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Hello and welcome to the last day of this 2013.
I’m a little bit sad, cause, like every year going to an end, it brings with it a lot of memories.
I must say it’s been a good year for us, we’ve been pretty busy, we’ve been around a lot and we’ve create some good prints we’re very proud of.
Moreover, the first poster we realized this year (Inferno of the Dario Argento’ serie) is in the best 50 unofficial movie posters of the year.
Check here!
Very happy about it.
So, we thought it’s been cool to have all the prints we did this year on this post.
As we said, 2013 started with the Dario Argento poster serie.



Then we realized an Art Print for “Weapon of choice” poster show.
It’s been called Vamp and the variant “Theda”.



Then the tour poster for the japanese band MONO


and its variant.


Jon Spencer Blues Explosion European tour


and “The Beauty and the Beast” of Jean Cocteau movie poster


Swans in Milano (great gig, by the way!)


and the last Argento print: Suspiria.



Then Asymmetry festival in Poland,


Mudhoney and its variant in Berlin (and what a pity the Festsaal burned down some weeks later)



Our friend Rafa and Jason of Black Cobra


Solo Macello Festival in Milano


Dinosaur junior


And Daphne, an AP from it.


Neurosis and Ufomammut in Milano (great to meet our friends in Italy!)


And Ufomammut GOAT/MAMMOTH print for the Magickal Mastery tour in Europe



Monster Magnet at Patronaat in Holland


Melvins at Salt Lake City


Gypsy Queen, very colorful print.


Century Guild presents Grand Guignol THANATOS


And its variant


QOTSA in Milano


This one is not a print but we’re very happy we’ve been of some help to focus some attention helping out Greenpeace for the liberation of the 30 guys jailed by Russia for fighting against pollution…

freethearctic 30

The first 4 line arts of our career :-)


High on fire in Calgary


And last, a 12 colors Art print called Flora, to end this year.


Thanks to all of You for Your great support this year and see You very soon in 2014 with new projects and prints!
Rock on, have a great new year!

Watched Rush, very very very cool.


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Finally we’re here to show You the final design of Inferno, the second to last print of the Dario Argento poster serie we’ve worked at with the amazing Dark City Gallery.
It’ll be available starting from the 11th of January 2013 on DCG website.
So, be ready for it.
As always we worked on a regular version and on a variant edition.


One screen and a lot of black ink.


A great result, tough.
Lots of details and lines for this print.



And on silver paper for the variant



Then we hand colored the red snake (the key chain) with red glitter ink.
A long work, but the final result is very nice.



And the regular version looks like this:


While the variant is like this:


Hope You’ll like it.
We do, totally.
Very happy about the colors, the paper, the printing, everything came out cool in this print.
And now, only one is left and it’ll come very soon.

Beside from this, we’re working at a print for the art show in LA called “Weapon of Choice”.
It’ll start on the 11th of january (again!) at 11527 Pico Blvd in LA.
It’s been thought and done by Hero Complex Gallery and You can find more infos HERE

For now, I’ll only tell You that we’ve worked around a character whose powerful weapon was in the eyes, in the face and in what came out of her aura.
Curious? Wait till tomorrow and You’ll see more.

And I’d like to close this long post with a great Thank You to our friends Emily and Gaspard from Paris.
They’re the 2 guys behind the poster art collective called “Arrache-toi un oeil“.
They invited us to join a show in paris on last december, and it’s been a success.
Check on their website above, cause they are working at more exibithions!



Good night. Sleep well.

Watched nothing tonight.
I’m waiting for Django!

More colors to make it cool

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Nice title, isn’t it?
You could spend Your time playing around it with double entendres…
But it refers to the 2 colors I’m gonna show You now, a gold and a white.
They both are on the upcoming Inferno print that will be out very soon via Dark City gallery.
As You know the prints will be out on a raw blue paper and on a silver metallic one.


We printed gold on red to have a third color.
A metallic orange came out in some parts of the print on the regular version of Inferno.

Then we printed a less saturated gold for the variant edition and we obtained a metallic red in the overlay.


This is what we had



And these are pictures of the entire size of the paper.



Then we worked on a “dirty” white.



And it came out supercool!
Here below You can see the difference between regular and variant edition.


One color is missing and then we did some manual touches.
Stay tuned for more!
Watched Frankenweenie and totally enjoyed it!


