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Before leaving for the Balcan tour with our band, we worked on another project with our friends at Dark City Gallery in UK.
We printed a very limited edition poster celebrating one of the most known movies of Michelangelo Antonioni: Blow Up.
The process for realizing this print started a few months ago and it’s been a very difficult challenge.
The most famous and iconic image related to this movie is the one seeing David Hemmings taking photos of the model Veruschka von Lehndorff.


After  a long brainstorming we decided it could have been interesting to work on a vision of what the photographer was seeing in that scene.
So we started in designing Veruschka on a carpet of photos (and there’s also the one with the gun to recall the main plot of the movie), giving a touch of sixties in the inscription of the movie title, drowned into the long hair of the model.
There is a regular and a variant version of this six color handmade printed silkscreen poster.
The regular one, in which Veruschka has gold hairs, is limited to 100 pieces.
The variant, with a red haired model, is only 35 pieces.

Here’s the printing process.
We used a lot of metallic colors.
Also, a glowing red for the variant.









And the final result is here below:


regular edition and


variant edition.

It’s very difficult to give an exact idea of how the prints look like.
Pics don’t give justice to the posters in person and I must say it’s a pity.
Anyway, hope You’ll like it and if You’re interested, just go HERE for buying.


Home again

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We’ve been out of the studio for 10 days, we hit the road with our band Ufomammut and we had a great time on a short tour leading us in Greece, Bulgaria, Romania and Slovenia.
It’s been a great experience, we’ve discovered a part of Europe we never visited before.
In a very short time we saw Vulcanos…


… castles…


… a lot of water…



… mythical places like the Thermopylae…


… and incredible knots.


Guided by different sign…


… we saw different kind of animals, from storks…


…to little dogs…


… to black metal rhinos.


And we danced and sings on the Balaton lake.


Five guys on the road having a lot of fun!


So, now we’re back in studio and we’ve a lot of things to do and print.
Back tomorrow with some news, need some rest now!



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It’s been a printing weekend.
We’ve been very very busy lately, working on a lot of different projects, from posters to videos.
And taking advantage of a rainy boring weekend, we decided it was time to print a lot of stuff.
First of all we finished the silkscreening of a poster we’re doing in collaboration with our friends at Dark City Gallery.
Soon You’ll know more, don’t worry.
Then, once finished, we put our hands of the posters for the american band ASG coming to Europe in April to kick ass.
We’re working with them since a lot of years, we’ve already done a poster in the past and 2 record covers.
So, it’s been great to work on this new design for them.
But let’s see it in details.
We’ve realized a run of 185 copies.
150 will be on the merch table of the band during their tour around Europe, starting on the 10th of april from Roadburn festival and ending in London on the 26th of the same month at Desert fest (and well, we’ve another silkscreen to do for it!)
The other 35 copies (well a little less) will be on our webstore once the tour will be over.
We started with a red ink.



We thought about the name ASG like something that You can read from upside down and viceversa.
The A becomes a G and the G becomes an A.
Obviously the S remains the same.

From this idea we moved on thinking about a poster You can watch from 2 different perspectives, like the ASG inscription.
And it had to recall the cover art of the BLOOD DRIVE record we did a few months ago.


Two women, a red and a blonde one, almost in a symmetrical and specular vision.
After red color we worked on a silver metallic ink.


And a gold came after



The last ink, the fifth one, has been a black.


And this is how the poster looks like.






What You think?
The print is very strong in person, the gold ink works both as shadow and light.

Next print coming will be Desert fest.
But we’ll have to wait a little cause we’re leaving the studio this thursday.
We’ll be on tour with Ufomammut in some Countries we’ve never been.
We’ll be in Roma (and well… we’ve already been there…), then in Greece!
Athens and Thessaloniki.
Looking forward to be there.
Then we’re visiting Sofia in Bulgaria and Bucarest and Timisoara in Romania.
After one day of relax on the Balaton lake in Hungary, we’ll be in Lubljana (Slovenia) for the last gig.
Check all the venues where we’ll be here, on the Ufomammut’s website.
And come to say hi.

So… see You on the road!


Crosby, Stills and Nash

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A month.
And one day.
Since the last time I wrote on the blog.
Not bad… when I was starting in feeling like I was a professional blogger… I quit.
So now I’ve to start from the beginning.
Busy busy… not a lot of time to write.
But here we are with the new poster we’ve just printed for the gig of Crosby, Stills and Nash in Atlanta on the 22nd of March.
It’s a four color print on cream paper.
The edition is of 120 pieces and it’ll be available on our webstore after the gig.
Let’s go with some good pics now!

First color has been a red.


Then we put a gold on top to obtain a metallic brown for the plumage of the eagle.


Then another metallic ink, a silver one for the sky and the grass around the flowers.
As You can see gold has been almost totally covered.


But we printed the pencil drawing on top of red, so we’ll have a sort of shadow on the entire design.


And last, we printed a black ink.


Here’s a few details of the poster.



And this is the final design.


