Don’t be so angry, I know we’re writing a little sporadically in the past weeks, but we’re not neglecting You.
Everyday we’d like to write something and show You what we’re working at, but we’re so busy we arrive at the night totally wrecked.
We’ve a lot of things coming for the next weeks, we’ll have a lot to print for sure, just to tell You we’re not on holiday…
Moreover I’ll change my knee, finally, next monday.
But I think You’ve been quite busy too, so we’re all ok.
And now that the World is full of Good (what a week… the beatification of a dead Pope… the killing of a terrorist… the wedding of 2 english guys like it was the most important things humanity could see…)… I can show You the incredible… please, look at this t-shirt and explain me who is gonna wear an article of clothing with Gianni Agnelli on it… Damn! Where the f*#% are we sinking in this Country?

Here below there are some works we’ve finished lately and that maybe You’ve missed.

This one is the cover for the brand new Monkey3 Album, it’ll be out for Stickman records.

This is the cover for the book Meterra, by Andrea Cisi and edited by Mondadori (yes I know…)

Then I’d like to submit the last posters we’ve printed again and remember You they’re on sale right now on our webstore:

The Asymmetry festival print looks really gorgeous, believe me.
And then the TeePee tour, here below:

Ok, gotta go now, back on work.
But first check this one, it’s amazing: Ufomammut is in the NME’s heaviest ever albums
It’s incredible!

Just watched this movie and really liked it

2 Responses to “C’mon!”

  1. Stupendo!!fai delle cose bellissime e per i pochi gruppi che veramente stanno spaccando ultimamente.
    Ti faccio i miei complimenti più sentiti.

  2. I recently discovered your work when I was in a book store in Italy and my eyes caught on this book, “Meterra” I fell in love with the cover illustration. I wish I could read italian :-)
    Great work!!

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