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It’s almost winter.
And the end of the year is getting closer.
All of a sudden will be 15 years ahead to 2k.
I remember when it was going to turn from 1999 to 2000… there was this fear of the millenium bug… all the computer had to shut down, we were supposed to enter a second middle age… well, not for the computers maybe, but it happened.
Anyway, sunday will be the first day of winter, we’ll move from the darkness to the light.
Days will start in getting longer and this is a good thing.
But, like every year, when we get close to the end of the year, I start in thinking about what we’ve done in these 12 months.
We did a lot in this 2014 and I’m happy about everything.
So, we want to celebrate with a last print.
It’s an art print and it’ll be released on sunday the 21st.
Obviously it’s called “Solstice”.
It’s a very limited edition of 77 copies and it’s a 9 colors plus glittered ink on very heavy black paper.
Let’s go and see it!

We started with 2 colours at a time, with a shade from a browny purple to a light violet, both metallic inks.



Then we moved on with a brown and then a gold ink.



As You can see there’s a door, a very heavy wooden one.
And the 5th ink has been a metallic one again, a light blue silver.


The sixth and seventh colors came into a shade again.
And now You can see there’s the shape of a woman outside the door.


Eight color is a black, to define the details of the wooden door.



And then the nineth color is a white ink.
Snow, a lot of snow, like there’s a storm, the wind opens the door and outside a woman is staring at us.07



Then we added more power to this iconic print with some incredible glittered ink.
It’s very difficult to make it appear in a photo, it’s a translucent ink, shading from white to silver to green and blu.



And this is SOLSTICE, the final print of this 2014.


Hope You’ll like it.
It’ll be on sale this sunday, on our westore.
Have a great Winter Solstice!

Watched “The Strain”.
Cool Tv serie by Guillermo del Toro

Black is back

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It’s the black friday.
And it’s on our webstore too.
Well, I should say webstores, cause we’ve a very nice discount (20%off  + a mistery print on every order) on the malleusdelic one and a 15% off on the supernaturalcat one.
So, considering it’ll last till next monday, You’ve a lot of time to grab Your favorite print or music.
One very important thing about the Malleusdelic webstore is that the Black friday code “NERO” is not working for the t-shirts cause they’re not a product we directly do.
They’re on the IfMerch webstore, in Canada.
Speaking of which…
We’ve 2 new tees coming.
They’re Jacqueline Ess and Prey.
The first one is taken from the print we did a few time ago for Clive Barker’s Jacqueline Ess.




And I must say it looks gorgeous!
You can have it going HERE.
The second one is called “PREY” and it’s taken from the print we silkscreened for the first international Pearl Jam phot exhibition in Milano, called Five Horizon.
And this one looks great too.
They’re totally great printers at IfMerch!




You can have one of these HERE.
All right!
Have a great weekend and if You’re in Firenze tomorrow, come and say hi at Cycle Club in Calenzano.
We’ll be there with our band Ufomammut and with some Malleus prints too!



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Mono are a very cool japanese band.
They are touring Europe and they asked us to realize their official tour poster.
And it’s been a pleasure, our collaboration lasts since a few years.
Their last album is called “Rays of Darkness” and “The Last Dawn” (it’s an album in 2 parts)
We started from there and our imagination lead us to the vision of a woman cut through by sun rays.
We wanted something very iconic, simple but at the same time very detailed.
We used a green raw paper and we printed a double shade of colors.
The screens used are three but the colors are actually 5.



First we worked on 2 yellow inks, a lighter one fading into a darker one.


Then we printed and orange going to red.
We wanted to give the idea of the light as much as possible.



Third color, for details and inscriptions, has been a black ink.





And here below You can see the result.


We realized 333 copies of this print.
300 are on tour with Mono and You can grab them during one of their shows in Europe.
Check here for the tour dates.

Then we realized a very limited art print called “Shine”.
It’s on a gold metallic paper and it’s 45 copies only.







No inscriptions on this one and a few differences from the regular edition.
Posters will be on sale on our webstore this friday.
So… stay tuned!
The 15 second music video of Mono by director Koji Morimoto (Akira and more)


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Today, in Los Angeles, from 7 to 11 pm, on Sunset Boulevard at Iam8bit gallery, Malleus will be present at the show called Sequel with one silkscreen print.
Well, unfortunately we won’t be there ourselves, there’s an Ocean and lots of miles between our small town and LA… but we’re part of the show.


