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We forget to tell You that we are back!
Aren’t You happy?
No, no,no… we didn’t go on holiday on a secret Island in the middle of nowhere…
Well, we did, but just for a few days…

We’ve been on a lot of ferries, it’s true… But we’re back.
And even if it seems like that, we didn’t drive it.


We didn’t spend our time drinking beer.
Well, at least not so much.


Neither we took good care of ourselves…


And we didn’t  go out to try to figure out what happened to some super heroes now they’re too old to continue in fighting evil…


We tried to eat some brain (yes, this is a cake!!!) to see if it could improve our memory…


Or we had some powerful drinking…
But the result was not so good…


Surely we met good friends.
And we had a very good time on the road.


We basically spent the entire month of october with our band Ufomammut, playing all over Europe.
That’s what we did.


But we’re back!
And even if it took about 10 days to write some posts here, we’re ready to show You some great works we’re realizing right now.
There’ll be posters, illustrations and posters again.
We’re already printing 2 of them in these hours, for 2 gigs that will happen here in Italy during this weekend.
Name of the band?
We’ll tell You more in the next days, once the posters will be finished.
For now, just a sneak peak of them.



Curious to see more?
Don’t worry, we’ll be back very soon!

Watched “DOPE”.
Very nice!


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The last weeks have been hard ones, lots of works to finish and lots of posters to print.
Because from today, we’ll be on the road with our band Ufomammut for the entire month of October, travelling all around Europe, visiting places we’ve never been before.
We’re pretty excited and we hope to meet a lot of new people on the road.
It’ll be a long tour and it’ll keep Ufomammut’s last album Ecate around for the third time time year since its release: Europe in April and America in May.
We’ll also looking forward to meet some friends on the road, sharing stage with Jex Toth in London and all the gigs up in Scandinavia with the mighty Suma.
Very excited to tell You there’ll be Malleus as well, so lots of posters and also, thanks to our friends at Secret Serpents, a poster serie for the tour will be available during the shows.
These are the gigs where to find us:-)

01. The Rat’s – Puget sur argens (FR)
02. L’Antirouille – Bordeaux (FR)
03. Le Ferrailleur – Nantes (FR)
05. Audio – Glasgow (UK)
06. Voodoo – Belfast (UK)
07. Grand Social – Dublin (IRL)
08. Soup Kitchen – Manchester (UK)
09. Islington Academy – London UK) w/ Jext Toth
10. Baroeg – Rotterdam (NL)
11. Desert Fest – Antwerp (BE)
13. Loppen – Copenhagen (DK) w/ Suma
14. SofieHof – Jonkoping (SWE) w/ Suma
16. Korjaamo – Helsinki (FIN) w/ Suma
17. Lutakko – Jyväskylä (FIN) w/ Suma
18. Klubi – Tampere (FIN) w/ Suma
20. Geronimo’s – Stockholm (SWE) w/ Suma
21. Blitz – Oslo (NOR) w/ Suma
22. Babel – Malmö (SWE) w/ Suma
23. Marx – Hamburg (DE)
24. Into the Void – Leuwaarden (NL)
25. Underground – Cologne (DE)
27. Bi Nuu – Berlin (DE)
28. Firley – Wroclaw (PL)
29. Ut connewitz – Leipzig (DE)
31. Bauhof – Pettenbach (A)

In the meantime, a few posters we’ve worked lately will be realized, so check our facebook pages and such, like a new serie for jon Spencer Blues Explosion, Ufomammut, Mudhoney and in November a surprise:-)
So, stay tuned!



Finally back

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We’re finally back home.
“Finally” just because 50 days has passed since we arrived in Chicago on the 10th of May for the first North America’s Ufomammut tour.
To be honest we had such a great time during the tour and after (when the 3 of Malleus joined their strength for a great holiday…) that taking the plane in NYC has been hard.
It’s been such a great and exciting trip!

