It’s a sunny day.
It’s good cause July has been quite boring, always raining, very autumn like weather.
Damn… I talking about weather, like we’re in an elevator talking about anything just to say something…
It’d be the sun.
Cause You know, it’s sunny today, after a boring period of rainy days…
Oh God!
So, let’s go on the thing I wanted to say before I’ll start in talking about weather again and this nice sunny day, after a period of…AAAARGHHH!

Today (skipping the sunny day…) we’re very happy to announce that the 40 copies of the variant on gold paper of Jacqueline Ess will be on sale starting from today on our webstore and on the Century Guild gallery one.
They’re signed by Malleus and by Clive Barker in person.
We’ll only have 4 copies available.

variant BarkerMalleus

Moreover, we’ll also have our regular edition copies on sale.
So, hurry up and be ready cause this are very low numbers!


I know, I know… is a nice sunny day like this You’d probably prefer to go out and take some sun…
Have a nice sunny day and help me stop to talk about weather, please…

Watched “Blood ties” yesterday.
I like Clive Owen.

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