (and we’ll talk about it in the next days)
the Clive Barker’s Jacqueline Ess print we’ve realized for the Comic Con in San Diego, in collaboration with our friends of Century Guild Gallery.
As many of you know, Raven Banner is working with Jovanka Vuckovic and Lena Headey (Game of Thrones) on a film adaptation of “Jacqueline Ess: Her Will and Testament” from Clive Barker’s “Books of Blood”.
To celebrate, we’ve realized a limited edition of 145 hand-pulled silkscreens and 100 copies of these will be offered at a special SDCC-only low price of $35 at Century Guild booth #2845.


I must admit that seeing our name between Klimt and Mucha is something incredible…
Anyway… let’s take a look at the printing process and let’s see how this print looks like.


We’ve used a cream paper and the first color has been a red ink.



We had a metallic gold ink on top of it.
So we had a “brown” pattern on the dress thanks to the layering.
We created the pattern inspired by the idea of the power of jacqueline Ess, so a skull with tongue and eyes popping out.
And the circle around Jacqueline is another pattern done on the same idea.



After the skin we worked a dark brown on top for the lines and final design.




And here below You can see the design of the poster.


We gave our personal interpretation to the character of Jacqueline, a woman with the power of changing people’s body shapes, just using her mind.
She suggested us an idea of “passion”, in a sacred way, cause she’s a woman suffering for her great power.
We imagined her like a goddess, a madonna.

We’ve also worked on a variant version on gold paper, limited to only 40 copies.
Stay in touch to know more about it, cause a lot of news about it will come very soon.



A very interesting interview with Clive Barker

Living in the past…

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It’s warm here.
You know, Italy, land of the sun.
Spaghetti, mandolino and black mustaches.
We live surrounded by Camels.
And scorpions… we risk our lives every day.
…going too far?

I wanted to make it epic without saying we are a little absent minded, lately…
Anyway… let’s make it simple, like people say: shit happens.
I know we’re in 2014 but we loved so much last year we are trapped into it.
No no no… the truth!

We did a little mistake in our last poster for QOTSA.
Look here below:


We put the wrong year on the QOTSA poster.
It’s just a number:-)
But it should add value to it.
You know, when the coins and stamps have the wrong date they counts a lot more.
So, if You’ve grabbed one, maybe one day You’ll be so rich You can’t even imagine!
… going to far again?


Something in the way

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Working on a new poster and developing new projects.
Sounds like a good sentence.
Or not?
First of all, before showing You what’s going on here in these hours, I’m gonna tell You that we’ll have a very interesting show happening in Germany in about ten days.
This is the press release and You can find more HERE:


The Italian 3 piece designer-collective MALLEUS, worldwide known for their extraordinary poster art for bands, will be presented with a solo exhibition in a gallery in Germany.
Rare and long-time sold out limited art prints, even some of their original drawings, selected posters, record artworks and book designs, will give you a complete insight into the designers’ work.
Malleus’ art mashes ideal with the gallery’s concept – the connection of Art & Music.
The curator and graphic designer Oliver Giegerich – himself probably one of the biggest collectors of Malleus Art – already curated a successful exhibition of the collective in Mannheim a few years ago.
The 130 qm gallery will open its doors for the Vernissage “Malleus – Rock Art Lab” on June 7th at 7pm at Untergrundgalerie, Wilhelm-Leuschner-Str.75A, 63263 Neu-Isenburg (Frankfurt am Main)

The exhibition takes place from June 8th to July 27th.
Opening hours: Saturdays 4-10pm and Sundays 2-7pm

The gallery is looking forward welcoming you.


So, if You’re around in that period, don’t miss it!!!

In the meantime we’ve just finished to print the poster for QOTSA in Roma on the 3rd of June.
It’s been a nice time to draw and ink it, lots of details and inspiration coming from the band’s last video.


We’ll show You the print little by little, so now it’s time for the first screen, a shadow from yellow to red.





