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The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion

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Every time Jon Spencer keeps in touch with us for a poster we feel like we’ve to set our minds on a cool thing to come.
A lot of different inputs come to us from him and there’s a lot of brainstorming around ideas for the poster to realize.
We’ve just finished the printing of the upcoming European tour of JSBX that will start in a few days (check HERE) and we’re very happy about the result.
The inspiration came from a movie of 1971, “Blood from the Mummy’s tomb” featuring the wonderful Valerie Leon.
Then Jon suggested to create a sort of “extraterrestrial touch” to the idea around it mixing elements of the past with a sarcophagus  in a Giger style.
So, we worked hard on the final image for what will be “Blood from the ancient ones” tour.
We already talked about the printing process, one color was missing, so let’s go with it.


Last color has been a very dark brown, we wanted something warm but not black to give more prominence to the metallic inks we used.




And thanks to a lot of color overlays we had a lot of chromatic solutions.


And details, lots of things to discover in the sarcophagus and print.


There are also 4 different inscriptions for the name of the band.
The first 2 are on the right side of the poster.
One is “The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion” on the wall, like an engraving at the top of the wall.
Then, the hieroglyphics behind the tour name (Blood of the ancient ones) are, again, the name of the band.
Read them vertically and You’ll see.



If You look at the Sarcophagus You’ll see JSBX at the bottom of it.


And last one is very hidden in the golden belt of the Queen


And this is the final look of the print.
It’s a limited edition of 135 pieces.
100 copies will be on sale at the merch table of JSBX during their European tour.
20 copies about will be on our webstore once the tour will be over, after the 29th of may.




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We have a winner!
We’re happy to announce Dustin won the VAMP giveaway.
He’s been the first one in guessing right the title of the movie we’re working at.
I know I told it was going to work with the most funny comment hitting the title, but I’m sorry… there were not amusing ones with the right title.
I must say that the one I preferred came from Italy, from Ver Eversum (and check them!)
So, congratulations to Dustin.
And the title is “La Belle et la Bête”.
We’ll tell You more about this project very soon!

We’ve decided that we really like this giveaway thing.
We like to see You partecipating to our blog and life.
So, let’s go with another one.
This is a little more “difficult” and selective, sorry.
But we’re totally curious to see Your malleus inspired tattoos.
So, send us Your tattoos (in the comments, with a link or just via email to candies[at] and we’ll pick te one we like the most.
And the winner will receive the Melvins Lite print:


You’ve one week to send the tattoos!

In the meantime, if You like our last posters (JSBX and MONO), just check our webstore and grab one!
You can find Jon Spencer Blues Explosion live in Torino HERE and Mono European Tour variant HERE




Watched Silver Linings Playbook.
Very very very nice.


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How many comments we’re receiving.
It’s cool, very happy.
But You need to work more on the “laughing part” :-)
Anyway, You’ve time till the end of the week to think about the movie poster we’re working at, so… write!

In the meantime, here we are for showing You some pics of the new poster we’ve realized for the European tour of our friends at Jon Spencer Blues Explosion.
As I told You, Jon kept in touch with the idea of having a Schiele woman with a sci-fi touch.
So, we worked on it and this is the result!
After the first 2 colors, red and green, we worked on the third one, a metallic gold.
It had to cover the signs leaving them visible and we made it.




This new raw paper we’re using lately is wonderful and colors pop up of it.
Then we printed a white ink.
It had to give a really Schiele touch, if You watch his paintings, You’ll find a white outline that is quite a trademark.
And it helps the image to come out from the paper.



The fifth color has been black, to define the image and create the final design.


We’re very happy, we totally dig the idea of this poster.
We think it’s a very ironic style, we thought about Schiele on a alien spaceship working on a portrait of a woman (a kidnapped one?)…
Tentacles, aliens, golden woman in a secessionist style!




And the final shape of the print


And the Jpeg


Nice, uh?

