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Time to escape.

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I’ve just discovered that there’s been a nuclear accident in France, about 250 kms from italian borders.
Damn, it’s not a good news.
We’re all worried about the economical problems  of the World today and we cannot see we’re quickly falling down into distruction… money money money…
Anyway, tomorrow we’ll drive fast to reach North of Germany, on the way to Dresden.
And then we’ll have one month of tour around Europe, to share feelings, vibes and great moments with all of You guys.
Check where we’ll be here.

In the meantime we’ve  finished the last silkscreen of the summer (sounds weird…ahahah)
It’s for the 14 years of Orange factory.
Check here below


A lot of Pink.

Then Black.

A lot of Black

Very nice, I know a lot of You won’t like it cause this is “cruel”, but I think reality is way worst.
Or not?

It’s 6 colors but the magick is we only printed 4.

And here it is.
Run will be 103 pieces only.

And today, just before the starting of the European tour, we’re happy to announce that the preorder for Morbo, the new exciting album of Morkobot has started.
Only 100 pieces in white vinyl and only 200 in black.

Very very limited editions.
Check here and listen to the new album: MORBO

Enjoy it and see You on the road.



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It’s been strange, today.
It was about 6pm here when we received the press release  saying that Ufomammut signed with Neurot Recordings.
I must admit that I looked at the monitor of my Mac for several minutes, don’t know, it’s been so moving, I was so thrilled.
Don’t know, I felt today like the initialization to a new level, new things to discover, to understand, to see.
Like a knight receiving the initialization by a king, with the ritual  of the sword laid aside his shoulder and head.
I know You probably won’t care that much, but we did so much with ufomammut as malleus that we wanted to share this feelings with You.
And, again about Ufomammut, here we go with the last pics of the tour poster.
Check them here below:

First we did a black to work out the lines on the face and hairs of the lady.

Lots of details in this print.
Then the last color

A perlescent ink, rays from the sun.

And this is how it’ll look like.

It’ll be a run of 190 pieces.
150 will go on tour and only 30 copies will be on sale in october on our webstore.
You’ll have to patient a little, sorry.
Or come to say hi during the shows to pick one.

Then, today, we’ve started in packaging the limited edition of the upcoming Morkobot “Morbo”.
It’ll be a run of 100 pieces in white 180 gr vinyls and one of 200 pieces in black.
We’re very very happy, even if it’s a simple packaging, it’s very elegant and cool.


I’m listening to nothing in these days… damn.
But I’m watching great movies


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Tomorrow it’ll be a great day.
We’ll tell You tomorrow.
It won’t be because we’ll finish the tour poster,  it’s not a great news.
Well, it’s nice, but it’s not a reason to make it a great day.

No, it’s not because we’re working on a lot of buttons for the upcoming tour (even if the one with Ciccio – our soundlord – is pretty rad…)

Well, the ones for Morkobot are pretty nice too…

It’s a long story…
And about Morkobot… tomorrow it won’t be a great day because we’re gonna to put together the limited editions.
Tomorrow it’ll be a great day cause something is gonna to be announce.
And we’re very very excited.


Watched Dogtooth. Amazing movie


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(yes, yes, I know that this is not the right way to start a post… please, let me write before it’ll be too late).
First important thing I want You to know is: I didn’t take the pics You’ll see in this post.
Neither my cat did.
I was out of the studio and my cat was on holiday (one month spent in CATalina islands… this is really a quip…).

Now we can go on.
In about ten days we’ll be travelling around Europe with our band Ufomammut and our friends and labelmates Morkobot.
We’ll have our posters and lots of other nice things for feeding Your eyes, we’ll have projections, we’ll have stickers (OH YES! finally, after years…), we’ll have buttons (OH YES #2! Again, after centuries…), we’ll have tees, we’ll have lots of malleusdelic things.
So, please, come to say hi in one of these gigs: HERE

And we’re working at a tour poster for Ufomammut.
It’s been quite difficult to obtain permission cause it’s always difficult  to speak to Yourself.
People think You’re crazy (like when You see someone talking at the phone with the bluetooth earphone…), so You’ve to find the right moment.
But at the end we said, let’s do it.

Let’s go with the first 2 colors:

Paper is black and it’s clear that there’s the inscription Ufomammut.

Then a nice Orange as second ink.

Mmmh… guess what’s going on!

In the meantime we’re working at some cd covers (thousand mods, Caracol – pretty excited! – and we did Pentagram).
Then tomorrow we’ll move on with the limited editions of Morkobot.

Stay tuned for more!!!

Watched “Cowboys and Aliens”… must admit that, apart from the beauty of Olivia, it was quite “strange”…
But I must admit that the idea was cool

The Art of Noise

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We’re not going to talk about the band.
I was searching for a good title and this one reflects in a very very good way the music of Morkobot.
We’ve finished the printing process of the limited edition and we’re ready to start some new works (like for example the Ufomammut’s tour posters).

Here we go with some pics.

The other part of the limited edition cover is on Blue paper.
And it’s printed with 2 different images with silver ink on one side(sorry, I forgot to take a picture of the other one… lazy guy!)

While they’re hand stained with white or blue ink on the other side (sorry again… I forgot to take pics of the blue stains… super lazy guy!)

