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We spent the last weeks recording the new Ufomammut’s album.
Sorry if we disappeared from here.
We’re back on Malleus, with a lot of ideas and stuff to realize.
First of all we’ve just finished the printing of another handmade silkscreen poster in collaboration with Century Guild gallery.
It’s the second work dedicated to a Clive Barker’s movie and this time, after Jacqueline Ess (in pre-production now), we’ve put our hands on the great “Nightbreed”, taken from the novel Cabal.
It’s a hell of a movie, really a great story and superb direction.
Anyway, we’ve been really inspired by it and we came out with a very iconic design.
It’s a 3 color poster representing the world of Midian in its essence, behind a graveyard, hidden in the underground.
The special limited edition of only 139 pieces has been created for Seraphim Films and Century Guild.
One hundred copies will be available from the 28th of October at, while we’ll have 30 pieces on our webstore for the European fans.
But now, let’s go with some pics!



We started with a red ink.
Here below You can see the first screen.




Then a metallic iridescent blu came after.
You can see the graveyard coming out.



Then we used a white to draw stars and moon in the sky.



And here below, You can see the final design of the poster, printed on black heavy paper.



Hope You like it.
And can You see something familiar?



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It’s a sunny day.
It’s good cause July has been quite boring, always raining, very autumn like weather.
Damn… I talking about weather, like we’re in an elevator talking about anything just to say something…
It’d be the sun.
Cause You know, it’s sunny today, after a boring period of rainy days…
Oh God!
So, let’s go on the thing I wanted to say before I’ll start in talking about weather again and this nice sunny day, after a period of…AAAARGHHH!

Today (skipping the sunny day…) we’re very happy to announce that the 40 copies of the variant on gold paper of Jacqueline Ess will be on sale starting from today on our webstore and on the Century Guild gallery one.
They’re signed by Malleus and by Clive Barker in person.
We’ll only have 4 copies available.

variant BarkerMalleus

Moreover, we’ll also have our regular edition copies on sale.
So, hurry up and be ready cause this are very low numbers!


I know, I know… is a nice sunny day like this You’d probably prefer to go out and take some sun…
Have a nice sunny day and help me stop to talk about weather, please…

Watched “Blood ties” yesterday.
I like Clive Owen.

Jacqueline Ess

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Blown away.
We’ve been totally blown away in the last weeks by a lot of work.
It’s a very good thing, I know, I don’t complain.
Most of all, our time has been absorbed mainly by 2 big projects:
the dvd for the 15th ufomammut’s anniversary (and we’ll talk about it in the next days)
the Clive Barker’s Jacqueline Ess print we’ve realized for the Comic Con in San Diego, in collaboration with our friends of Century Guild Gallery.
As many of you know, Raven Banner is working with Jovanka Vuckovic and Lena Headey (Game of Thrones) on a film adaptation of “Jacqueline Ess: Her Will and Testament” from Clive Barker’s “Books of Blood”.
To celebrate, we’ve realized a limited edition of 145 hand-pulled silkscreens and 100 copies of these will be offered at a special SDCC-only low price of $35 at Century Guild booth #2845.


I must admit that seeing our name between Klimt and Mucha is something incredible…
Anyway… let’s take a look at the printing process and let’s see how this print looks like.


We’ve used a cream paper and the first color has been a red ink.



We had a metallic gold ink on top of it.
So we had a “brown” pattern on the dress thanks to the layering.
We created the pattern inspired by the idea of the power of jacqueline Ess, so a skull with tongue and eyes popping out.
And the circle around Jacqueline is another pattern done on the same idea.



After the skin we worked a dark brown on top for the lines and final design.




And here below You can see the design of the poster.


We gave our personal interpretation to the character of Jacqueline, a woman with the power of changing people’s body shapes, just using her mind.
She suggested us an idea of “passion”, in a sacred way, cause she’s a woman suffering for her great power.
We imagined her like a goddess, a madonna.

We’ve also worked on a variant version on gold paper, limited to only 40 copies.
Stay in touch to know more about it, cause a lot of news about it will come very soon.



A very interesting interview with Clive Barker


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It’s almost a week we’re on the road with Ufomammut (and Malleus of course) and time has taken a different length.
It strange how long the days  seem to get longer and how we feel to be out of Town since ages…
But anyway, it’s very cool.

Yesterday we’ve been in Belgium, in Leuven and there’s been a great Malleus exhibition at Het Depot, lots of prints and so many people!
Our friends at Orange Factory worked on it and it came out fantastic.
I took a few (awful) pics… sorry..