Watched this.
Very cool

Once a week…

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…I try to write on the blog…
I’d like to make it more frquently but You know, sometimes we’re busy, sometimes I’m lazy, sometimes I like to spend my days playing with my friends and some other times I like to ride my bike.
So sometimes I’m pretty tired in the night to write.
And we’re really working a lot in these weeks.
We’ve just Mono, then a new Jon Spencer Blues Explosion (talking about this below), the last print for the Argento serie, another Movie poster to be announced soon, cover arts (ASG for Relapse and Zolle fr Supernatural Cat), the next Asymmetry festival artwork and then other gigposters coming in the next months…
Moreover we’ve bought a new vacuum cleaner (what a super cool name!) today and it’s been a really tough day cleaning the studio… You cannot even imagine!
But it’s ok, things are good, and like grandmothers always say: when you’ve got your health, you’ve got everything…

So, about the upcoming Jon Spencer Blues Explosion print.
We’ve just realized a run of 200 pieces and we shipped 150 to the band for their european tour starting today in Spain.
Looking forward to meet Jon in Italy, always cool to see them live.
And the last print has been a good challenge.
Jon loves the art of Egon Schiele.
Well… who didn’t?
I remember years ago, Lu and me were in Austria in Tulln, the home town of Egon Schiele, it was a commemorative exibithion and wow! We saw almost all the paintings, drawings and art of the genius. Wonderful.
Just to tell You we love Egon Schiele a lot.
Jon wanted something inspired by him but also by Sci-fi movies such as “The green slime” or “Ufo”.
So we imagined if Egon Schiele was addicted to these things too.
And it’s been fun to work on the new JSBX poster.
And You’ll see, in the next days what we mean.

It’s a 5 colors print on raw paper.
First ink has been a red one.


These ones below are signs people kidnapped by aliens declared to remember.


And second color is a metallic green ink.
A very slimy one:-)



So, I guess You can see something already!
Tomorrow we’ll show You more, don’t worry.
And by the way… we’ve decided from the next posts we’ll start a regular contest giveaway.
So, if You like what we do, if You’d love to have some of our crap or You just have time to waste and You like to read useful things… stay tuned


Jon Spencer Blues Explosion

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We really love to work with Jon Spencer.
Lots of bands just ask for posters, we realize a drawing, we move on the printing and it’s done.
With Jon it’s different cause something different has grown during the years.
We started in 2005 with this poster here below.

It was for a Blues Explosion gig in Torino.
We thought about a woman, a skull in her eye and the band caged in her mouth.
It came out pretty cool.
It was one of the first prints to spread our name out.
During the year we did lots of prints with Jon and the great thing has always been the way He likes to be a part of the process, giving suggestions, visions and helping out till the final shape comes out.
When we started in working on the last  poster for the JSBX european tour coming in a few days, we wanted to have a bond with the one we did in 2010, the one with the mugshot.

But the result of the design was not good, so we started in thinking on something different, something that was able to bond the first print and the last ones.
And we took the idea of the cage, the prison, the blood, the european atmosphere and comics, rock’n’roll and we came out with one of our favourite posters of the last period.

Let’s go.

It’s a 4 color poster on cream paper.
150 copies will go on tour with the band and we’re printed a run of 41 copies more (subscribers will be totally happy this year, I think!).
So, the total run is 191 pieces.
First color is a red, a very dramatic red.

As You can imagine, we’re dealing with a woman’s face…

Then gold came as second color.

What we totally love of this poster is how it came out.
We did a large use of halftones, points points points.
Like the seventies comics, remember?

Blue came next

And then black.
As You can see there are lot of things coming back, like the skull eye (Jon suggested and we were totally into it), the blood tear, the prisoner (is it a monster? a lover? a human? who is he/she?), the heart in the cage and if You look at the print, even if it has a first “easy impact”, You’ll find a lot of things.
And we love the inscription in German (first time we use german language!).

And this is how it looks like

Cool, isn’t it?

See You on the road!


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I’m very happy today cause it seems Italians are standing to fight against the slumber that has been prompt by years of  bad government.
Lots of people is voting a referendum  against nuclear power, against water privatization and for stopping the untouchability of politicians that are ruling free from judgement (to make it simple…).
It’s good, I hope people is voting the right thing and that we’ll have the quorum to show we’re alive and fighting again. Hoping it’ll be a sign.

In the meantime we’re moving on with the “Divine Eye” print.
One color is missing, it’s a black and it’ll be done tomorrow.

Moreover, if You’re interested, we’ve our latest prints on sale on our webstore right now.
We have the Art prints of MONO european tour, 101 only.
And here below You can see some other shots of how they look like.

Then we have 30 copies of the JSBX tour poster.

