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Kyuss lives!

Posted in **News**, Posters with tags , , , on March 13, 2011 by malleus

Here we are with another poster.
This is the one for Kyuss lives!, the band featuring John Garcia, Nick Oliveri and Brant Bjork, original members of Kyuss.
Discussing with John, he asked us not to work on a poster with girls, cars and devils.
He was interested in something related to animals, nature.
So we starting in thinking about working on an image able to have different approaches, something You can see in different ways, like we did in the past with the Calexico, the Eagles of Death Metal or the Such Hawks Such Hounds prints.

Let’s see the process and then You’ll understand what we mean by different images in a single one.



And here are some details of the shade

And now, let’s go with the black color, the last one

And some details:

You see a face, right?
But they’re eagles and trees.

And a rabbit trying to escape from the talons

And this is the final poster:

Pretty happy with it, looking very very cool live and since I’ve fired my cat, the pics seems to render way better the reality of the printing.
We’re gonna number the posters in these days and we’ll keep You posted on everything.

In the meantime, please, don’t remember the preorder of the OvO record is online!

Listening to Nightstick right now. What a band!


Posted in **News**, Posters, Prints with tags , , on March 11, 2011 by malleus

Waking up with the news of today has not been great at all.
I feel so bad about what happened in Japan, feeling close to our friends there.
It’s difficult to write about crap like posters and such, now.

We’ve printed another color of the Kyuss poster today.

Then we’ve framed our fourth painting of this 2011, the siren one.

It’s a good one, about cm 180 x 80.
Then we’ve prepared the films for the TeePee tour poster and we’ve Asymmetry festival silkscreen coming soon.
A lot to do and not a lot of words today.
I’ll try to be better tomorrow and I’ll post some better pics of the Back Keys poster!

Prepare yourself cause tomorrow the preorder of “Cor Cordium”, the new OvO album will start on supernatural cat website!

Printing and packing

Posted in **News**, Music, Posters with tags , on March 10, 2011 by malleus

There’s a real mess in these days in the studio.
We’re printing, packing, folding, shipping, drawing, painting and so many things I don’t even got the time to post everything on this poor blog.
I’ll try to start telling You we’ve started the Kyuss Lives! print.
The first color is a nice silver metallic ink.
And here are some shots.

I’ll tell You more about this poster with the second color, let’s say it’d be ┬áthe second of a “serie” of images.

Then, we’re totally happy to announce You that starting from this saturday, the long awaited limited edition of “Cor Cordium” by OvO will be available for preorder.
Where? Clicking on, of course.
It’ll be a super deluxe packaging, including 180 gr red vinyl, cd, dvd, handprinted poster, handprinted booklet all closed into another handprinted envelope.
And there’ll be only 300 pieces.
Look here below for some images

It’s all for now.

Listening to Leonard Cohen right now.


Posted in **News**, Posters with tags , on March 8, 2011 by malleus

I’m late on everything in these days.
I’m late on waking up (no, it’s not true… well, I’m always late but I’ve been early riser these last days…).
I’m late in eating (no, again it’s not true, I’m eating like a piranha, a 3d one).
So, I’m late at work (no, apparently I’m quite good in the last days, lots to do, so I feel really taken by the last projects).
Damn… what the hell. I’m mentally late (and here I can hear You saying nooooo, not true… or not?)
Mmmmhhh… I’m late in writing on the blog (well, not so much to be honest, maybe I should write less… and here again I can hear Your nooooo)
Ok, there’ll be something I’m late …
I’ll think about it and I’ll tell You.

In the meantime here are some shots of the  second poster for the upcoming OvO new album.
They’ll be available on the 20th of March at the Supernatural Cat night in Ravenna.
Here in Italy, sure.
They’re one last color left and we’ll do it tomorrow.
As You can see Lu is quite strong in cleaning screens, she’s a little possessed by the water gun (is this the right name or is it the weapon of some super hero?)

The result was very good, tough

These posters are a very short run (about 80), so it’s been a quick thing to print them.

Second color is a new red we’ve just bought.
It’s brilliant, very very nice.

Ok, please, wait till tomorrow for seeing the last color.
And we’ve also printed the films for the upcoming poster for “Kyuss lives!”, they’ll play live here in Italy and they’ll have them in their merch.
Then they’ll be available on our webstore too.
We won’t be at the show, we’ll be in Germany cause the day after we’ll start our tour with Ufomammut and Malleus.
But I don’t feel so sad.
I saw Kyuss in 1994.

Now I remember!
It’s getting late.
Gotta go!

Just watched “I saw the devil
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