It seems like

It seems like there are a lot of things coming from our magic hat.
It seems like it’ll happen in the next days.
It seems there’ll be record covers.
It seems there’ll be posters.
It seems there’ll be Art prints.
It seems there’ll be book covers.
It seems there’ll be a new knee for me, in the meantime.
It seems there are a lot of it seems here.
It seems, yes, it seems.
It seems.
It seems You’ll have to see some pics here below from our upcoming works.
It seems there’ll be things with bands like Pentagram, Mono,  Entombed, Mastodon and more.
It seems You’re curious.
It seems to me, maybe You’re not.
It seems it’s time for some previews.

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It seems it’s a slideshow.
It seems this post is finished.
It seems, yes, it is

It seems like I’m listening to Harvestman right now.

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  1. it seems like i’m pretty excited.

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