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It’s a sunny day.
It’s good cause July has been quite boring, always raining, very autumn like weather.
Damn… I talking about weather, like we’re in an elevator talking about anything just to say something…
It’d be the sun.
Cause You know, it’s sunny today, after a boring period of rainy days…
Oh God!
So, let’s go on the thing I wanted to say before I’ll start in talking about weather again and this nice sunny day, after a period of…AAAARGHHH!

Today (skipping the sunny day…) we’re very happy to announce that the 40 copies of the variant on gold paper of Jacqueline Ess will be on sale starting from today on our webstore and on the Century Guild gallery one.
They’re signed by Malleus and by Clive Barker in person.
We’ll only have 4 copies available.

variant BarkerMalleus

Moreover, we’ll also have our regular edition copies on sale.
So, hurry up and be ready cause this are very low numbers!


I know, I know… is a nice sunny day like this You’d probably prefer to go out and take some sun…
Have a nice sunny day and help me stop to talk about weather, please…

Watched “Blood ties” yesterday.
I like Clive Owen.


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Some days ago we received a nice package from Canada.
we felt immediately excited cause we knew the tees were there.
What tees?
The ones we’ve realized with IFmerch, of course.
Check them here.
I must say they’re exactly what we expected, they’re totally nice and incredibly printed.
We visited the Headquarter of Image Folie Merch last may and we spent a day in Montreal with Marc.
We understood it was going to be a great partnership and the first tees are great.
Here’re a few pics to see how cool they’re printed.





spirit spirit2


… and Spirit.
We’re already thinking about other designs, so stay tuned.
And of course, if You’ve suggestions about what You’d like to wear, just keep in touch.

We’ve also entered the world of skins and cases for Your devices.
It took centuries, but now You can customize Your smartphone, computer, tablet and whatever…
Take a look here.
We’ll add more designs in the next days, so if there’s something You like, again: keep in touch


Watched the first season of Orphan Black.
Very nice one.

Jacqueline Ess

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Blown away.
We’ve been totally blown away in the last weeks by a lot of work.
It’s a very good thing, I know, I don’t complain.
Most of all, our time has been absorbed mainly by 2 big projects:
the dvd for the 15th ufomammut’s anniversary (and we’ll talk about it in the next days)
the Clive Barker’s Jacqueline Ess print we’ve realized for the Comic Con in San Diego, in collaboration with our friends of Century Guild Gallery.
As many of you know, Raven Banner is working with Jovanka Vuckovic and Lena Headey (Game of Thrones) on a film adaptation of “Jacqueline Ess: Her Will and Testament” from Clive Barker’s “Books of Blood”.
To celebrate, we’ve realized a limited edition of 145 hand-pulled silkscreens and 100 copies of these will be offered at a special SDCC-only low price of $35 at Century Guild booth #2845.


I must admit that seeing our name between Klimt and Mucha is something incredible…
Anyway… let’s take a look at the printing process and let’s see how this print looks like.


We’ve used a cream paper and the first color has been a red ink.



We had a metallic gold ink on top of it.
So we had a “brown” pattern on the dress thanks to the layering.
We created the pattern inspired by the idea of the power of jacqueline Ess, so a skull with tongue and eyes popping out.
And the circle around Jacqueline is another pattern done on the same idea.



After the skin we worked a dark brown on top for the lines and final design.




And here below You can see the design of the poster.


We gave our personal interpretation to the character of Jacqueline, a woman with the power of changing people’s body shapes, just using her mind.
She suggested us an idea of “passion”, in a sacred way, cause she’s a woman suffering for her great power.
We imagined her like a goddess, a madonna.

We’ve also worked on a variant version on gold paper, limited to only 40 copies.
Stay in touch to know more about it, cause a lot of news about it will come very soon.



A very interesting interview with Clive Barker

Five Horizons

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FIVE HORIZONS is a retrospective photography exhibition on Pearl Jam, authorized by the Seattle band, and it is the first ever exhibition featuring the history and evolution of the band.
It’s at Danchaus in Milano, in Italy and the event includes pictures of Artists like Matt Anker, Danny Clinch, Chris Cuffaro, Steve Gullick , Mike Leach, Karen Loria, Robert MacKenzie, Spike Mafford, Lance Mercer, Steven J. Messina, Paul Natkin, Charles Peterson, Alessio Pizzicannella.
The exhibition will be open from June 19th to July 3rd from 11 a.m to 11p. m.
You can find more infos HERE.

