Living in the past…

It’s warm here.
You know, Italy, land of the sun.
Spaghetti, mandolino and black mustaches.
We live surrounded by Camels.
And scorpions… we risk our lives every day.
…going too far?

I wanted to make it epic without saying we are a little absent minded, lately…
Anyway… let’s make it simple, like people say: shit happens.
I know we’re in 2014 but we loved so much last year we are trapped into it.
No no no… the truth!

We did a little mistake in our last poster for QOTSA.
Look here below:


We put the wrong year on the QOTSA poster.
It’s just a number:-)
But it should add value to it.
You know, when the coins and stamps have the wrong date they counts a lot more.
So, if You’ve grabbed one, maybe one day You’ll be so rich You can’t even imagine!
… going to far again?


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  1. Rick_a_c Says:

    Love that Tull video :)

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