I’m gonna share with You some pics from the “one evening only” Malleus Expo that took place on April 9th 2011 in Mannheim, Germany.
We received some stuff from Oliver Giegerich, the one who mounted the exhibition, and it was nice to see our posters, art prints, even some records and old flyers on the walls.
Moreover there was the skate we did with Conspiracy some years ago.
The work of Malleus has been presented at the “Akademie fuer Kommunikation” located at Augustaanlage 31, in Mannheim.
Yes, I know.
I forgot to post about it on the blog, but it was everywhere… I’m getting old and light-headed…

The gallery looks rad, a pity we were not there.
Next time we’ll do our best.

We’re totally thankful with Oliver for his great work and for the love he got for our art.

Records, limited editions we realize with our small label called Supernatural Cat (by the way, we had a very cool night in Milano last thursday! Thanks to all of You for coming! And we met our friend Coralie too. She’s our personal french translator – thanks to her we got a perfect french Black Keys inscription! )

This frame is magic!

No… it’s not a Warhol…

Very happy, Oliver told us it was a very good evening and lots of people enjoyed the expo.
So, it’s good.

Now I think I’ll get back to play with my brand new Korg MicroKorg XL, it’s a little jewel and I’m getting mad with it.
It’ll be my next weapon of noise…

And prepare Your eyes cause a lot of works will come in the next days!
Stay tuned

Listening to Fister – Bronsonic – right now

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