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We did it. We survived the apocalypse and we landed in a new year.
Honestly I don’t understand all the people doing a party and spreading happiness around with fireworks and such… at the end every year we add to our count is something making us growing older.
So, we should be totally sad.
C’mon. At my 3 let’s cry!
One… Two…
No, no… ok. I was not serious.
Well… I was but it’s ok.
At least it seems that it’s no mre common to throw old stuff from the window at the NYE.
Once it was… ahaha… can You imagine?
Walking in the street and hit by a toilette?

This is not a good starting for the first post of the year.
But what’s coming next will make You happy.
Or at least a part of You.
One of You, c’mon… at least one, please.
We’re here to announce the new Dario Argento poster.
We shipped the finished prints to Dark City Gallery today.
So they’ll be ready very soon.
As some of You will know, we’re talking about INFERNO.
And we took inspiration from this scene of the movie:

So, once we saw it, we took our pencils and paper and we started in working on it.
Then we inked it, we worked at the screens and we started the magical process of preparing the screens.


Then we took red ink and paper (raw blue one for the regular and silver metallic for the variant) and we started in printing.



And this is what came out first.



If You want to see more, just follow this adorable blog.
Have a great 2013!

Watching some italian movies lately.
Tonight “Dramma della Gelosia” by Scola.
With the great Monica Vitti.

Four Flies on Grey Velvet

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While listening to Clutch and packing stuff for the upcoming european tour with our band Ufomammut (and our friend ICO) coming in about ten days, we’re printing the next Argento poster (still a secret) and we’re posting the pictures of the last one “4 mosche di velluto grigio” aka “4 flies on grey velvet” that will go on sale on on Friday 21st September at 17:00 GMT (UK time) at Dark City Gallery webstore.


We should call these pics something like “scenes from a printing process”…



This one above is the variant, printed on silver metallic paper and with red glitter.



And here bloew some pics directly from Dark City Gallery!


The regular version.


The Variant


The framed.

Ok, time to go now.
Talk soon.
Stay tuned, ok?


Watched “Den brysomme mannen” (The bothersome man).
Very cool!


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I’ve just finished to read the new Lansdale book.
I liked it, sure.
But I still prefer Leather Maiden.
Then I’m listening to Evangelista right now, “In animal tongue”.
It’s making me really depress, I like it a lot, but I’m feeling sad…
Moreover we’re printing tons of tees for the upcoming Ufomammut tour.
We’ll leave town in a couple of weeks, looking forward to meet a lot of You guys on the road.
By the way, today it’s the release date of “ORO Opus Alter”, the second part of the new album.
You can surely buy it here or there.

Let’s talk about important things.
At the end of this week, Dark City Gallery will put on sale the new Argento poster.
As You probably know, it’s “4 mosche di velluto grigio” aka “4 flies on grey velvet”.
And we’ll start the printing process of the new one this week, so prepare Yourself cause more will come soon!


As usual, we worked on a regular and on a variant version.
Regular is on cream paper and variant is on silver one.
Run is 175 and 75 copies.
First color is a silver/beige metallic.
Beige? WTF…

Then a real silver…:-)
Can You see the difference between the 2 colors, right?


Then we did a red.
And tomorrow I’ll be back with the final colors.



More soon!

Watched Another Earth tonight.
Very very cool!


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So… it’s June again.
Summer is almost here and, just like when we meet someone on the elevator, let’s talk about the weather.
It’s raining, but there’s the sun.
And earthquakes are shaking Emilia, not so far from here.
Lots of people have lost their homes, their works, everything.
And summer is coming.
Not a good year this 2012, isn’t it?
And the end of the World in december is not making things looking better…
Anyway, this post has not started very good… ahaha

Let’s talk about something else.
We met our friend Chuck from SF a few days ago, it’s been nice, we spent some time together, it’s been fun.
He’s doing some shows here in Italy. Good.
Then I’ve taken a picture of my superdiabolical motorbike.
Very cool (I know, this has nothing to do with all the things I was writing about, but I wanted to share this with You!)

I had to stop and take a picture… ahhhh the number of the superbeast!

Ok, please, forget this…
We’re mixing colors in these days, preparing our squeeges for the next posters coming.
We’ve started the new Argento.
And we’ve Primus on the horizon.
But, let’s talk about Argento.

As You can see above there are a few option (wonder if You’ll find the fake movie… ahahah)
Let’s go with the poll.
You can win.
What You can win?
Choose below

More tomorrow, as soon as You’ll have some good answers and You’ll discover the movie, we’ll move on with the pics!

Listening to the Secret right now.
Super cool band. Hope to play with them sometimes soon!
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