Black is back

It’s the black friday.
And it’s on our webstore too.
Well, I should say webstores, cause we’ve a very nice discount (20%off  + a mistery print on every order) on the malleusdelic one and a 15% off on the supernaturalcat one.
So, considering it’ll last till next monday, You’ve a lot of time to grab Your favorite print or music.
One very important thing about the Malleusdelic webstore is that the Black friday code “NERO” is not working for the t-shirts cause they’re not a product we directly do.
They’re on the IfMerch webstore, in Canada.
Speaking of which…
We’ve 2 new tees coming.
They’re Jacqueline Ess and Prey.
The first one is taken from the print we did a few time ago for Clive Barker’s Jacqueline Ess.




And I must say it looks gorgeous!
You can have it going HERE.
The second one is called “PREY” and it’s taken from the print we silkscreened for the first international Pearl Jam phot exhibition in Milano, called Five Horizon.
And this one looks great too.
They’re totally great printers at IfMerch!




You can have one of these HERE.
All right!
Have a great weekend and if You’re in Firenze tomorrow, come and say hi at Cycle Club in Calenzano.
We’ll be there with our band Ufomammut and with some Malleus prints too!


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