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The wind was strong today.
The air tasted of autumn and the days are getting shorter.
So I think it’s time to come back to these keys and write something on our blog.
I know You’ve surely thought we’re disappeared, probably buried under the sand on a beach… but it’s the last thing that could have happened.
The last weeks have been so hectic, full of things to do and to develope that now it’s time to show You all, little by little.
We’ve worked a lot around the “Magickal Mastery Tour”, the european tour of Ufomammut that will start in a few weeks and that will bring the band from Germany to UK, from Belgium to Finland, Norway to Austria, Holland to Poland and so on.
And, obviously, we’ll be around with Malleus too.
This is the official poster of the tour.
This is just a wall poster, no silkscreen will be done for now.

We’ll have tees with this image, of course.


And then much more


One with a spacey/Tchulu style mammoth


and one with a rounded image



As You can imagine, being this tour a sort of celebration of almost 15 years of Ufomammut, the images we’ve worked on are an ensemble of the band’s record covers.
Well, I tell this for the ones that know the band.

All this work took a while to be done.
But we worked on a lot of other projects.
One will keep You company for all the year.
And we’ll show You a preview soon.
Another one is the new OvO record (and we’ll talk about this soon too).

Then we’ve started a print that will keep us busy for a while.
It’s a ten colors print and we’ve decided to realize it to commemorate 10 years of silkscreening.
HAND silkscreening.
We’re very proud of being one of the few guys still using hands to print silkscreens, no machinery, no industrial things.
That’s cool, isn’t it?
And we’ve decided to go for a poster we worked on years ago and that never came out as a silkscreen.
It was a wall poster we realized for our friends of Orange factory in Belgium.
Check the images below and try to guess what we’re talking about.
Obviously we’ve worked on it to take all inscriptions away, it’ll be an art print.
And it’ll be done on cream paper and on polypropylene mother of pearl sheets.




Looks already cool!
Stay tuned for more
We’ll be back very soon

Like this song a lot.

Long time

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I must admit that this period I’m a little out of the Blog.
I’m relaxing from writing and posting and we’re doing a lot of things here, so time is really not that much.
But if You miss us so much You can come tomorrow in Milano, at Magnolia.
There’ll be a SupernaturalCat night with Ufomammut, OvO, Morkobot and I.C.O. playing.
And Malleus of course.

If You don’t have time, ok, we’ll understand.
We’re planning to travel again in September/October. Europe again, so we’ll meet somewhere.

In the meantime we’ve printed the AP version of the TeePee posters and they look very cool.
It’s a run of 71 pieces and they’ll be on sale from tomorrow.
The skin of the woman is silver and not light silver brown like in the tour copies.
And here are some shots.

This last one is a little distorted…:-)

We’re working at new projects involving bands like Pentagram, Mono, Festivals and galleries, so many things to do…

See You tomorrow in Milano.
C’mon it’s the capital of fashion! Come early and we’ll go shopping together…

Listening to  Red Fang right now and their video is very cool.

UFO pt. 2

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A quick post to update Your curiosity about the Ufomammut’s poster we’re printing in these days.
As You know it’ll be for the gig on saturday (yes, this saturday coming!) in Tilburg, at Midi Theatre during the Roadburn Festival.
We plan to finish the posters tomorrow, then we’ll have all ready to leave Town on thursday and drive all day long to Leuven.
Poor Poia, he’ll have to drive all the road to Belgium, I’m broken and I cannot move my leg quickly to drive… old guy falling to pieces.
Before showing You the new pics I’d like to tell You that tomorrow we’ll ship all the posters You’ve bought in the last days and also the limited edition of “Cor Cordium” the new Supernatural Cat release.
The vinyl + cd + dvd edition looks awesome!
I’ll try to post You some pics tomorrow.

Let’s go with the poster now.

Second color is silver.

And then we worked on a metallic brown.
Poia worked on the films a little more to make everything perfect.

Like a sea of …

It’s keeping alive!

And now only 2 colors to have it done: red and black.

skulls and some films.
I’m nice and I want to show  You our EvE.

It’s all for today.

Listening again to Rwake. I know, I’m a little bit repetitive.
But today I listened to something else.


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While our Country is getting back to the past (day by day it seems we’re moving to fascism again… ruled by a dwarf surrounded by slaves, we’re sinking into a television dictatorship based on ignorance and prostitution), we’re preparing our bags to leave it again very soon.
Next week we’ll be in Benelux (cause we’ll be in Belgium and in Holland) and we’ll be at Roadburn festival on saturday 16th of april.
Feeling totally excited, we’re gonna close the night at the midi theatre with Ufomammut, it’s great. Looking forward to be there.
We’ll meet a lot of friends and we’ll hang out with a lot of people.
This year our friend David D’Andrea relized the poster serie for the festival.
It’ll be great to meet him here in Europe.

