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** is for Grand Guignol

Posted in **News**, Posters with tags , , , , on September 28, 2010 by malleus

Oh yeah!
Finally it’s unveiled.
I know some of You were thinking that ** was for “spaghetti”, or for “mustaches”, or for TAC.
But ** is for Grand Guignol.
Hey, don’t feel upset. I know You were thinking ** was for pancakes, but it’s not.
As You know, we’ve started the printing process of the first part of our next work (yes, it’s always the same thing… I know… but this time it’ll be completed!)
It’ll be for an exhibition in the USA at the end of October (on the 23rd) at Century Guild gallery.
It’ll be in Chicago, USA, it’ll be about Grand Guignol (I know, I told it before…), there’ll be great artists like Gail Potocki, or Marilyn Manson, or Herr Absinthe, and many many more.We’ve just printed the poster for the show (that will also be the cover for the catalog), then a very limited ** and a bigger version of the design on **.

As You can see 2 things are still missing…
You can read more here:

And here are some pics of the poster.
More details coming soon

While F***ing Gamboa was seeing pinholes in the images I posted yesterday… we were thinking more at the idea of a apparently Sapphic kiss, but if You look closer You’ll see there are not 2 women. There’s only one in a blood stain.
Isn’t it cool?
Sorry, I like this poster very much… :-)

And please, remember that in some hours, the Melvins posters will be available on our website!

Listening to William Elliot Whitmore right now
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