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Posted in **News** with tags , on January 9, 2013 by malleus

Today we’d like to talk with You about the 2013 Subscription.
Last year we worked on subs and it’s been very nice, we had different options and too many things to think about.
This year we prefer to offer a simple and  basic one.
The 2013 subscribers will receive all gigposters (usually about 15-20) plus a T SHIRT and gadgets.
The price will be 700 euro including shipments (posters will be sent flat via express courier).
Payment is divided in 3 installments (February-May and September more or less).
First shipment will be on April.
Second shipment will be in September and third in January 2014.
All posters set in the subscription will have a matching numbers.

If You are interested, please, drop an email to
We’ve only 5 spots left!

Watched 7 psychopats tonight.
Very very nice!


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Well, I don’t know if the world reeder exists.
I think it should stay for “more red”.
But I’m not english mother tongue, I change crystal with the Champagne by Louis Roederer, so I can do what I want.
I’ve magic in my fingers…
Ok, another short post to show You the gold ink on the variant prints of the upcoming Dario Argento print for “Profondo Rosso” (Deep Red).
Then, we’ll have one color left on the regular edition and 2 colors on the variant.
Are You ready?

This paper is very very cool, black and glittered.

And tomorrow we’ll be back with the third color.
And, just to remember the deadline to be a subscriber is approaching, tomorrow we’ll show You some details of the upcoming prints we’re working at.
I suggest You the subscription to You, if You got a chance.
This year we’ll do our best posters, don’t miss them, go here: —->

Wow, I’m a master of advertising, isn’t it?

Love this clip, The Black Keys rule!


Posted in **News** with tags , on December 21, 2011 by malleus

Hello there!
Hope everything is good, Xmas is getting closer with its madness, no traces of any kind of sacred thing anymore, everything is consumerism, to buy to buy to buy.
But it’s good, like someone said: OBEY
Well, not a great introduction for remembering You we’re going to have a Malleus subscription for the year to come…
But maybe it’ll be the last one for humanity, so we cannot miss to make it before it’ll be too late.
We’ve thought about 5 different versions of subscription to make You all happy.
No records this time, I know You don’t care at all.
Damn, we’ve good ones coming this next year, but I understand You prefer to save Your money for prints.
As You know we’re working at a Dario Argento serie, including 9 posters and variants for some of them.
Then we’ll work on something like 15 gigposters (well, at least cause we usually do more) and sometimes we like to realize variant for them.
And being a subscriber You’ll have priority in case of Art Prints (they won’t be included).
And many other things.
For example as a subscriber from Los Angeles, You’ll be able to invite Malleus at Your home and spend a week (or more would be appreciated) with them, relaxing on Venice Beach.
If You’re from Paris, You can have Malleus there too, no problem.
The same if You’re from New York.
Maybe we’ll think about if Your from North Corea… well, You’ll understand considering the times we live in…

Ok, so please, be patient and we’ll announce everything tomorrow.

Thanks a lot

Watched  this tonight, nice.


Posted in **News**, Posters, Prints with tags , on December 13, 2011 by malleus

We’ve prepared 3 huge package today.
They’ll leave us tomorrow morning on the way to UK, they’ll reach Dark City gallery and this means the Argento prints will be on sale very soon.
As I told You yesterday (was it yesterday?), we won’t sell them apart from our A.P. versions, but they’ll be totally limited editions and they’ll have some differences from the regular and variant prints.
Don’t be so curious, c’mon.
Then, as we said before (was it before?), we’re thinking about working out a subscription for 2012 and we’ll have some good surprise for You.
By the way, let’s do a quick poll to understand what You’d like to see in the subscription…

Ok, while You’ll compile the poll I’m gonna show You the 6th color (well, it’s 2 colors cause it’s a shade).
More red!
Because You know we’re talking about the first piece in the Dario Argento poster serie and I know  You’ven’t ever watched this movie.
So I could help You with some details about the plot.
There’re a knife, a bird and a title in the story.
There’s also blood in the movie.
And it’s obvious there’s red in it.
So, we did red.

It’s getting more clear!
Well, if You’ve seen the digital ad You already know what will happen.
But tomorrow… oh my god… tomorrow there’ll be a surprise.
A terrible surprise that will change our lives (well, it already did… but I must say it changed in a better way…)

I forgot to take pictures of the variant… sorry…
So, please, start in feel thrilled cause tomorrow we’ll unveil a secret.
No, I’m not Batman.
Another one.
C’mon… be serious…

This one is to say goodbye to a friend
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