Anyway, we’ve some other silly shots from the last tour in Germany.

First of all, let’s start with the best cd I ever found.
Can You notice the resemblance of Bata Illic with Mick Jagger?

Then Polizei… they’re becoming a persecution… stopped twice in Germany and one in Austria…
Maybe cause we’re listening to illegal music on the radio… and what a name for the radio (ask to any italians to translate the station for You…)

Or maybe cause we’ve killed the gas station…

And what to say about food?
Since when Pizza is “pizzen”?
I knew the infamous “pòzza”, but pizzen is weird…

And what about a water called “ground” (Terra)?

Anyway, as You can see people were waiting for us!

Now, back to work.
We’re preparing the screens to print new Ufomammut’s tees, the Asymmetry festival and Teepee AP silkscreens.
Then a supercool poster for Ufomammut at Roadburn and a bunch of covers…
In the meantime we’re waxing the packages of the ltd edition of OvO.
Looking rad!

By the way, preorder is still open and considering they’re only 300 pieces (100 in red vinyl and 200 in black), better to hurry if You want the red ones!!!

Just watched a great movie: gelatin silver, love


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It’s a really bad moment.
It’s quite difficult to write things in a language that is not mine, You know, we’re Italians, so our mother tongue is not english.
I know what You’re thinking about now… I know everybody reading is thinking “bunga bunga”.
And this makes me sad, cause we’re celebrating the 150 years of the unification of Italy in a period in which I can notice how deep our Country is sinking down… controlled by the worst people we could even imagine, always in a sort of mental coma, we’re becoming a joke for a lot of people, laughing at what we show to the rest of the World.
And I cannot say anything, cause the times of culture seem to be ended here.
I look at the Japanese people in these days, I can see their strength in fighting against something that is impossible to handle and they look incredible, I feel so much respect and love for their culture I cannot express with words.
And we’re celebrating here, like blind people, a unification that doesn’t link us at all, at the end.
Damn, it’s like we’re getting back into past, we’re moving on the reverse, not looking at the future, but at the past…

Ok, stop boring You.
Just toast to Italy if You want and cross fingers with us for a change in this fading Country.

We’ll be on tour in Europe next week, we’ll have some gigs with our band Ufomammut and it’ll be nice to go out of our borders for some days, we’ll meet people from the north and it’ll be cool.
Fresh air.
In the meantime we’re finishing a lot of works and we’re printing like hell.
We’ve just realized the new Supernatural Cat tees for the gig of Ufomammut/OvO/Morkobot and ICO in Ravenna this sunday.
C’mon, let take a plane and come to invade us.
We’ll be at a very cool venue called Bronson, check the flyer below.

It’ll be surely a great night to spend together and we’ll have some very nice stuff ready for You:
The new tees

Do You like it?
Ok, let’s take a plane, we’ll do a little discount for sure if You’ll show us Your ticket.
We’re very nice guys and being totally frightened by flying I could even be so nice to give it a tee as a present.
But please, don’t use You personal jet to come to Ravenna, or any helicopter.

Then we’ll have the OvO prints cause the guys will present their brand new album “Cor Cordium” coming out April 18th 2011.

Nice, Uh?

Then there’ll be the last Malleus posters (by the way, the Black Keys one will be back on our store once we’ll be back from the road, we want to have copies for our friends on tour, so check around for our resellers in the next days, they’ll have some).
So, a lot of good reasons to come and say hi.

Listening to Chili Cold Blood right now


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Waking up with the news of today has not been great at all.
I feel so bad about what happened in Japan, feeling close to our friends there.
It’s difficult to write about crap like posters and such, now.

We’ve printed another color of the Kyuss poster today.

Then we’ve framed our fourth painting of this 2011, the siren one.

It’s a good one, about cm 180 x 80.
Then we’ve prepared the films for the TeePee tour poster and we’ve Asymmetry festival silkscreen coming soon.
A lot to do and not a lot of words today.
I’ll try to be better tomorrow and I’ll post some better pics of the Back Keys poster!

Prepare yourself cause tomorrow the preorder of “Cor Cordium”, the new OvO album will start on supernatural cat website!

Cor Cordium

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Heart of the hearts.
This is the meaning of Cor Cordium and it’s the epitaph to the memory of idolized English Romantic poet and adventurer Percy Shelley, buried in Roma.
And these are the posters we’ve realized for the upcoming OvO new album called “Cor Cordium”.

The last color has been a white (a little transparent) with the inscription.

And these are the finished prints.
We’ll number and sign them in the next days, they’ll be about 80 pieces each.

By the way, the limited edition will be on preorder in the next days, we’re putting it together:-)
And You’ll be able to listen to the album too.
Stay tuned!

Listening to Ultralyd  – “Inertiadrome”
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