Don’t You think it’s incredible I’m again here writing on the blog?
And moreover, I’m doing this while preparing my stuff for going to Wien.
I’m touched by such a great willpower.
I’m here to show You a few more pics of the print we’re working on cause we’re very excited about it.
It’s a very nice design and I’m sure You’ll like it.
We’re working at a regular version and then, cause we like it a lot, we’re also preparing a very limited art print.
So, today, I want to show You the paper and the first colors of it.
Paper is a rough one, light brown and gold glittered.
Colors are light blue and light purple shading one into the other.
And all together is totally cool!


After showing You these, I feel really better and I can go and finish my luggages.
So, see You tomorrow in Wien and we’ll be back next week for showing You more of this print.
And also another thing.

Watched Jodorowsky’s Dune.

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  1. Dustin Zimmerman Says:

    Love the colours, looks great so far. Nice little teaser.

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