King Buzzo

We’ve just finished the printing process of the poster for the acustic gig of King Buzzo (The Melvins) in Milano (well, close by), tomorrow.
During these years, we’ve always noticed that working for the Melvins was always great.
If I have to think about a band I love, the Melvins are surely on the top of the chart.
I remember when I first listen to Lysol.
Damn, it changed my life, totally.
And then, everytime we attended a Melvins show, it was a blast.
The first time we saw them it was 1994, they were opening for Nirvana.
It was a few months before the suicide of Kurt Cobain.
We were there for listen to the Melvins, and we were so excited.
It was a great gig.
So, tomorrow, back in Milano, Mr Buzz Osbourne (known as King Buzzo), will play his solo album and it’ll be great to be a part of the show with our gigposter.
Inspired by this “passion” for the Melvins, we imagined a sort of witches Sabbath dancing around a magic tree, shaped like the King Buzzo “haircut”.
If You don’t know about it, just take a look around and You’ll understand.
Anyway, let’s go with some pics.
It’s a dark poster and the first color has been a dark blu.





Then we worked on a shade from silver to a metallic pink.



Finally we printed a black ink.

04 05

And this is the final result.



We’re gonna number them tomorrow and bring them to the show.
There’ll also be an art print we’ll show You in the next days.
Both of them will be on sale next week.
We’ll have them on our webshop, from the 14th of september, together with the Mudhoney posters.
So, stay tuned!


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  1. Beautiful work.

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