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It’s almost a week we’re on the road with Ufomammut (and Malleus of course) and time has taken a different length.
It strange how long the days  seem to get longer and how we feel to be out of Town since ages…
But anyway, it’s very cool.

Yesterday we’ve been in Belgium, in Leuven and there’s been a great Malleus exhibition at Het Depot, lots of prints and so many people!
Our friends at Orange Factory worked on it and it came out fantastic.
I took a few (awful) pics… sorry..





Then, before leaving we’ve worked on a poster for a show that will take place on the 19th of October  in Los Angeles, at Century Guild Gallery.
It’s another exhibition of artworks celebrating the legendary theater of terror and it’s called “Grand Guignol – Thanatos”.
We realized a 3 colors handmade silkscreen, limited edition of 138 pieces.
First ink has been a metallic silver, we had a lot of names (from Klimt to Mucha to Malleus…) and we’ve incorporated them in the wings of the Goad of Death.


Then a gold ink came second.




And finally a red ink to make the print totally dramatic!







We also realized a very limited artist print (called simply Thanatos) of 40 pieces about (follow us on facebook or twitter for having better infos… I’m on the road and my memory is lost…).
We changed the design, worked on a complete pair of wings and changed the red ink into a copper metallic one.
Also the paper is a canvas like one!








It’s all for now.
More infos about Thanatos and the regular version will come in the next days!
And see You on the road!!!


Grand Guignol

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In the last days we’ve worked a lot on the Grand Guignol stuff.
We’re trying to do our best cause we’re very happy with the design we came out and I must say that the new poster we’re working at is even better.
It’s a good period for our pencils:-)

Anyway, anyway.
Let’s unveil the last things missing about the Grand Guignol serie.
I don’t wanna bore You repeating the same jingle of the last threads… so, I’ll try to be nice explaining with new words.
As You know we’ve done a poster.
No, it’s not good.
Let’s start again.
As You know we’re taking part to an exhibition about Grand Guignol on the 23rd of October in Chicago, at Century Guild Gallery.
We’ve realized a poster for this show, it’ll be a run of 180 pieces and we’ll only have 30 copies available.
Then we’ve worked (and still working) on other 2 versions.
One is an AP of 80 pieces (and we’ll have 30 available).
It’ll look like that, see here below:

We’ve also decided to print a bigger version on canvas.
It’ll be a cm 100 x 70 painting.
And it’s coming out very very cool.
Here below You’ll see some pics of how it’s coming out till today.
First we painted the canvas black (I see a white canvas and I want it painted black…)
Then we did a dark silver and a red colour.
White is missing, tomorrow…

I’ve to admit that these pics of the red colours are pretty nice, cool effect…
While we’ll print the white, please, prepare Yourself for the next poster.
It’ll be for Supersonic Festival, in Birmingham.
And it’ll be super rad!

Listening to the Secret

** is for Grand Guignol

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Oh yeah!
Finally it’s unveiled.
I know some of You were thinking that ** was for “spaghetti”, or for “mustaches”, or for TAC.
But ** is for Grand Guignol.
Hey, don’t feel upset. I know You were thinking ** was for pancakes, but it’s not.
As You know, we’ve started the printing process of the first part of our next work (yes, it’s always the same thing… I know… but this time it’ll be completed!)
It’ll be for an exhibition in the USA at the end of October (on the 23rd) at Century Guild gallery.
It’ll be in Chicago, USA, it’ll be about Grand Guignol (I know, I told it before…), there’ll be great artists like Gail Potocki, or Marilyn Manson, or Herr Absinthe, and many many more.We’ve just printed the poster for the show (that will also be the cover for the catalog), then a very limited ** and a bigger version of the design on **.

As You can see 2 things are still missing…
You can read more here:

And here are some pics of the poster.
More details coming soon

While F***ing Gamboa was seeing pinholes in the images I posted yesterday… we were thinking more at the idea of a apparently Sapphic kiss, but if You look closer You’ll see there are not 2 women. There’s only one in a blood stain.
Isn’t it cool?
Sorry, I like this poster very much… :-)

And please, remember that in some hours, the Melvins posters will be available on our website!

Listening to William Elliot Whitmore right now
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