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From Tortona in Italy one of the most imaginative and distinctive artist collectives has set out to enrich the world of rock poster art.
In this predominantly American world the works created by Poia, Lu and Urlo are immediately recognizable as they come in shades so distinctively European by capturing a spirit that can only have originated from somewhere where the fanatic wrath of the inquisition has been just as much at large as the genius of the greatest minds and where suffering lovers have ended their lives with silver daggers whilst reciting the verses of the ancient poets in their original hexameter.

Malleus is an omnivore creature. The iconography at the base of their work originates from a vast scenery including figurative arts, in particular Expressionism and Symbolism, Art Nouveau and Surrealism, Pop Art and Psychedelic Art, and also comics, photography, cinema and literature. All these ingredients blend in with the main element of their poetics; that is the female form, the primordial goddess, from whom everything comes.
Blackened art nouveau mixed with elements of surrealism and quotes from the school of expressionism glowing in its amber, resulting in an almost psychedelically overwhelming experience of visual magik.
At the centre of Malleus’ art we often find beautiful, yet mysterious women, celebrating the primordial goddess. Usually this is accentuated by occult symbolism worked into arcane textures. All of the power trio’s works are based on masterful hand-drawings and reflect the artists’ deep understanding and love for music.

Even in its own small way, Malleus represents an anachronistic and non-logical exception, in a country that seems to have put aside child dreams, creativity and cultural independence which are suffocated by a media subculture that infects every stratum of society from above.

At the end of 2002, the trio of Malleus, printing their first handmade silkscreen, take the critical step towards a walk that will make them known as one of the most remarkable realities in the Poster Art scene of today. Through the handprinted silkscreen, a simple gigposter turns into something different and particular. Every copy is unrepeatable, a pop piece made through real physical effort, on the precious papers of Italian tradition. Its layers of colours pulsate and flutter in the light like organic matter.

At the end of 2008 Malleus realized “The Hammer of God”, a book displaying the more than 150 silkscreen posters realized by the art collective for the most diverse artists and bands in the first 5 years of activity. The Hammer of God” is commented by artists, collectors and friends including Paul Grushkin and Dennis King (The Art of Rock and the Art of Modern Rock), Firehouse, David Tibet (Current 93), Jermaine Rogers, Alan Forbes, Justine Hampton, Amanda Palmer (Dresden Dolls), Al Cisneros (Om), Brant Bjork, and many more.

Malleus’ extensive catalogue of posters created to date includes works for acts such as: Amanda Palmer, Auf der Maur, Baroness, Beck, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Blues Explosion, Brant Bjork, The Chemical Brothers, The Cure, Deftones, Dinosaur Jr., The Donnas, Dresden Dolls, Eagles of Death Metal, Fantômas, Fishbone, Flaming Lips, Helmet, Iggy Pop & The Stooges, Incubus, Isis, Jovanotti, Kings of Leon, Korn, Linkin Park, Mars Volta, Melvins, Mogwai, Motorpsycho, Monster Magnet, Mark Lanegan, Mudhoney, Muse, Nine Inch Nails, The Prodigy, Robert Plant, Queen of the Stone age, Sonic Youth, Tool, Turbonegro, Ufomammut and many more…

Several Malleus’ artworks have been displayed in various collective and individual art shows, and have been included in “Art of Modern Rock”, the gig poster gospel by Paul Grushkin and Dennis King, in “Art of Modern Rock: Mini #1 A-Z” and “Art of Modern Rock: Mini #2 Poster Girls” by Dennis king, in “Swag posters” by Judith Salavetz and in “A fistful of Rock’n’Roll” by Sal Canzonieri.

Malleus also runs a record label called Supernatural Cat

Malleus is Dark Nouveau.

Check our website: www.malleusdelic.com
and feel free to keep in touch writing us at malleus[at]malleusdelic.com

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