Ok, hope You’re thrilled to see the final design!
More to come.
Stay tuned



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We’re back from a weekend in Canada, in Quebec, to be more precise.
Well, we’re back since a few days but I was into a sort of Jet-lag cloud and I was not able to think that much to write silly things on the blog.
Now I’m ready to fill this page of a few nice images and thoughts.
We’ve been there for a gig of our band Ufomammut, but it’s been so great we’ve got so many inspiration that it’ll reflect a lot on future Malleus stuff.
We played at FIMAV (Festival International de Musique actuelle de Victoriaville) and it’s been rad.
To be honest, it didn’t started so good, cause one of us (guess who…) doesn’t like to fly that much.


Even if it’s nice to see out of the window You’re floating in the sky. Just don’t think about it…


After lots of hours we arrived in Canada. Our ass was squared, we were totally exhausted but the first impression was very good, super nice people and great bridges. Then we felt almost asleep…


…and we dreamt about big trucks till we arrived in Victoriaville, small town close to Montreal (well… close is not the right word, but yes, not so far)


After a morning spent fighting against jet-lag and headaches we prepared for the show and we played at midnight (that was 6 in the morning for us…)



But it’s been soooooo cool. Great people and a totally warm crowd.
Then, after a little rest, we had a great visit to Montreal.
We met our friend Marc of Image Folie merch and he’s been our Cicero, our tourist guide!
And we saw so many things of Montreal, it’ll be pretty difficult to remember them all.
We started from the Canadian Space Agency and the KTM factory, to reach the Biosphere of the 1967 Expo.


And it was not the only big ball we saw, cause we also visited a giant orange one


And it was full of orange juice! After a ride in the F1 circuit…


…we entered the main City…


…to see a long file in front of Schwartz, where people can eat the beat meat of Quebec.


And You can also decide to suicide Yourself adding some chili…


We had a pilgrimage to Saint Joseph where You can use Your knees for the steps to see the heart of the founder…


So we decided it was time to check old bridges and especially…


…to see the Mount Saint Hilaire, where the UFOs are surely hidden in the lake on top.


And this 6 fingered cat knows something about it for sure.


So we thanked Marc…


… and we went back to Victoriaville where a metal night was waiting for us.


Unfortunately, all this happiness made us so sad the day after, that we all cried before leaving for the airport.


And when we took the plane…


… we couldn’t imagine we were going to get lost in space!


I always said airplanes are dangerous… yes…


Walking by Ryan Larkin


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I feel relieved.
After a long time and a lot of struggling, we’re ready to announce we’ve a new Malleus store.
You can’t even imagine how much we had to fight to make it happen, to have it ready again.
It’ll be on line starting this friday 7th of February.
And to make You happy too, we decided to re-open it with a nice present.
From friday to sunday included, using the coupon “WEAREBACK”, You’ll have a 15% discount on everything You’ll buy.
It’ll work only if You’ll log in.
So, be ready for the new store!
And stay tuned cause we’ll tell You where to find the store on friday, on our website, instagram, facebook, twitter… all these horrible things we’ve to deal with in our lives…

But… friday is not only the day we’ll have the store out again.
It’s also the day our band Ufomammut will have its 15 years birthday.
Damn, we’re getting very old.
I know, it’s like we’re in a teenage period as a band… but seeing our beards getting grey…
Anyway, let’s be happy.
We’ll have a gig for celebrate our 15 years here in Italy.
At Bloom, in Mezzago, close to Milano.
And we’ve printed the Magickal Mastery tour poster for the event.
This design merges all the covers of the ufomammut’s discography in one single drawing.
It’s a 6 colors on 5 screens poster.
On black paper.
120 pieces limited edition.



We started with a metallic silver ink.


Then we needed a white color for stars and skulls.


Then gold metallic ink and a shade from iridescent blu to iridescent silver



Last color has been a red ink.



We decided to put only the name of the band and the number 15.
Check the image below:-)


And this is the final design.


And of course, this print will be on sale on friday at the show and on our webstore!
The brand new one:-)

Need to watch this

Best Wishes

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This is a very very short post.
Like every year we’ve worked on a ecard for wishing You a great 2014.
That’s all:-)


Watched the Fall.
Very nice

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