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The last weeks have been hard ones, lots of works to finish and lots of posters to print.
Because from today, we’ll be on the road with our band Ufomammut for the entire month of October, travelling all around Europe, visiting places we’ve never been before.
We’re pretty excited and we hope to meet a lot of new people on the road.
It’ll be a long tour and it’ll keep Ufomammut’s last album Ecate around for the third time time year since its release: Europe in April and America in May.
We’ll also looking forward to meet some friends on the road, sharing stage with Jex Toth in London and all the gigs up in Scandinavia with the mighty Suma.
Very excited to tell You there’ll be Malleus as well, so lots of posters and also, thanks to our friends at Secret Serpents, a poster serie for the tour will be available during the shows.
These are the gigs where to find us:-)

01. The Rat’s – Puget sur argens (FR)
02. L’Antirouille – Bordeaux (FR)
03. Le Ferrailleur – Nantes (FR)
05. Audio – Glasgow (UK)
06. Voodoo – Belfast (UK)
07. Grand Social – Dublin (IRL)
08. Soup Kitchen – Manchester (UK)
09. Islington Academy – London UK) w/ Jext Toth
10. Baroeg – Rotterdam (NL)
11. Desert Fest – Antwerp (BE)
13. Loppen – Copenhagen (DK) w/ Suma
14. SofieHof – Jonkoping (SWE) w/ Suma
16. Korjaamo – Helsinki (FIN) w/ Suma
17. Lutakko – Jyväskylä (FIN) w/ Suma
18. Klubi – Tampere (FIN) w/ Suma
20. Geronimo’s – Stockholm (SWE) w/ Suma
21. Blitz – Oslo (NOR) w/ Suma
22. Babel – Malmö (SWE) w/ Suma
23. Marx – Hamburg (DE)
24. Into the Void – Leuwaarden (NL)
25. Underground – Cologne (DE)
27. Bi Nuu – Berlin (DE)
28. Firley – Wroclaw (PL)
29. Ut connewitz – Leipzig (DE)
31. Bauhof – Pettenbach (A)

In the meantime, a few posters we’ve worked lately will be realized, so check our facebook pages and such, like a new serie for jon Spencer Blues Explosion, Ufomammut, Mudhoney and in November a surprise:-)
So, stay tuned!




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What a period!
We’ve worked so much in the last weeks that we’re pretty exhausted.
In a good way, of course.
We’ve printed a lot of posters, worked on plenty of illustrations, covers and t-shirt designs… a lot to do, really.
We’ve a lot of posters coming out in the next days, while we’ll be on the road for an european tour with Ufomammut, our band.
You can come and say hi, of course, during one of the next gigs (check them out here).
And if You’re not in Europe, You can come and say hi next month while we’ll be in the States and Canada.
C’mon, don’t be shy!
So, as I was saying, we’ve a lot of posters coming out in the next days and weeks.
You probably already saw some of them (like Desert fest in London and the Blues Explosion US tour).
Then we have Asymmetry Festival, the Black Cobra, ASG, Mudhoney and more.
Today we want to show You the tour poster for Ufomammut’s new album ECATE.
It’s a very very sparkling print, popping out of the paper, lots of glitters and metallic inks.
It’s a representation of the ancient goddess Hecate.
And it looks like this:






It’s a very precious print, a sacred object, I must say.
We’re very happy with it, it came out exactly the way we had it in mind.
If You like it, You can grab Your copy from HERE.
Or You can come at one of our shows, of course.
Stay tuned and keep following us on things like Facebook and Instagram for more news about the new prints!

The new Prodigy is a great album!

Already a winner!

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We already have a winner.
Mr Jim Kincaid did it and about 20 hours ago guessed just the right name of the band of our last poster: Mudhoney.
He’s been the first, so he’s won a poster.
And now it’s time to show You how the print looks like.



It’s a 4 colors handprinted silkscreen.
And we’re so happy with it.
The lights in it are gorgeous.
As You can see on the left top of the image above, there’s a bee.
The print represent the instant just before another poster we did years ago for Mudhoney.
At that time, the woman was stinging her tongue with a bee.





And here below You can see how the print looks like.




Then we worked on an art print we called “CULT”.
It’s a limited edition of about 40/45 pieces.
Again 4 colors but on a wonderful kraft iridescent glittered paper.


Both prints will be out on our webstore on the 14th of september.
So, stay tuned to know more.


Video Killed the radio Stars…

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Silkscreening is a mystery.
Lots of people look at our prints asking why they should have a value.
Why they’re special.
What’s behind them.
And why we’re always tired.
And especially… why we’re so muscular and strong…
There’s a reason and an answer for every question.
But talking about things is very difficult and sometimes boring.
So we decided it was time to film the complete (or at least the almost complete) working that there’s around a poster.
And we choose the last one we’ve realized, the print for the gig of Mudhoney in Berlin tonight.
This is the result, hope You’ll enjoy both the video and audio (the song is Leequame from Zolle,  last band in our small Supernatural Cat label)!!!

And don’t forget the Mudhoney posters (regular and variant editions) will be on sale tomorrow on our webstore!!!



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The title says all.
As promised, here we are with the variant of the Mudhoney print for their show in Berlin.
We printed 30 copies on a kraft white paper.
It’s a glittered one, very very nice.
The variant is just 2 colors, a red and a silver metallic ink, no date on it.





This is how it looks and here below You can see the regular and the variant edition.