As we said we arrived in Chicago and we spent the first days thinking to be in Alaska…
We visited incredible places,
going through the sandstorm,
to see the sun set behind giant and neverending clouds.
We turned into aliens
and we met dinosaurs in the desert
(not to mention the giant squirrel hidden in California…)!
We shared a lot of vibes with our friends Usnea,
and we met friends we didn’t see since a long time!
We met even more, but as usual we forget to take pictures… but for real, we met a lot of friends!
We also stopped in the middle of nowhere, where rules are written and are very clear.
We taught the best of italian to our friends Usnea…
and we met a supernatural cat at Lindsey Kuhn great house!
We discovered a secret and we stared at it for hours…
…and being a secret I can’t tell You why the surprise!
Then we said hi and after more than a month, our roads divided
(Please, note: there a lion behind the couch!)
And when we met with Lu (she came from the desert!), we went to Niagara,
we saw toilette guitars,
witches in Salem…
friends in New York and
other ones around.
We showed our love…
and we watched the NYC skyline while the sun was going down.

But most of all, we practiced a lot for the “smiling like dumb faces” picture on the Empire State Building…

And now?
How can we celebrate our comeback at Malleusdelic headquarters?
How can we show You how happy we are to be back?
What would be the best way?
To make You all of us happy (malleus trio and all of You following us!)…
so, from next monday You’ll find 2 new posters on our webstore.
Blues Explosion and ASG.


And that’s not all: from monday and for a week, EVERYTHING on our webstore will be on SALE, we’ll have a 20% sale promotion to celebrate our comeback:-)
So, hope You’ll be happy to visit our store and check for Your favourite Malleus’ posters!
We’re back.

Watched Mad Max! Cool cool cool

Home again

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We’ve been out of the studio for 10 days, we hit the road with our band Ufomammut and we had a great time on a short tour leading us in Greece, Bulgaria, Romania and Slovenia.
It’s been a great experience, we’ve discovered a part of Europe we never visited before.
In a very short time we saw Vulcanos…


… castles…


… a lot of water…



… mythical places like the Thermopylae…


… and incredible knots.


Guided by different sign…


… we saw different kind of animals, from storks…


…to little dogs…


… to black metal rhinos.


And we danced and sings on the Balaton lake.


Five guys on the road having a lot of fun!


So, now we’re back in studio and we’ve a lot of things to do and print.
Back tomorrow with some news, need some rest now!



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It’s been a printing weekend.
We’ve been very very busy lately, working on a lot of different projects, from posters to videos.
And taking advantage of a rainy boring weekend, we decided it was time to print a lot of stuff.
First of all we finished the silkscreening of a poster we’re doing in collaboration with our friends at Dark City Gallery.
Soon You’ll know more, don’t worry.
Then, once finished, we put our hands of the posters for the american band ASG coming to Europe in April to kick ass.
We’re working with them since a lot of years, we’ve already done a poster in the past and 2 record covers.
So, it’s been great to work on this new design for them.
But let’s see it in details.
We’ve realized a run of 185 copies.
150 will be on the merch table of the band during their tour around Europe, starting on the 10th of april from Roadburn festival and ending in London on the 26th of the same month at Desert fest (and well, we’ve another silkscreen to do for it!)
The other 35 copies (well a little less) will be on our webstore once the tour will be over.
We started with a red ink.



We thought about the name ASG like something that You can read from upside down and viceversa.
The A becomes a G and the G becomes an A.
Obviously the S remains the same.

From this idea we moved on thinking about a poster You can watch from 2 different perspectives, like the ASG inscription.
And it had to recall the cover art of the BLOOD DRIVE record we did a few months ago.


Two women, a red and a blonde one, almost in a symmetrical and specular vision.
After red color we worked on a silver metallic ink.


And a gold came after



The last ink, the fifth one, has been a black.


And this is how the poster looks like.






What You think?
The print is very strong in person, the gold ink works both as shadow and light.

