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(yes, yes, I know that this is not the right way to start a post… please, let me write before it’ll be too late).
First important thing I want You to know is: I didn’t take the pics You’ll see in this post.
Neither my cat did.
I was out of the studio and my cat was on holiday (one month spent in CATalina islands… this is really a quip…).

Now we can go on.
In about ten days we’ll be travelling around Europe with our band Ufomammut and our friends and labelmates Morkobot.
We’ll have our posters and lots of other nice things for feeding Your eyes, we’ll have projections, we’ll have stickers (OH YES! finally, after years…), we’ll have buttons (OH YES #2! Again, after centuries…), we’ll have tees, we’ll have lots of malleusdelic things.
So, please, come to say hi in one of these gigs: HERE

And we’re working at a tour poster for Ufomammut.
It’s been quite difficult to obtain permission cause it’s always difficult ┬áto speak to Yourself.
People think You’re crazy (like when You see someone talking at the phone with the bluetooth earphone…), so You’ve to find the right moment.
But at the end we said, let’s do it.

Let’s go with the first 2 colors:

Paper is black and it’s clear that there’s the inscription Ufomammut.

Then a nice Orange as second ink.

Mmmh… guess what’s going on!

In the meantime we’re working at some cd covers (thousand mods, Caracol – pretty excited! – and we did Pentagram).
Then tomorrow we’ll move on with the limited editions of Morkobot.

Stay tuned for more!!!

Watched “Cowboys and Aliens”… must admit that, apart from the beauty of Olivia, it was quite “strange”…
But I must admit that the idea was cool
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