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Aren’t You excited?
The title of this post sounds already cool.
Because today we’re inviting You to take a wild guessing about the name that will be on our upcoming poster.
It’s a band.
Which one? You’ve to tell us.
So, please, go here:

It’s our facebook page.
Leave us a “like” and a comment with the name of the band You think our poster has been done for.
You’ve time till this friday and You’ll win a copy of the regular edition.


Here’re some details and if You look carefully at them You’ll probably understand…
So, c’mon!
Have a great time thinking about the band and good luck!

Give it away…


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Don’t You think it’s incredible I’m again here writing on the blog?
And moreover, I’m doing this while preparing my stuff for going to Wien.
I’m touched by such a great willpower.
I’m here to show You a few more pics of the print we’re working on cause we’re very excited about it.
It’s a very nice design and I’m sure You’ll like it.
We’re working at a regular version and then, cause we like it a lot, we’re also preparing a very limited art print.
So, today, I want to show You the paper and the first colors of it.
Paper is a rough one, light brown and gold glittered.
Colors are light blue and light purple shading one into the other.
And all together is totally cool!


After showing You these, I feel really better and I can go and finish my luggages.
So, see You tomorrow in Wien and we’ll be back next week for showing You more of this print.
And also another thing.

Watched Jodorowsky’s Dune.


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What a boring summer it’s been.
Well, I know, it’s not already gone, but most of it passed like it was a sort of julember and then augustoctober…
It’s been really annoying.
I mean, I don’t like when it’s super warm and You melt just breathing.
But this year it’s been like leaving in a middle of a rain forest.
One day of weak sun and then rain, rain rain like Noah was here.
So, it’s been really boring.
And I’m happy we’re almost over cause we’ll have to set our minds on new works.
And it’s a cool thing.
We’re thrilled to see what’s going to be in the next weeks and months, lots to do and to create.
We’ve spent the most part of this boring summer working on a dvd project for Ufomammut.
We’ll talk about it very soon, just waiting to see it in person.
And it’ll bring lot of nice stuff.
Anyway and by the way.
If You’re in Wien this saturday, we’ll be playing at the Viper Room and we’ll have Malleus posters with us.
Come to say hi!

Then, we’re very happy to announce other 2 tees we’re realizing with our friends in Canada at IFmerch.
We’ve decided to go for a previously unrealized artwork we’ve called “Moonchild”…


and then to finally set our minds on “Kiss”, based on a design we did years ago on a gigposter for Baroness and Kylesa playing in Austria.
During the last year we’ve seen it so many times used without permission (stolen) by so many web-printer-thieves that we’ve decided to do it for real as Malleus.
When someone used for a Grateful Dead tee (without our permission)  it was really the last straw!
So, thanks to IF merch to make it for real as an official Malleus item.


And if You’ll preorder the tees, You’ll have a better price now.
So, go and check them HERE!

And today we’ve started the printing process for a new poster.
Here’s the first screen, a shadow for a lime to a cyan color.
01 02

The regular version is on a raw paper.
Then there’ll be an art print but we’ll show it to You next week.
Sadist guys… ahaha

Ok, it’s all for now.
See You in Wien, then:-)

Watched “What Maisie Knew”.
Very very nice.


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It’s a sunny day.
It’s good cause July has been quite boring, always raining, very autumn like weather.
Damn… I talking about weather, like we’re in an elevator talking about anything just to say something…
It’d be the sun.
Cause You know, it’s sunny today, after a boring period of rainy days…
Oh God!
So, let’s go on the thing I wanted to say before I’ll start in talking about weather again and this nice sunny day, after a period of…AAAARGHHH!

Today (skipping the sunny day…) we’re very happy to announce that the 40 copies of the variant on gold paper of Jacqueline Ess will be on sale starting from today on our webstore and on the Century Guild gallery one.
They’re signed by Malleus and by Clive Barker in person.
We’ll only have 4 copies available.

variant BarkerMalleus

Moreover, we’ll also have our regular edition copies on sale.
So, hurry up and be ready cause this are very low numbers!


I know, I know… is a nice sunny day like this You’d probably prefer to go out and take some sun…
Have a nice sunny day and help me stop to talk about weather, please…

Watched “Blood ties” yesterday.
I like Clive Owen.