Next print coming will be Desert fest.
But we’ll have to wait a little cause we’re leaving the studio this thursday.
We’ll be on tour with Ufomammut in some Countries we’ve never been.
We’ll be in Roma (and well… we’ve already been there…), then in Greece!
Athens and Thessaloniki.
Looking forward to be there.
Then we’re visiting Sofia in Bulgaria and Bucarest and Timisoara in Romania.
After one day of relax on the Balaton lake in Hungary, we’ll be in Lubljana (Slovenia) for the last gig.
Check all the venues where we’ll be here, on the Ufomammut’s website.
And come to say hi.

So… see You on the road!


Gypsy Queen

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We’ll be on the road in a week.
We’ll be in Vienna next wednesday, the City of Secession, where Ver Sacrum was published and Klimt created his masterpieces.
What a good start.
And we’ll close our tour in Berlin and then Munich, german cities where the Secession movement grew.
It’ll be a very nice trip, one month on the road with Ufomammut and with our posters and visuals.
Check the places where we’ll be here.
And please, spread the word.

Apart form the last posters we’ve realized in the last months, we’ll have some copies of the just finished “Gypsy Queen”.
We’ve done the last color, a iridescent blue ink pattern and we’ve numbered them.
A very short run of only 66 copies.
We’ll have a few on sale on our webstore this friday.
But let’s check out how it came out.


Let’s start from the back.
Like all of our posters, we’ve “signed” them with a stamp.


Then we’ve the last color on it.
A iridescent ink, changing color from dark to light blue.



And this is the final result.


On paper.


And on polypropylene.


We’re very very happy, it came out really cool, powerful colors and our first 10 colors poster!
What do You think?
Do You like it?
If so, please, remember it’ll be on sale on friday on our webstore only!

Please, be nice and help our friends ISAAK.
Some filthy people stole all of their gear.
Check here and please, donate:


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We’ve been out of the studio for a couple of weeks.
We’ve been on tour with Ufomammut and it’s been really great.
We have had a lot of fun and we’ve met a lot of people.
We’ve been witness of the dead of a teddy bear, the poor guy sinked in a sea of plastic coloured balls.


So we decided to go and buy some music to ease our sad souls, but we bumped into very strange things…


We decided it was better to eat something to alleviate our sadness, but again, we run across something we’ve never wanted to see…


And then again, another animal died in front of us…


But this time we had a good meal, soup and muffin…
Could You ask for more?


On the road to London we saw the clouds open and the Big Ben touched the sky.
it was amazing, after days of rain we could see the sun was still there!


And  a puppet, alive and kicking, surrounded by jewels, was waiting for us.
A dragon with a pumpkin was playing an ivory cornet.


The dragon told us that something incredible was waiting for us and  we understood it was time for washing our van…


And, like the dragon predicted, we saw, for the first time in our lives something incredible: the police limo!


One of us, touched by a magic spell, got serious problems of sleeping on the road

12 13 14

But at the end, everything went as we couldn’t imagine and we finally gave birth to a new super trio with Balázs Pándi: the cool, the dumb and the evil.


Watched Lords of Salem.
Love the movies of Rob Zombie.
Super cool!

On the road again or again on the road

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We’ll be touring for one month starting tomorrow.
We’re coming to Your town, here in Europe.
We’ll be travelling with Ufomammut and we’ll have tons of posters with us.
And the new one we’ve just realize for celebrating the new albums of the band: ORO.
This poster is a very limited edition of 103 pieces.
Only 50 will be on sale during the tour and a remaining 20 pieces about will be on sale on the webstore once the tour will be over in October (if the band won’t need more during the shows).
The poster is a 4 colors print on kraft paper.
And it pops out of the paper.
Metallic inks came out super!

This is the Jpeg of the poster.

I post this one first cause the pics following are not that good… You know, leaving for a while I had to give some love to my cat and she wanted to take pics…


First ink has been a gold, then we did a red.


And a silver ink came after.



And last color has been black.



