We’re under a storm.
A storm of drawings.
Pencils, inks and squeeges have been and still will be our friends in this period.
We’ve a lot of projects going on and we’re working hard to make them happen.
Posters, illustrations, dvd covers, book covers, vinyl covers and a lot more.
Yesterday we received a few copies of the 9″ (yes, not 7″ and not 10″) of the split between Eyehategod and Psycho.
Very cool and very happy.

You can buy one HERE.
Then, I want to tell You our last silkscreen is up on our webstore right now.
It’s a poster we realized for the party of Stickman records in Bielefeld, in Germany.
the festival was yesterday, sorry I came later:-)
It’s called Stickman and friends w/ Motorpsycho, Mos Generator, Elder.
It is a limited edition of 135 copies printed with metallic colors and blacklight red on burgundy raw paper.
It’s available HERE and it looks like this:





Back soon with new stuff!
Stay tuned


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