QOTSA new print

It’s holiday today here in Italy.
So we took the chance to relax a little and sleep like bears.
It’s good sometimes, especially after periods of long working and travelling.
Now it’s time to show You the new print we’ve realized for the Queens of the Stone Age gig in Roma on the 3rd of June.
It’s a 4 color handmade silkscreen printed on cream paper and limited to 208 pieces only.
We’ve also realized a variant of only 30 copies on glittered cream paper.
In the previous post we showed You the first color shade, from red to yellow ink.
Then we realized a gold ink on top.






The metallic ink went on top of the name of the band and on some details.
Then it created a sort of fuzziness all around.



Then we used a browny red to finish the poster, for the lines and details.


And surprise! It came out very very cool.
The dark red ink created a very cool intersection with the shade colors, making the poster totally popping out of the paper.
As You can see it’s a very detailed image, with tons of animals shapes coming out of the hair of this creature.
I know I know… it’s impossible, but isn’t it the greatness of poster art?
You imagine something and it comes to life!




As You can see, the eyes of the woman remind of the QOTSA logo and she wears a necklace reminding of it too.




Then, You can see there are wolves, ienas, bears, snakes, birds and lions all around her head.




Then, here below You can see the variant we’ve worked at.
Very simple, a silver ink and then the lines.





The variant doesn’t have the inscription at the bottom.
We wanted something more clear.

The poster will be on sale tomorrow in Roma at the show of the band and then on the 4th of June on our webstore.
So, stay tuned!

Watching this serie right now.
Seems interesting.

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  1. This is beyond stunning, can’t wait to get my hands on this. Will you be doing poster for their gig in Croatia maybe?

  2. preso al concerto, bello, bellissimo, belli gli animali nei capelli, bello il colore, bello l’oro, belli i Qotsa, ma lo sapete che la data a fondo poster è 2013???

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