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The Art of Noise

Posted in **News**, Music, Prints with tags , , on September 1, 2011 by malleus

We’re not going to talk about the band.
I was searching for a good title and this one reflects in a very very good way the music of Morkobot.
We’ve finished the printing process of the limited edition and we’re ready to start some new works (like for example the Ufomammut’s tour posters).

Here we go with some pics.

The other part of the limited edition cover is on Blue paper.
And it’s printed with 2 different images with silver ink on one side(sorry, I forgot to take a picture of the other one… lazy guy!)

While they’re hand stained with white or blue ink on the other side (sorry again… I forgot to take pics of the blue stains… super lazy guy!)

You can see the blue stains and also the print of the Morbo.
There’ll be 2 different prints: white on blue stains and cyan on white ones.

So, gonna put it all together in the next days.
Stay tuned!
And remember they’ll be on tour with Ufomammut all around Europe from the 14th of september!

Watched “This is England”.
Very nice movie.

Morkobot limited edition

Posted in **News**, Music, Prints with tags , , , on August 23, 2011 by malleus

While 2 of us are in studio working on the new Ufomammut’s record (because You should know that 2/3 of malleus are 2/3 of Ufomammut…), Lu has started the printing process of the limited edition of the upcoming Morkobot album “Morbo”.
It’ll be out in October, while the band will present it on tour from the mid of september all around Europe supporting Ufomammut (damn, this is the second time already this name come out here…).

First step has been printing a blue color on silver paper.

The result is gorgeous!
The limited edition will be a cd + Lp version and it’ll be a run of only 300 pieces.
100 vinyls will be white and the other ones black.
All in 180 gr vinyl, obviously.

More will come very very soon!

Listened to way much drums today…

Prototypes and visions

Posted in **News**, Music with tags , , , on April 7, 2010 by malleus

We’ve it, finally, after hours, days, weeks and months of thinking and working, we have it.
The prototype of how the limited edition of Eve by Ufomammut will look like, is done.
A pity I’m one of the worst photographer around, but I hope You’ll understand what You’ll see.
I’ll try to make better pics with the final result…
First of all we’re very happy as Supernatural Cat (that is our record label) about the work we’ve done with this record.
Lu has finished yesterday the dvd with the visuals for Eve, cause this limited edition will be a 180 gr vinyl with cd and the entire song on video.
We’re totally excited about it.
There’ll be 400 copies on black ¬†and 100 on transparent vinyl and the printing colours will be different too.
All of them are handprinted and they’ll be hand numbered cause we like to suffer a lot:-)
Anyway, let’s go with the pics:

This is the cover, printed with blu iridescent ink on heavy black paper.
What You see is an hole and behind there’s a silver paper holding the vinyl envelope.

Opening the cover You’ll find cd and dvd (they’re not the final ones, sorry).
Then open it again and You’ll find the envelope with the vinyl

The inside is printed and here below there’s a pic of how it looks like

Credits and notes on the inside of the silver stripe.
And it’s closed like below:

Once closed, You’ll see this on the back

Is it good? Are You thrilled like we are?
The limited edition will be on pre-order from next monday on Supernatural Cat website, but I’ll tell You again soon.

Listening to Black Breath
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