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Some days ago we received a nice package from Canada.
we felt immediately excited cause we knew the tees were there.
What tees?
The ones we’ve realized with IFmerch, of course.
Check them here.
I must say they’re exactly what we expected, they’re totally nice and incredibly printed.
We visited the Headquarter of Image Folie Merch last may and we spent a day in Montreal with Marc.
We understood it was going to be a great partnership and the first tees are great.
Here’re a few pics to see how cool they’re printed.





spirit spirit2


… and Spirit.
We’re already thinking about other designs, so stay tuned.
And of course, if You’ve suggestions about what You’d like to wear, just keep in touch.

We’ve also entered the world of skins and cases for Your devices.
It took centuries, but now You can customize Your smartphone, computer, tablet and whatever…
Take a look here.
We’ll add more designs in the next days, so if there’s something You like, again: keep in touch


Watched the first season of Orphan Black.
Very nice one.

Jacqueline Ess

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Blown away.
We’ve been totally blown away in the last weeks by a lot of work.
It’s a very good thing, I know, I don’t complain.
Most of all, our time has been absorbed mainly by 2 big projects:
the dvd for the 15th ufomammut’s anniversary (and we’ll talk about it in the next days)
the Clive Barker’s Jacqueline Ess print we’ve realized for the Comic Con in San Diego, in collaboration with our friends of Century Guild Gallery.
As many of you know, Raven Banner is working with Jovanka Vuckovic and Lena Headey (Game of Thrones) on a film adaptation of “Jacqueline Ess: Her Will and Testament” from Clive Barker’s “Books of Blood”.
To celebrate, we’ve realized a limited edition of 145 hand-pulled silkscreens and 100 copies of these will be offered at a special SDCC-only low price of $35 at Century Guild booth #2845.


I must admit that seeing our name between Klimt and Mucha is something incredible…
Anyway… let’s take a look at the printing process and let’s see how this print looks like.


We’ve used a cream paper and the first color has been a red ink.



We had a metallic gold ink on top of it.
So we had a “brown” pattern on the dress thanks to the layering.
We created the pattern inspired by the idea of the power of jacqueline Ess, so a skull with tongue and eyes popping out.
And the circle around Jacqueline is another pattern done on the same idea.



After the skin we worked a dark brown on top for the lines and final design.




And here below You can see the design of the poster.


We gave our personal interpretation to the character of Jacqueline, a woman with the power of changing people’s body shapes, just using her mind.
She suggested us an idea of “passion”, in a sacred way, cause she’s a woman suffering for her great power.
We imagined her like a goddess, a madonna.

We’ve also worked on a variant version on gold paper, limited to only 40 copies.
Stay in touch to know more about it, cause a lot of news about it will come very soon.



A very interesting interview with Clive Barker

Five Horizons

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FIVE HORIZONS is a retrospective photography exhibition on Pearl Jam, authorized by the Seattle band, and it is the first ever exhibition featuring the history and evolution of the band.
It’s at Danchaus in Milano, in Italy and the event includes pictures of Artists like Matt Anker, Danny Clinch, Chris Cuffaro, Steve Gullick , Mike Leach, Karen Loria, Robert MacKenzie, Spike Mafford, Lance Mercer, Steven J. Messina, Paul Natkin, Charles Peterson, Alessio Pizzicannella.
The exhibition will be open from June 19th to July 3rd from 11 a.m to 11p. m.
You can find more infos HERE.

We’ve realized a very limited edition print for the show in Milano, only 97 copies.
We’ve been inspired by the famous cover art of TEN, the first Pearl Jam album.
As You probably know, the band members join hands to the sky.
We started from there and the idea of a sacred mountain coming out of 5 hands.
Then we’ve put into this image more details from other songs/albums and we came out with the poster You can see below.
We’ve worked on a regular edition for the show and on an artist print without inscriptions, different colors and paper too.
Let’s see them both, starting from the regular edition.


We started with a light metallic blue on a cream rough paper.


Second color has been a transparent metallic gold.
Shadows appears from the layering of the 2 colors.



The a red color on top.


Then we worked on the last colors, a dark red fading into orange.
It’s a vertical shade and it came out totally cool.




And this is how the regular print looks like.


Then we worked on an art print on a cream iridescent paper.
First colors comes from a shade, from a light metallic yellow to a green.


Then a light pale metallic silver ink went on top.


After a red, we realized the lines with a green metallic ink.




And this is how the Art Print looks like.

It’ll be an edition of about 40 pieces.
The 2 prints will go on sale tomorrow.
Hope You like them!

Watched “Children of the men”.
Great movie!


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