Five Horizons

FIVE HORIZONS is a retrospective photography exhibition on Pearl Jam, authorized by the Seattle band, and it is the first ever exhibition featuring the history and evolution of the band.
It’s at Danchaus in Milano, in Italy and the event includes pictures of Artists like Matt Anker, Danny Clinch, Chris Cuffaro, Steve Gullick , Mike Leach, Karen Loria, Robert MacKenzie, Spike Mafford, Lance Mercer, Steven J. Messina, Paul Natkin, Charles Peterson, Alessio Pizzicannella.
The exhibition will be open from June 19th to July 3rd from 11 a.m to 11p. m.
You can find more infos HERE.

We’ve realized a very limited edition print for the show in Milano, only 97 copies.
We’ve been inspired by the famous cover art of TEN, the first Pearl Jam album.
As You probably know, the band members join hands to the sky.
We started from there and the idea of a sacred mountain coming out of 5 hands.
Then we’ve put into this image more details from other songs/albums and we came out with the poster You can see below.
We’ve worked on a regular edition for the show and on an artist print without inscriptions, different colors and paper too.
Let’s see them both, starting from the regular edition.


We started with a light metallic blue on a cream rough paper.


Second color has been a transparent metallic gold.
Shadows appears from the layering of the 2 colors.



The a red color on top.


Then we worked on the last colors, a dark red fading into orange.
It’s a vertical shade and it came out totally cool.




And this is how the regular print looks like.


Then we worked on an art print on a cream iridescent paper.
First colors comes from a shade, from a light metallic yellow to a green.


Then a light pale metallic silver ink went on top.


After a red, we realized the lines with a green metallic ink.




And this is how the Art Print looks like.

It’ll be an edition of about 40 pieces.
The 2 prints will go on sale tomorrow.
Hope You like them!

Watched “Children of the men”.
Great movie!

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