We’re going to print the last poster of the year, not THE last poster of the year intended as the last one on Earth.
I mean, we’re gonna print OUR last poster of the year.
Well, never say never , we could do something else before the end of the year, but I think we’ll spend the last days of the year on other projects.
Lately we’re working at some logos, t-shirts and record covers.
Ok, I’m wandering and going off topic.
Tomorrow we’re gonna start the printing of the new Amanda Palmer and Boston Pops poster.
We’ll put the printing process online, ok it’s getting a boring tradition, but I’m pretty sure there’ll be someone loving it.
So, stay tuned.

And I’m sure You’re asking to yourself why this topic’s been named “Phone”.
Well, click here and enjoy :-)

Listening to Deer Tick – More fuel for the fire

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