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A Deep Red monday

Posted in **News**, Posters, Prints with tags , , on February 12, 2012 by malleus

Sorry if it took so long to get back to the blog.
It’s a very full period here, drawing and drawing and drawing.
Then the printing and printing and printing period will come…
But I took some time for telling You that tomorrow the second print of the Dario Argento serie will be on sale.
Check here, on the Dark City Gallery website to know more.
The prints on sale will be the regular and the variant versions of “Profondo Rosso”,  Deep red in english.
In the next days we’ll let You know when the AP version of “leather paper” will be on sale too.
Then, we’re almost done with the design of the third print.
It’s about a film full of little animals.
Well, not only little ones.
You’ll know more very soon!

In the meantime we’re doing lots of other things and we’ll tell You soon, too tired now to write a list.
Have a great new week!

Watched WARRIOR.
Great great movie, totally amazing.

Profondo Rosso – Variant

Posted in **News**, Posters with tags , , on January 16, 2012 by malleus

Today we’re gonna show You some pics of the variant we’ve worked for the print of Profondo Rosso, second poster of the Dario Argento serie.
As You know it’s on a black glittered paper, looking awesome.
But You also know we like to do things in the best way, we like to overdo.
So, we also decided to make the image pops out of the paper.
The glass had to be real, so we thought about using a sparkling glitter ink on it and this is the result.

A screen for the glass…

… to add prints some class :-)

Sorry, the pics doesn’t give an exact idea of the print.

But it’s something like that.
And tomorrow, last part of the Dario Argento with the copies on leather paper!
And just to make You curious, here’s a little taste of it!

Have a good night!

Black Leather!


Posted in **News**, Posters, Prints with tags , , , on January 12, 2012 by malleus

Well, I don’t know if the world reeder exists.
I think it should stay for “more red”.
But I’m not english mother tongue, I change crystal with the Champagne by Louis Roederer, so I can do what I want.
I’ve magic in my fingers…
Ok, another short post to show You the gold ink on the variant prints of the upcoming Dario Argento print for “Profondo Rosso” (Deep Red).
Then, we’ll have one color left on the regular edition and 2 colors on the variant.
Are You ready?

This paper is very very cool, black and glittered.

And tomorrow we’ll be back with the third color.
And, just to remember the deadline to be a subscriber is approaching, tomorrow we’ll show You some details of the upcoming prints we’re working at.
I suggest You the subscription to You, if You got a chance.
This year we’ll do our best posters, don’t miss them, go here: —->

Wow, I’m a master of advertising, isn’t it?

Love this clip, The Black Keys rule!


Posted in **News**, Posters, Prints with tags , , on January 11, 2012 by malleus

We’ve printed the second color on the Profondo Rosso poster today.
We’ve worked on the regular version for now and they look very very good.

And here we go with some details.
As You can see, these posters make a lot of light!

I think that’s all for today.
I’m pretty wrecked, working on so many things in these hours I need some rest now.
just wanted to share these pics with You and I’ll be back with more tomorrow.
Just to make You curious, what would You feel about a paper that looks like leather?
Think about it!

Listening to Nick Cave and Warren Ellis right now


Posted in **News**, Posters, Prints with tags , , on January 9, 2012 by malleus

We’re working on so many things right now.
Our days are full of drawings, preparing a lot of posters and covers we have no time to write on this marvelous blog.
But today is a great day.
Not only because the holiday season is finally finished (damn, we all speak about crisis and there’s nobody home, everybody is on holiday… except Your favourite trio, obviously…), but most of all cause today we’ve started the printing process of the second poster of the Dario Argento movies serie.
We’re speaking about one of the most known masterpieces of the master of horror: Profondo Rosso!
We could write it wrong again, but we did it right this time.
So, don’t worry, there won’t be any “Profodno Roso” or “Dep Reed”.
Everything will be just right this time:-)

As You can see, we’re working on black paper and the first color is a deep red.

Very very red!


Being a poster serie, we’re working on similar strokes (the inscription Dario Argento) to give a continuum between the prints.
So, when You’ll have all in Your hands, You’ll feel very very good and You won’t be disappointed with us for not thinking about You.
Yes, You. The one one always ready to jump on whatever we do.
At the same time we’re trying to give each poster its own story.
So that  You won’t be disappointed with us for not thinking about You.
Yes, You. The one one always ready to jump on whatever we do.

This is the paper we’re using for the variant version.
It’s an incredible black glittered one, it’s quite impossible to give an idea of how it looks like with a pic.
You’ll see once You’ll have it in Your hands.

You can see a little of the effect on these pics, but it’s nothing compared directly seeing the sheets.

And there’ll be one more surprise we’ll unveil in the next days.
Another paper we’re using for the Malleus AP versions.
It’s an experiment and it looks incredible so far.
But we’ve to see how it’ll be at the end of the printing to see if we can show it to You or not.

Well, before saying goodbye, I must admit we did a little mistake.
Not on the poster, don’t worry.
Well, absolutely NOT on the poster… let’s say we forgot to put the paper…

No, no… it won’t be on sale!


Profondo Rosso

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It’s been an hard day.
I must admit.
We’re always in delay with things and sometimes it gets difficult.
We had some problems with screens in the last days, they were not good cleaned and we had to do works more then once…
So today, we started in printing the last color of the Goblin poster and everything started in going to the bad side… so we stopped, clean all and prepare the last screen again.
But at the end, we must say we’re very very happy of the final result.
The Goblin poster is totally rad.
Check it with Your eyes, c’mon!

The 3rd colour was a silver, we printed it in the morning.

Then we checked the film of the last colors (gold and copper metallic inks) on the paper and everything was cool.
But the nigtmare was waiting us… uuuuhhhaaaaa
You know… this is a poster for Goblin, so some tension and horror moments were obviously to come…
And as soon as we started the printing of the last colors, problems arrived.
But then, late in the afternoon, we were ready  to move on again.

A new screen and everything worked out fine.

Before …

… and after.

This old fart is me showing proudly the print.
Sorry for the out of focus pic, my cat is not learning how to take photos, she’s always trembling…

And this is the final result.
It’s good, isn’t it?

This little candy will be on sale tomorrow during the show and then from Sunday it’ll be available on our webstore.
So, prepare Yourself cause we’re talking about Goblin!

Listening to Current93 right now
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