Red Night

We spent the last weeks working on recording and mixing stuff for Ufomammut.
But, even if we’ve been busy with these projects, we’re working on a lot of stuff to end this year with some great posters.
The first one we’d like to show You today is called Red Night.
It’s a very very limited edition of only 50 copies about (we’re numbering tomorrow, then we’ll be more precise…) on a glittered kraft paper.
We thought about it for the Halloween period… it’s a very dark image we realized for a book cover last year.
We loved it so much we decided it was the right time to work on it as a print, and here we are!
It’s a 4 colors poster and the first ink has been a metallic light brown.


Thenw e put a gold



Third color has been a red ink to create a dramatic feeling to the sky.



And finally all the details went into a black ink.
Clouds and trees…



… a mysterious couple…




… and something happened for sure !





They walk away from something in the snow while a bat is opening its eyes smiling behind them!



And here You can see the entire design.


Hope You’ll like it like we do.
Prints will be on sale tomorrow on our webstore!
Have a great weekend and prepare for more

Watched “In order of disappearance”, norwegian action/comedy movie.
Very nice!

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