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**is for.. part 3

Posted in **News**, Posters with tags , on September 27, 2010 by malleus

I’ve just discovered that the European Relapse Records office and warehouse was destroyed some nights by a fierce fire.
Can You imagine how many cool records have been turned into dust?
Probably the Devil came to Earth to take some of his favourite records. But sometimes he’s not able to control his powers…
Anyway, these things happen always in the wrong places.
There were so many better spot in the World to be destroyed by fire… like our beloved premier bathroom (with him on the throne possibly…)
Anyway, good luck to Relapse to arise like a phoenix.

Back to us.
As You know, some of the films for our next work has been done since some days, and we’ve started the printing process of a part of our next work.
It’ll be for an exhibition in the USA at the end of October at Century ** gallery.
It’ll be in Chicago, USA, it’ll be about Grand **, there’ll be great artists like Gail *, or Marilyn Manson, or Herr * and many many more.
We’ll realize a poster serie, a very limited ** and a bigger version of the design on **.

Hey, c’mon! There are some new words.
I know it’s always the same text, but there are news in it!
By the way, we won’t be in Chicago, there’ll be some of our art but we won’t attend the show.
This is our sabbatical year, no USA for the next months.
If You’ll be nice we’ll come again.
Don’t worry.

Here below You can see some pics of the second color: red.
Look at them carefully and You’ll see they’re not simple “stains”.

Last thing, before I forget… tomorrow we’ll have the new  Melvins posters  on sale on our website.
If You don’t remember them, they’re the ones below

Listening to Woven Hand – Consider the Birds
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