Then, before leaving we’ve worked on a poster for a show that will take place on the 19th of October  in Los Angeles, at Century Guild Gallery.
It’s another exhibition of artworks celebrating the legendary theater of terror and it’s called “Grand Guignol – Thanatos”.
We realized a 3 colors handmade silkscreen, limited edition of 138 pieces.
First ink has been a metallic silver, we had a lot of names (from Klimt to Mucha to Malleus…) and we’ve incorporated them in the wings of the Goad of Death.


Then a gold ink came second.




And finally a red ink to make the print totally dramatic!







We also realized a very limited artist print (called simply Thanatos) of 40 pieces about (follow us on facebook or twitter for having better infos… I’m on the road and my memory is lost…).
We changed the design, worked on a complete pair of wings and changed the red ink into a copper metallic one.
Also the paper is a canvas like one!








It’s all for now.
More infos about Thanatos and the regular version will come in the next days!
And see You on the road!!!



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Häxan is a silent movie by Benjamin Christensen, dated 1922.
It’s about the history of witchcraft, developed in different styles and methods.
Century Guild is a wonderful gallery in Chicago and we’re totally addicted to what they do.
And it’s amazing cause they’re totally in love with what Malleus creates too.
Don’t know if You remember, we did a show with Century Guild called “Grand Guignol”.
We did this.

Now it’s time for “Grand Guignol II: Haxan – Satan + The Women who love Him”.
And we’re totally thrilled cause we’re again a part of the show, as You can see in this picture, between Austin Young, Georges de Feure, Gustav Klimt, Italian Art Nouveau master Adolfo Hohenstein, painter Gail Potocki, and sculptor Stanislav Szukalski…

I must say we’re totally honoured, being close to such masters is something we’d never ever expected.
Anyway, You can read more here, at Century Guild website.

And if You’re lucky enough to be in Chicago, don’t miss it!


** is for Grand Guignol

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Oh yeah!
Finally it’s unveiled.
I know some of You were thinking that ** was for “spaghetti”, or for “mustaches”, or for TAC.
But ** is for Grand Guignol.
Hey, don’t feel upset. I know You were thinking ** was for pancakes, but it’s not.
As You know, we’ve started the printing process of the first part of our next work (yes, it’s always the same thing… I know… but this time it’ll be completed!)
It’ll be for an exhibition in the USA at the end of October (on the 23rd) at Century Guild gallery.
It’ll be in Chicago, USA, it’ll be about Grand Guignol (I know, I told it before…), there’ll be great artists like Gail Potocki, or Marilyn Manson, or Herr Absinthe, and many many more.We’ve just printed the poster for the show (that will also be the cover for the catalog), then a very limited ** and a bigger version of the design on **.

As You can see 2 things are still missing…
You can read more here:

And here are some pics of the poster.
More details coming soon

While F***ing Gamboa was seeing pinholes in the images I posted yesterday… we were thinking more at the idea of a apparently Sapphic kiss, but if You look closer You’ll see there are not 2 women. There’s only one in a blood stain.
Isn’t it cool?
Sorry, I like this poster very much… :-)

And please, remember that in some hours, the Melvins posters will be available on our website!

Listening to William Elliot Whitmore right now


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Finally we’ve finished the painting part of the studio.
Everything is done, from walls and ceiling to windows, from heaters to the boxes of the rolling shutters.
Now it’ll be time to do the rest, curtains and then moving everything from one studio to the other.
We’re really happy cause the studio looks really nice and bigger, now that is “clean”.
Take a look at it:

Hey! There’s a subliminal man… :-)
And we’re phisically reduced in garbage…

Btw, I’m the one on the left…

Ok, I think I’ll rest for a while now.
And remember that from July 22 to 25, 2010 …San Diego Comic Con International is happening.
It’s the world’s largest pop-culture event held at the San Diego Convention Center, more than 2 decades in
and Malleus will be there with Century Guild gallery (in the heart of it with a booth like no other!)
Isn’t that cool?

Listening to PQ “You’ll never find us here” and I’ve just watched to “KICK ASS”.
Very very nice!

Last poster

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We’re printing the poster for “Stoned from the Underground” festival.
It’ll be the last one for some time cause we’ll have to take care of the new studio, it’s quite ready and we’ll enter in the next days to paint the walls and make it 100% work.
We’re totally excited about it and we count the hours.
So, probably, this will be the last poster we’ll print in our “old” studio.
First colour GOLD.

It’s on brown paper, a very precious one, by the way.
So, next week we’ll meet in Erfurt with the last poster.

And a week later we’ll be (not physically, but with our posters) at the San Diego Comicon at the Century Guild Gallery stable (BOOTH 2845)
Check here for more! At the bottom;-)
We’re totally happy!
More soon

Watched “The Runaways”. Very nice
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