Already a winner!

We already have a winner.
Mr Jim Kincaid did it and about 20 hours ago guessed just the right name of the band of our last poster: Mudhoney.
He’s been the first, so he’s won a poster.
And now it’s time to show You how the print looks like.



It’s a 4 colors handprinted silkscreen.
And we’re so happy with it.
The lights in it are gorgeous.
As You can see on the left top of the image above, there’s a bee.
The print represent the instant just before another poster we did years ago for Mudhoney.
At that time, the woman was stinging her tongue with a bee.





And here below You can see how the print looks like.




Then we worked on an art print we called “CULT”.
It’s a limited edition of about 40/45 pieces.
Again 4 colors but on a wonderful kraft iridescent glittered paper.


Both prints will be out on our webstore on the 14th of september.
So, stay tuned to know more.


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