Some days ago we received a nice package from Canada.
we felt immediately excited cause we knew the tees were there.
What tees?
The ones we’ve realized with IFmerch, of course.
Check them here.
I must say they’re exactly what we expected, they’re totally nice and incredibly printed.
We visited the Headquarter of Image Folie Merch last may and we spent a day in Montreal with Marc.
We understood it was going to be a great partnership and the first tees are great.
Here’re a few pics to see how cool they’re printed.





spirit spirit2


… and Spirit.
We’re already thinking about other designs, so stay tuned.
And of course, if You’ve suggestions about what You’d like to wear, just keep in touch.

We’ve also entered the world of skins and cases for Your devices.
It took centuries, but now You can customize Your smartphone, computer, tablet and whatever…
Take a look here.
We’ll add more designs in the next days, so if there’s something You like, again: keep in touch


Watched the first season of Orphan Black.
Very nice one.

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