What a boring summer it’s been.
Well, I know, it’s not already gone, but most of it passed like it was a sort of julember and then augustoctober…
It’s been really annoying.
I mean, I don’t like when it’s super warm and You melt just breathing.
But this year it’s been like leaving in a middle of a rain forest.
One day of weak sun and then rain, rain rain like Noah was here.
So, it’s been really boring.
And I’m happy we’re almost over cause we’ll have to set our minds on new works.
And it’s a cool thing.
We’re thrilled to see what’s going to be in the next weeks and months, lots to do and to create.
We’ve spent the most part of this boring summer working on a dvd project for Ufomammut.
We’ll talk about it very soon, just waiting to see it in person.
And it’ll bring lot of nice stuff.
Anyway and by the way.
If You’re in Wien this saturday, we’ll be playing at the Viper Room and we’ll have Malleus posters with us.
Come to say hi!

Then, we’re very happy to announce other 2 tees we’re realizing with our friends in Canada at IFmerch.
We’ve decided to go for a previously unrealized artwork we’ve called “Moonchild”…


and then to finally set our minds on “Kiss”, based on a design we did years ago on a gigposter for Baroness and Kylesa playing in Austria.
During the last year we’ve seen it so many times used without permission (stolen) by so many web-printer-thieves that we’ve decided to do it for real as Malleus.
When someone used for a Grateful Dead tee (without our permission)  it was really the last straw!
So, thanks to IF merch to make it for real as an official Malleus item.


And if You’ll preorder the tees, You’ll have a better price now.
So, go and check them HERE!

And today we’ve started the printing process for a new poster.
Here’s the first screen, a shadow for a lime to a cyan color.
01 02

The regular version is on a raw paper.
Then there’ll be an art print but we’ll show it to You next week.
Sadist guys… ahaha

Ok, it’s all for now.
See You in Wien, then:-)

Watched “What Maisie Knew”.
Very very nice.

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