If You like it You can come at one of our shows here:

02. A – Lustenau, Culture Factor Y
03. D – Wurzburg, Cafè Cairo
04. D – Leipzig, UT Connewitz
05. D – Berlin, Bi Nuu
06. SWE – Goteborg, Truckstop Alaska
07. SWE – Stockholm, The Liffey
09. FI – Turku , Klubi
10. FI – Tampere, Klubi
11. FI – Helsinki, Kuudes Linja
13. NOR – Oslo, Betong
14. DK – Copenaghen, Loppen
15. D – Kiel, Alte Meierei
16. D – Koln, Underground
17. NL – Tilburg, 013
18. B – Kortrijk, De Kreun
19. NL – Utrecht, Ekko
21. UK – Birmingham, Supersonic Festival
23. F – Paris, Glazart
24. F – Poitiers, Le Comforte Moderne
25. F – Bordeaux, Heretic club
28. P – Porto – Amplifest (Hard Club)
29. E – Madrid – Rock Palace
31. F – Toulouse – Le Dynamo

And there’ll be a very cool exhibition in Porto starting the 27th of October and lasting a couple of days at Amplifest!
So, a lot to come.
Follow us in the days coming, if You’ll feel alone and You’ll need some of us cause we’ve just created an Instagram account.
To be honest I don’t know how to give You a link, just search for Ufomammut…
Take care and see You on the road!

Relaxing with Frank Sinatra!


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We were thinking, after one month on the road, to come back to our Country discovering everything was changed.
We were dreaming of coming back without Berlusconi, in a free Country, where people were joining freedom from this television dictatorship after years.
They’re still there, bringing our cultural devasted Country to a sort of coma, where people have no more strength to fight against the madness is going around.
We were thinking to come home and be in Autumn, but even the weather has decided to do its own business… seems our premier has been a good inspiration for everything…
We were thinking to come back and relax a little, but we’ve no time, we’re already printing and working on several projects.
That’s good but I’m still looking forward to sleep like a bear, right now.
Anyway, anyhow, life goes on and we’re printing a limited poster run, a silkscreens for the canadian singer Caracol.
First of all You probably know we’ve worked on the artwork for her upcoming new album (Blanc Mercredi), coming out on the 20th of October.
This is the cover art.

In the cd You’ll find this nice poster below:

And we’re realizing a silkscreen of it for the live shows of Caracol.
It’ll be slightly different, of course, but it should come out very very nice.
Here is the first color, a white on grey paper.

Then there’ll be an art print, a short  run of 30 pieces on silver paper.

Looking forward to see how it’ll look like once finished.
And You?

By the way, I’ve a cold coming right now.
Any grandmother’s remedy for stop it?

Listening to Barn Owl right now – Lost in the Glare


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(yes, yes, I know that this is not the right way to start a post… please, let me write before it’ll be too late).
First important thing I want You to know is: I didn’t take the pics You’ll see in this post.
Neither my cat did.
I was out of the studio and my cat was on holiday (one month spent in CATalina islands… this is really a quip…).

Now we can go on.
In about ten days we’ll be travelling around Europe with our band Ufomammut and our friends and labelmates Morkobot.
We’ll have our posters and lots of other nice things for feeding Your eyes, we’ll have projections, we’ll have stickers (OH YES! finally, after years…), we’ll have buttons (OH YES #2! Again, after centuries…), we’ll have tees, we’ll have lots of malleusdelic things.
So, please, come to say hi in one of these gigs: HERE

And we’re working at a tour poster for Ufomammut.
It’s been quite difficult to obtain permission cause it’s always difficult  to speak to Yourself.
People think You’re crazy (like when You see someone talking at the phone with the bluetooth earphone…), so You’ve to find the right moment.
But at the end we said, let’s do it.

Let’s go with the first 2 colors:

Paper is black and it’s clear that there’s the inscription Ufomammut.

Then a nice Orange as second ink.

Mmmh… guess what’s going on!

In the meantime we’re working at some cd covers (thousand mods, Caracol – pretty excited! – and we did Pentagram).
Then tomorrow we’ll move on with the limited editions of Morkobot.

Stay tuned for more!!!

Watched “Cowboys and Aliens”… must admit that, apart from the beauty of Olivia, it was quite “strange”…
But I must admit that the idea was cool
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