Sequel (check HERE) is an exhibition about imagination.
Jon of Iam8bit gallery contacted long time ago with this idea he had in mind about a show dedicated to movies that had never got a sequel. The idea was to think about one.
It was a very cool and quite difficult thing to do.
We didn’t want to pick up a world famous movie, some Kubrick, Tarantino or other masters seemed too easy.
So we decided to move on with an italian movie doing a Fellini sequel.
First of all cause we wanted to celebrate an italian master and we choose  “Giulietta degli spiriti” that is an incredible piece of art.
If You like Jodorowsky or Lynch, I suggest to search for it cause You’ll be shocked how outstanding and modern and visionary this Fellini movie is.
We thought about a “second act (atto secondo)” for it, cause the end of the movie is quite open and leaves different possible interpretations.
The first color has been a white ink.





Then after a gold metallic ink, we moved on with a pink and dark silver.
Fifth color is a black.

Last one, the sixth ink, has been a red.




We imagined the sequel of the movie as a coming back of the main character to her dreams and illusions.
The wild devilish and the moral religious sides of Giulietta that in the movie bring her to a personal conflict, are back again in “our” sequel and they’re holding each other in this print, like she’ll have to fight with her mind again.

You can check more about this movie, if You don’t know it on IMDB.
Enjoy this print and if You want to buy it, but You can’t make it to the show, after opening night, all remaining art will be posted online for WORLDWIDE purchase on Friday, November 14 @
It’ll be available on our webstore from the 24th of November.

Red Night

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We spent the last weeks working on recording and mixing stuff for Ufomammut.
But, even if we’ve been busy with these projects, we’re working on a lot of stuff to end this year with some great posters.
The first one we’d like to show You today is called Red Night.
It’s a very very limited edition of only 50 copies about (we’re numbering tomorrow, then we’ll be more precise…) on a glittered kraft paper.
We thought about it for the Halloween period… it’s a very dark image we realized for a book cover last year.
We loved it so much we decided it was the right time to work on it as a print, and here we are!
It’s a 4 colors poster and the first ink has been a metallic light brown.


Thenw e put a gold



Third color has been a red ink to create a dramatic feeling to the sky.



And finally all the details went into a black ink.
Clouds and trees…



… a mysterious couple…




… and something happened for sure !





They walk away from something in the snow while a bat is opening its eyes smiling behind them!



And here You can see the entire design.


Hope You’ll like it like we do.
Prints will be on sale tomorrow on our webstore!
Have a great weekend and prepare for more

Watched “In order of disappearance”, norwegian action/comedy movie.
Very nice!


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We spent the last weeks recording the new Ufomammut’s album.
Sorry if we disappeared from here.
We’re back on Malleus, with a lot of ideas and stuff to realize.
First of all we’ve just finished the printing of another handmade silkscreen poster in collaboration with Century Guild gallery.
It’s the second work dedicated to a Clive Barker’s movie and this time, after Jacqueline Ess (in pre-production now), we’ve put our hands on the great “Nightbreed”, taken from the novel Cabal.
It’s a hell of a movie, really a great story and superb direction.
Anyway, we’ve been really inspired by it and we came out with a very iconic design.
It’s a 3 color poster representing the world of Midian in its essence, behind a graveyard, hidden in the underground.
The special limited edition of only 139 pieces has been created for Seraphim Films and Century Guild.
One hundred copies will be available from the 28th of October at, while we’ll have 30 pieces on our webstore for the European fans.
But now, let’s go with some pics!



We started with a red ink.
Here below You can see the first screen.




Then a metallic iridescent blu came after.
You can see the graveyard coming out.



Then we used a white to draw stars and moon in the sky.



And here below, You can see the final design of the poster, printed on black heavy paper.



Hope You like it.
And can You see something familiar?



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King Buzzo was amazing.
A great show, really.
I think the poster we realized is very close to the gig situation, it was a sort of sabbath, with all the people hypnotized by a demon playing and singing with only an acoustic guitar even if it was like there was a storm coming out of the PA system.
Very very cool.

Today we want to show You the Art print version of the King Buzzo poster and it’s called Sabba (italian for Sabbath).
It’s a limited edition of only 44 pieces, on a glittered raw paper, three colors only.
First one is a red.


Then we used an iridescent gold, almost transparent to have a reflection effect on the skin of the witches dancing and a an orange gold on the dresses and tree.



Then, last color is a black.


We’re very happy of the result of this one, very different from the regular version, even if the atmosphere remains very dark and evil.
King Buzzo, Sabba, Mudhoney and Cult will be all on sale on our webstore from the 14th of september!

Moreover, please remember that today is the last day to have our brand new tees “Moonchild” and “Kiss” at a pre-sale lower price.
You can find them here at IFmerch webstore:
Don’t miss them!

Watched “Edge of tomorrow”
Really enjoyed it, great idea.


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