We’ve realized a very limited edition print for the show in Milano, only 97 copies.
We’ve been inspired by the famous cover art of TEN, the first Pearl Jam album.
As You probably know, the band members join hands to the sky.
We started from there and the idea of a sacred mountain coming out of 5 hands.
Then we’ve put into this image more details from other songs/albums and we came out with the poster You can see below.
We’ve worked on a regular edition for the show and on an artist print without inscriptions, different colors and paper too.
Let’s see them both, starting from the regular edition.


We started with a light metallic blue on a cream rough paper.


Second color has been a transparent metallic gold.
Shadows appears from the layering of the 2 colors.



The a red color on top.


Then we worked on the last colors, a dark red fading into orange.
It’s a vertical shade and it came out totally cool.




And this is how the regular print looks like.


Then we worked on an art print on a cream iridescent paper.
First colors comes from a shade, from a light metallic yellow to a green.


Then a light pale metallic silver ink went on top.


After a red, we realized the lines with a green metallic ink.




And this is how the Art Print looks like.

It’ll be an edition of about 40 pieces.
The 2 prints will go on sale tomorrow.
Hope You like them!

Watched “Children of the men”.
Great movie!

Tees !!

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We’re very happy to announce we’ve started a collaboration with Image Folie (IFMerch) from Canada.
We met Marc when we  played with our band Ufomammut in Quebec last month (at FIMAV festival) and it’s been totally great.
He took us to Montreal to visit the city and we’ve had such a great time.
We also experienced the F1 Montreal circuit and I must say we’ve left there some of our italian presence that should have been taken by Daniel Riccardo last sunday… he won the Grand Prix and he’s in part italian:-)
Ah… this is pure and mere parochialism… forgive us…
As I said, we had such a great time and Marc of IFmerch is a great guy, so it came natural to think about starting in doing something together.
So, the first idea has been to work on some t-shirts together.
And they’re already in preorder.
Only on IFMerch, HERE.
We’ve now 2 tees ready, one is called Dazey and the other one is Spirit.
The first one is taken from the image of the Mudhoney print we realized for their gig in Berlin in 2013.
The one here below.

And the tee should be like that:

2015_8802 (1)


The second one is taken from the print we did for Mastodon in Washington in 2011



And it should be like that:


Now the tees are in presale and it’s the right time to buy them cause You’ll save 5 dollars!
The tees will be shipped from the 26th of June all over the World.
So, what are You waiting?
And spread the word!!!

And last thing, don’t forget tomorrow evening we’ll be in Milano, at Magnolia!

Watched Kiss Kiss Bang Bang.
Very cool and a lot of laughs!

Living in the past…

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It’s warm here.
You know, Italy, land of the sun.
Spaghetti, mandolino and black mustaches.
We live surrounded by Camels.
And scorpions… we risk our lives every day.
…going too far?

I wanted to make it epic without saying we are a little absent minded, lately…
Anyway… let’s make it simple, like people say: shit happens.
I know we’re in 2014 but we loved so much last year we are trapped into it.
No no no… the truth!

We did a little mistake in our last poster for QOTSA.
Look here below:


We put the wrong year on the QOTSA poster.
It’s just a number:-)
But it should add value to it.
You know, when the coins and stamps have the wrong date they counts a lot more.
So, if You’ve grabbed one, maybe one day You’ll be so rich You can’t even imagine!
… going to far again?


QOTSA new print

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It’s holiday today here in Italy.
So we took the chance to relax a little and sleep like bears.
It’s good sometimes, especially after periods of long working and travelling.
Now it’s time to show You the new print we’ve realized for the Queens of the Stone Age gig in Roma on the 3rd of June.
It’s a 4 color handmade silkscreen printed on cream paper and limited to 208 pieces only.
We’ve also realized a variant of only 30 copies on glittered cream paper.
In the previous post we showed You the first color shade, from red to yellow ink.
Then we realized a gold ink on top.






The metallic ink went on top of the name of the band and on some details.
Then it created a sort of fuzziness all around.



Then we used a browny red to finish the poster, for the lines and details.


And surprise! It came out very very cool.
The dark red ink created a very cool intersection with the shade colors, making the poster totally popping out of the paper.
As You can see it’s a very detailed image, with tons of animals shapes coming out of the hair of this creature.
I know I know… it’s impossible, but isn’t it the greatness of poster art?
You imagine something and it comes to life!




As You can see, the eyes of the woman remind of the QOTSA logo and she wears a necklace reminding of it too.




Then, You can see there are wolves, ienas, bears, snakes, birds and lions all around her head.




Then, here below You can see the variant we’ve worked at.
Very simple, a silver ink and then the lines.





The variant doesn’t have the inscription at the bottom.
We wanted something more clear.

The poster will be on sale tomorrow in Roma at the show of the band and then on the 4th of June on our webstore.
So, stay tuned!

Watching this serie right now.
Seems interesting.


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