Today, in Los Angeles, from 7 to 11 pm, on Sunset Boulevard at Iam8bit gallery, Malleus will be present at the show called Sequel with one silkscreen print.
Well, unfortunately we won’t be there ourselves, there’s an Ocean and lots of miles between our small town and LA… but we’re part of the show.


Sequel (check HERE) is an exhibition about imagination.
Jon of Iam8bit gallery contacted long time ago with this idea he had in mind about a show dedicated to movies that had never got a sequel. The idea was to think about one.
It was a very cool and quite difficult thing to do.
We didn’t want to pick up a world famous movie, some Kubrick, Tarantino or other masters seemed too easy.
So we decided to move on with an italian movie doing a Fellini sequel.
First of all cause we wanted to celebrate an italian master and we choose  “Giulietta degli spiriti” that is an incredible piece of art.
If You like Jodorowsky or Lynch, I suggest to search for it cause You’ll be shocked how outstanding and modern and visionary this Fellini movie is.
We thought about a “second act (atto secondo)” for it, cause the end of the movie is quite open and leaves different possible interpretations.
The first color has been a white ink.





Then after a gold metallic ink, we moved on with a pink and dark silver.
Fifth color is a black.

Last one, the sixth ink, has been a red.




We imagined the sequel of the movie as a coming back of the main character to her dreams and illusions.
The wild devilish and the moral religious sides of Giulietta that in the movie bring her to a personal conflict, are back again in “our” sequel and they’re holding each other in this print, like she’ll have to fight with her mind again.

You can check more about this movie, if You don’t know it on IMDB.
Enjoy this print and if You want to buy it, but You can’t make it to the show, after opening night, all remaining art will be posted online for WORLDWIDE purchase on Friday, November 14 @
It’ll be available on our webstore from the 24th of November.

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