You can see the blue stains and also the print of the Morbo.
There’ll be 2 different prints: white on blue stains and cyan on white ones.

So, gonna put it all together in the next days.
Stay tuned!
And remember they’ll be on tour with Ufomammut all around Europe from the 14th of september!

Watched “This is England”.
Very nice movie.


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Sorry for disappearing, we’re quite busy in these days, closed in dark rooms, recording the new Ufomammut’s music.
But we’ve quite finished, so I suppose we’ll be back to You again.
I hope all of You guys reading from the US East Coast are ok.
And I hope all of You from the other parts of the World are ok too.
And You, yes You, You from the outer World… hope You feel ok here too.

While recording, we’re moving on with other projects and other stuff.
We’re printing the ltd edition of the upcoming new Morkobot record: “Morbo”.
It’s coming out very nice and here below You can see with Your own eyes.

We added the inscription on the cover.
It’s a totem, as You can see, formed by the word MORBO.
We used silver paper, reaaaaally cool.

Then, in the inside panels, we printed 2 different shapes.
So there’ll be 2 kinds of covers:-)

Hope You’re enjoying it, more coming soon, gotta run now!

Listening to separate instruments, riffs and noise in these days…

Morkobot limited edition

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While 2 of us are in studio working on the new Ufomammut’s record (because You should know that 2/3 of malleus are 2/3 of Ufomammut…), Lu has started the printing process of the limited edition of the upcoming Morkobot album “Morbo”.
It’ll be out in October, while the band will present it on tour from the mid of september all around Europe supporting Ufomammut (damn, this is the second time already this name come out here…).

First step has been printing a blue color on silver paper.

The result is gorgeous!
The limited edition will be a cd + Lp version and it’ll be a run of only 300 pieces.
100 vinyls will be white and the other ones black.
All in 180 gr vinyl, obviously.

More will come very very soon!

Listened to way much drums today…

More Omega

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Here we go with some new and better pics of the poster we’ve just finished for Omega Massif.
This one below is the finished print:

And now let’s go with the AP:

And some details of the paper.

This paper is rad. Totally.
And we had to sell a kidney to buy it.

Not one single kidney. One kidney each of us…

Now we ‘re ready for the limited edition printing of the new Morkobot “Morbo” album, some tees, Ufomammut stuff and cd covers all around.
And don’t forget we’ll be in Liguria tomorrow.
Where’s Liguria?
It’s on the North West of Italy, close to the sea.
We’re playing with Ufomammut in Bardineto at Balla coi Cinghiali festival.
Last gig for this year in Italy.
And on saturday we’ll start the recordings of the new album.
Too many things…

Listened a lot of Entombed today.
Super cool band


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It’s a very fresh summer here.
I don’t like summer, people on holidays, loosing time and energy to relax…
But I miss when I was a kid, when I spent my days doing exactly nothing.
Well, not that today it’s changed that much, but I try to think I’m working a lot.
And what are You doing right now?
Are You on the top of a mountain, or on a plane to reach an exotic place where You’ll be able to eat some Panda soup, or already in the sea fighting and killing dolphins?
Well, we’re here working on the last notes of the next Ufomammut album we’re gonna record from next week.
And we’re preparing all the stuff for the september/october tour in Europe (so, if You’re looking forward to meet us and have some prints and music, just keep in touch).
And we’re working at the limited edition of the brand new Morkobot  (Morbo) they’re gonna present on tour with us (yes, for real!).
And then we’re printing some posters and designing some others.
Well, we’re also taking our time playing music (it’s fun, don’t You know? Even if we’re gonna work on a new album, it’s always fun and satisfying, yes, it’s stressful but it’s great).
And we’re riding our bikes (finally I must tell You I’ve a bike, a real one with an engine).
And so on.
I’ve also noticed that there’s been a lot of visit on the blog lately, even if no news were up.
So, please, leave a comment when You come back!

This is the first screen of the brand new print for Omega Massif, band from Wurzburg (Germany), coming out in september with a brand new record (Karpatia).
As You can clearly notice, Lu is very very happy to print instead of staying under the sun with a straw hat and a cold drink  in one hand…

But the print is coming good:-)

Also the films for the limited edition of Morkobot are ready!

More coming soon, stay tuned!

Listening to Red Fangs, they got fantastic videoclips!

Babe I’m gonna leave You

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Again on the road, tomorrow on the way to Belgium (guests of our friends Sara and Benny at Orange factory) to meet Neurosis in Germany on wednesday for other 3 shows (check here the dates!)
Are You gonna come to say Hi or are You gonna stay at home watching tv?
We’ll have posters, records and the new Ufomammut tees we’ve print in the last days.
Check the designs here below, they’re nice, aren’t they?

In the meantime, while at home for some days, we finished the design for the 14 years Orange Factory party (and here You can see a small preview of a part of it… You know I like to make You curious!)

And we’ve moved ahead with some designs like the Omega Massif print, the 1000 mods cover art and some book covers.
But now it’s time to set the controls to the heart of the sun and concentrate on some good live acts in the next days.

And last, but not least…
Ladies and gentlemen, we are proud to unveil the complete Morkobot “Morbo” artwork!
Enjoy it

And of course, more will come very soon, once back home!
Have a great week and see You on the road again

Listening to some music coming from another room, it seems to be Blues.
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