Hope You’ll like them both!
Watched “Upstream colors”.
Very nice


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I remember years ago, there still was a small record shop in our little town.
It was a great period for music, things were changing and lots of great things were coming out.
It was 1991 and I had just watched on TV (!!! it’s incredible if I think what they’re broadcasting now…) a band playing a very raw song in a gymnasium, with a guy screaming like hell his rage.
I was impressed and it took a few days to discover the name of the band and find out more infos.
There was no internet and the only way is to try to be luck enough to see the videoclip again and write on a piece of paper the useful infos.
So I discovered they were Nirvana and the song was “Smells like teen spirit”.
I went to the small shop and I asked for the record.
Obviously, even if it was a good record shop, they didn’t have “Nevermind” so I had to wait for its arrival.
But I was lucky enough to buy “Bleach” (and it was a blast!) and I found another record that attracted me first for the cover art.
It was a band called “Mudhoney” and the album was “Every good boy deserves fudge”.
I went home with 2 vinyls and when I put them on the turntable I was very very happy.
I started my discovering from there and the little shop, called “Il magico Glenn” has been really helpful in that years of my life.
“Every good boy deserves fudge” became one of my favorite albums of the “grunge period” and I still love songs like “thorn”, “let it slide”, “shoot the moon” and “broken hands”.
Mudhoney, with their “punk sound” has been one of the bands that has opened me to incredible discoveries like the Melvins, or Soundgarden and from there I moved to a lot of different stuff growing what I’m now.
So, every time we have to work on a poster for Mudhoney, we’re very very happy.
This time we’ve prepared a silkscreen for their gig in Berlin on the 26th of May.
Today I’m gonna show You the regular version, limited to 119 pieces and printed in 4 colors on cream paper.
We’ve used metallic colors (a lot of them: copper red, iridescent pink and gold) and black ink.


First ink has been a red metallic copper.


Then we’ve worked on a metallic iridescent pink color for the skin


The third color has been a black ink.


And the print was already very nice:-)


The last color has been a gold metallic ink, it’s simulating the “smoke” creating the name of the band.

malleus4Mudhoney06 malleus4Mudhoney07

And this is the final print.


And the image we worked on.


The print will be on sale on our webstore right after the show on the 27th of May.
You’ll have the opportunity to buy one at the show too, of course.
And tomorrow we’ll show You the variant version, limited to 30 copies.
Stay tuned!!!



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I think I’ll post some better pics of the brand new Mudhoney posters.
It was cool to be at the show yesterday, nice gig but the best thing has been to meet our friend “The Flyeater” after years we didn’t see him.
He’s been a great friend of us and he also played for a while in Ufomammut, so when we saw him it’s been a great emotion.
Apart from this, Mudhoney were good, even if there were too many people in the venue and we spent half of the gig looking at them playing from another room…

So, let’s go with pics and hurry up cause the prints are on sale right now on our webstore!

Regular edition is on red paper and it’s a limited edition run of 131 pieces.

Variant is limited to 50 pieces and it’s on green paper.
Now it’s time for a new Argento and Primus!

Watching to Ancient Aliens serie.
Pretty interesting!


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Ladies and gentlemen.
It’s a sad period here in our home Country, lately there are a lot of bad tings happening.
Bombs, guns, suicides and earthquakes seem to have become a rule.
Yesterday it’s been a really really bad day, a terroristic attack caused the death of a young girl in Brindisi (how the hell can You place a bomb in front of a school?) and then an heavy earthquake hit Emilia Romagna, a close region to where we live.
A lot of devasted places, and between them a place where we did an exhibition years ago, la Rocca in San Felice sul panaro.
But things are just things, the bad thing is 6 people died.
2 of them for an heart attack… life is really ironical. You survive an earthquake to leave this world for an Heart attack, scared to death.
Anyway, it’s so strange to talk You about silly things like posters while there’re these things happening.
But life goes on, willy-nilly.

So, let’s throw in some pics of the Mudhoney print.

and the variant edition

It’s all for today.
Better pics soon.

Listening to Old Man Gloom right now

More colors

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The gig of Mudhoney will take place here in Italy on next 21st of may.
Looking forward to it, I grew with “Every good buy deserves fudge”, what a fantastic album.
These were great years to discover music.
We’re so pissed off today talking about piracy, downloading and such things.
Mp3 has become the main support for music and it’s so easy to have everything in a few minutes…
But if we think, it’s always been like this, different supports, same way of act…
Once we used to record our music on a tape to give it to our friends, now we share mp3…
Once we recorded from the radio, now we download folders full of music…
Anyway, back to Mudhoney… looking forward to see the live show.

We’ve moved on with the second color of the printing process, we used a dark red for the variants and a dark brown for the regular ones.

I like the posters with a small amount of colors, when they’re simple and without tons of different tints.
There’s only one ink left for this one and we’re totally happy!

Of course, the variant now!

So, is it coming out cool?

Let it slide!

Red and green

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We’re working on a variant version of the upcoming Mudhoney poster too.
We’ve decided to go with a green card (no, not the one for entering the USA…), I mean the color.
It’s a rough green paper (yes, “paper” is the best word  to use), very very nice.
And this is how it looks like

I know, it looks like it’s grey.
Not the best post I’ve done in the last period…

Well, trust me, it’s green and tomorrow I’ll show You more.
Now I’m pretty tired, watched a movie that was totally boring…

It was this one… these were the funny moments… Damn
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