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We decided the title of the art print we’re working at.
It’ll be called “Flora”, inspired by the Roman goddess of blooming, blossoming and spring.
It’s a perfect name for this print that is moving forward and it’s done.
Let me show You some more colors and then, if You’ll be patient enough, the final version will come later tonight.



We printed a very strong orange color that, going on red, created some very nice shadows on the body of the mysterious animal on the right of the print.



Then we had the same good effect with a pink ink on red.




A yellow and then, last for today, a gold



There are shapes coming out, I guess it’s already easy to understand the final design of this print.
So, let’s see if You are good with this poll:

Back soon.

Watched this movie yesterday.
Very very nice

Spring has sprung

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It’s spring, finally.
It’s good.
But now I’ve to go.
Sorry… lots to do and I promise to be back soon…
In the meantime, enjoy the first video LU did for Ufomammut’s new album ORO.

UFOMAMMUT – Empireum
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