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I wanted to post it yesterday but we had a dinner in space with Morkobot.
So, now it’s time to take a look at our last poster.
It’s a 5 colors print on heavy cream paper, limited edition of 140 pieces.
It’ll be on sale at Roadburn and then once we’ll be back.
It looks really gorgeous and we’re very happy with it.
So, check it out and let us know if we’ve been good guys.

The 4th color was a red.
We’ve this new red that is better then ever.

This is the angel turning Eve out of Eden.
We were discussing last day with our master EGI (the guy who learnt us the silkscreen techniques) that, instead of this punishment, probably God could have more success on Mankind sending Eve to pay a fine at the postal office.
It’s one of the stressful things  ever, so I’m pretty sure that, under the threaten of a second fine to pay at the postal office she could surely postpone her interest to knowledge…

Anyway, silly things :-)

This print is rad, we’ve played with different colors and layers.
Did You understand I’m very happy with it?
Ok, now the last color.

The name of the band.
You should know them by now…

I’m pretty sure You know them too.

Knowledge and a nice leg, a difficult pair sometimes…

Angels and Eve. Another difficult pair.

And the final poster.
See You at Roadburn.
Leaving tomorrow, we’ll be there on saturday, at Midi Theatre, in Tilburg.


Listening to Hank III right now.

Ufomammut’s new shirts

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Mike at Relapse has just written us cause the brand new Ufomammut’ shirts are available on the Relapse records webstore.
They look gorgeous and I hope You’ll like them too.
Check them here and place Your order!
They look like the one below!

Cool, isn’t it?

Listening to Endless Boogie “Full House Head” right now.


Posted in **News**, Art Prints, Music, Posters with tags , on May 3, 2010 by malleus

There’s a lot of new stuff on sale on our webstore.
As promised we’ve put the last posters (Asymmetry festival and Ufomammut) and “Eve”, “There” and “Asimmetria” Art Prints.
Moreover there’s the painting we’ve realized called EVE.
Incoming Cerebral Overdrive will be on sale after the tour.
The gang of I.C.O. came today to visit us, it’s been great to meet them, really cool guys.
We wish them all the luck for their European tour.
Check the dates on their website and if You’ve a chance go and see them live, they’re amazing.

In these days we’re working on shipments for EVE preorders, we’ve done the first ones today and we’re gonna ship the others in the next days.
So expect to receive the records very soon!
Pre-order for the records will finish on 5th of may, so if You’d like to save some money for the limited edition of the new Ufomammut… hurry up!

Check for I.C.O.!

A lot more

Posted in Art Prints with tags , on April 29, 2010 by malleus

There’s a lot more coming.
It’ll be cool.
This is a very small preview…
Later we’ll tell You more :-)

Listening to a really buzzy noise here in the new studio, while folding Eve Limited editions…


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The day has come.
You can pre order the new Ufomammut record HERE!

Prototypes and visions

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We’ve it, finally, after hours, days, weeks and months of thinking and working, we have it.
The prototype of how the limited edition of Eve by Ufomammut will look like, is done.
A pity I’m one of the worst photographer around, but I hope You’ll understand what You’ll see.
I’ll try to make better pics with the final result…
First of all we’re very happy as Supernatural Cat (that is our record label) about the work we’ve done with this record.
Lu has finished yesterday the dvd with the visuals for Eve, cause this limited edition will be a 180 gr vinyl with cd and the entire song on video.
We’re totally excited about it.
There’ll be 400 copies on black  and 100 on transparent vinyl and the printing colours will be different too.
All of them are handprinted and they’ll be hand numbered cause we like to suffer a lot:-)
Anyway, let’s go with the pics:

This is the cover, printed with blu iridescent ink on heavy black paper.
What You see is an hole and behind there’s a silver paper holding the vinyl envelope.

Opening the cover You’ll find cd and dvd (they’re not the final ones, sorry).
Then open it again and You’ll find the envelope with the vinyl

The inside is printed and here below there’s a pic of how it looks like

Credits and notes on the inside of the silver stripe.
And it’s closed like below:

Once closed, You’ll see this on the back

Is it good? Are You thrilled like we are?
The limited edition will be on pre-order from next monday on Supernatural Cat website, but I’ll tell You again soon.

Listening to Black Breath


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We’ve finally finished to print the limited edition of EVE.
It’s been an hard work but we’re very happy.
Hope they’ll be folded and cut right now.
Immediately after Easter…well, lately it seems here it’s only an holiday known for eating we should call it Eater… and think about those poor lambs… :-(
Anyway, we’ll finish the records in the next days and we’ll put them on pre-order soon.
So, stay tuned, please.

And Lu is dancing, she’s happy it’s all done…:-)

We’ve watched “Porco Rosso” by Miyazaki, a movie from 1992, wonderful story!
I suggest You all to check it out for it and bring one copy in Your collection.

Listening to some old Rock’n’roll again
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