And finally the Heavy in Harleem prints.

Listening to US Xmas right now

JSBX: the sound of the future is here again!

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When Jon Spencer sent me this sentence for the European tour poster we were working at, I thought it was amazing.
The sound of the future is here again!
It came out natural to work on something involving space, aliens, russian propaganda, flying saucers (Jon asked for the one int he poster to recall their 1st single!).
So, yesterday we stopped with the red color.
Today we finished the printing process, first came silver.

Then we worked out lights printing a white color on top of all

And then, Black for the details

We had a good amount of inspiration from the helmets of the famous cosmonaut Gagarin.
Have You ever read his story?
Damn, he was  the first man to fly around Earth and then he died on a plane crash…

Anyway, this is the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion Tour poster.
It’s a limited edition print of 145 pieces, You’ll find 102 pieces during the JSBX tour starting from this Thursday and You can check all the dates here on the band’s website.

We’ll have the remaining on sale after the tour on our webstore.

Watched this movie, it was quite disturbing

Heavy in Harleem

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Here is a better pic of the finished poster we did for Patronaat, a venue in Holland.
They’re working on this season of gigs and they printed a wall poster first, then we’ve worked out a run of 145 pieces in handmade silkscreen.

The gigs will be Mastodon, Entombed (damn, it’s already been!), Aura Noir, Amplifier and Unsane. A great selection.

And today we’ve started the tour poster for Jon Spencer a friend coming back to Europe with the Blues Explosion.
This will be a print inspired by the  Russian propaganda period, let’s see if You can see what’ll be on it!

First color is a blue and second, as You can see…, a red

Three colors left, so let’s stay tuned!

Listening to Plastic Ono Band by Lennon.
Great album


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Well, probably “tales” should sound better.
Anyway, sometimes You think about something You’d like to develop in the way You are able to do it coming alive.
Let’s say that there’s people writing books, people making movies, people working on comics, or music, or other kind of stuff.
We do posters, we put on paper all the stories we see in our minds.
Sometimes they’re crazy stories, sometimes they’re beautiful ones, sometimes they’re normal and easy things.
But everytime we’ve something different coming in our minds.
And it’s funny when You find out You’re not the only one having such “dreams”.
For example now we’re printing the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion print.
Well, to be honest we’ve finished it today, but we’ll show You only a part of it for today.
You know, I’m such a bastard…
Do You remember the poster we did for Blues Explosion years ago?
Check here.
Well, we imagined this giant woman eating the 3 guys of the band.
But it could be that the band was living in the woman too…
So, look carefully at our prints, there are different ways of looking at them.
And now, working on the tour poster for JSBE was another possibility to think about something to continue the first poster.
On some way… thinking the girl has been jailed.
But it’s better to pay attention to a woman that could eat men… she could be evil :-)

We’ve printed the first colour (a silver/blu) on grey paper.
Not cardboard,  it’s a very very fine grey paper.

We’ve worked on a “ruined” background, the idea is the one of a mugshot as You probably have understood.
But we wanted to give the idea of something “found after time”.

The second colour is a red.
The thumb is not printed… and it’s not included in the buying of the poster…

There’s this red that reminds me of something… maybe blood?

Well, check where is the blood and You’ll understand more about the poster.
You’ve time till tomorrow when we’ll show You the third and last colour: the black.

And it’ll be an heavy day packing stuff for the exibithion at MEI…

Listening to Death Breath right now

Happiness is a warm gun

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I won’t tell You the reason for a long time but I feel really happy right now and I want to share my feeling with You, cause it’s cool to see that everyday there’s more people reading our blog and checking for our stuff, so I want You to know it’s a cool evening.
A pity the aliens will arrive tomorrow to destroy Earth… well, so some catastrophist is saying… :-)
Well, we got a lot of secret things we’ll announce little by little in the next weeks, just stay tuned cause these things will make us happy and we hope they’ll make You feeling the same.

Here’s a new image of the MEI poster, it’s the jpeg we did for checking the colours.

They’re ready to be signed and numbered for a run of 150 pieces.
They look very very cool.

Today we’ve burnt the first screen for the upcoming Jon Spencer Blues Explosion poster we’re gonna print in the next days.
Here’s some shots

We’re curious to see how this print will come out.
And You?

Listening to Master Musicians of Bukkake
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