Hope You’ll like it like we do.
We’ll post some better pics soon.
In the meantime we’re preparing for the next one.
A new collaboration with Dark City Gallery, after the Argento serie.
So… keep an eye at the blog for more news!

Watched the new Jarmusch movie and really dig it.
Only lovers left alive.


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We’ve a new poster ready for this saturday.
It’ll be for Ulver, live at Bloom in Mezzago.
And we’re very very happy about how it came out.
Four colors, warm ones on kraft light brow paper.
One color is glowing in the dark, so the final print is good to be seen in the light as in the dark.
What can You ask more?
If the World will end and there won’t be any more light, electricity I mean, for looking at Your favorite posters hanging on the walls of Your destroyed (by the apocalypse of course) house after the sunset… this is the right print to solve all of Your concerns…
Maybe it’s a little catastrophic vision…
So, let’s just say it’s the right night and day poster…
Sorry I got a cold and I’m not that clear headed.
So, let’s go with some pics.
First color: glowing in the dark ink.


Then we had a gold ink.


What do You see?
A bearded skull?
Are You sure?


Look closer, after we printed the third color, a brown ink.


Ok, now, with the fourth color, the red one.


It’s a woman, coming out of a forest.
Mankind and nature, this is the meaning.
And a metamorphosis, light and dark.

This is what You’ll see in the dark.


Hope You’ll like it, we’re totally happy about this print.
It’ll be a limited edition of 111 pieces.
A part will be on sale during the gig in Italy and the remaining copies on our webstore (yes! the new wonderful one!) starting from Sunday.



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I feel relieved.
After a long time and a lot of struggling, we’re ready to announce we’ve a new Malleus store.
You can’t even imagine how much we had to fight to make it happen, to have it ready again.
It’ll be on line starting this friday 7th of February.
And to make You happy too, we decided to re-open it with a nice present.
From friday to sunday included, using the coupon “WEAREBACK”, You’ll have a 15% discount on everything You’ll buy.
It’ll work only if You’ll log in.
So, be ready for the new store!
And stay tuned cause we’ll tell You where to find the store on friday, on our website, instagram, facebook, twitter… all these horrible things we’ve to deal with in our lives…

But… friday is not only the day we’ll have the store out again.
It’s also the day our band Ufomammut will have its 15 years birthday.
Damn, we’re getting very old.
I know, it’s like we’re in a teenage period as a band… but seeing our beards getting grey…
Anyway, let’s be happy.
We’ll have a gig for celebrate our 15 years here in Italy.
At Bloom, in Mezzago, close to Milano.
And we’ve printed the Magickal Mastery tour poster for the event.
This design merges all the covers of the ufomammut’s discography in one single drawing.
It’s a 6 colors on 5 screens poster.
On black paper.
120 pieces limited edition.



We started with a metallic silver ink.


Then we needed a white color for stars and skulls.


Then gold metallic ink and a shade from iridescent blu to iridescent silver



Last color has been a red ink.



We decided to put only the name of the band and the number 15.
Check the image below:-)


And this is the final design.


And of course, this print will be on sale on friday at the show and on our webstore!
The brand new one:-)

Need to watch this

Monster Magnet

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We’ve finished the printing process of the first poster of the year.
It’s for Monster Magnet, for their gig in Germany on the 9th of February.
It’s been a difficult process cause we’ve had to fight against a lot of bad luck while it was growing.
First of all, as You’ve probably noticed…, we moved our website on a new hosting and it took a little time to have quite everything working good again.
We’re still working like hell on a new store and it’ll be ready soon.
Then, our Epson 3000, our beloved printer we’ve used for all these years to print our films, left us.
So we had to find a new one and it took a little time to learn how to make it work good.
Then we’ve had to move on with a lot of other works (book covers, other poster designs, t-shirts and more) but, at the end, we did it.
So, we’re very happy to be able to show You some more pics of the Monster Magnet printing process.


A pink color was what we needed after the gold ink.
It had to be a little transparent to have the pattern below coming out.

Then we needed to create an effect we’ve never experimented before.
We wanted to have a layer that could be a shadow or a light depending on how You move the paper.
Let me explain…
As You can see in the picture here below, we worked out an area on the skin, drawn like a shadow.


But we used a gold translucent ink, so we have a very particular effect.
The gold can be a light, but, depending on how You look the paper, it can also be a shadow.


It’s almost impossible to capture this effect on a picture… You need to see it live.


Then we printed a black ink (I forgot to take pics…but there’s something on our instagram profile) and finally a silver layer on top.


This last one is a sacred triangle coming out of the head of the woman (like a third eye vision) and a “bull shaped” smoke coming out of the circle.




Finally, we worked out a variant of this print too.
A very limited 34 pieces poster on grey rough paper.



By the way, the regular serie is numbered to 130 pieces.
115 will be on sale at Karlsruhe.
Only a few on our site together with a few variants.

Stay tuned for more, we’re already printing another poster for this friday!

A little disappointed by American Horror story Coven (it’s been good till the half, then…)
Let’s laugh with this…


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