We’re back from a weekend in Canada, in Quebec, to be more precise.
Well, we’re back since a few days but I was into a sort of Jet-lag cloud and I was not able to think that much to write silly things on the blog.
Now I’m ready to fill this page of a few nice images and thoughts.
We’ve been there for a gig of our band Ufomammut, but it’s been so great we’ve got so many inspiration that it’ll reflect a lot on future Malleus stuff.
We played at FIMAV (Festival International de Musique actuelle de Victoriaville) and it’s been rad.
To be honest, it didn’t started so good, cause one of us (guess who…) doesn’t like to fly that much.


Even if it’s nice to see out of the window You’re floating in the sky. Just don’t think about it…


After lots of hours we arrived in Canada. Our ass was squared, we were totally exhausted but the first impression was very good, super nice people and great bridges. Then we felt almost asleep…


…and we dreamt about big trucks till we arrived in Victoriaville, small town close to Montreal (well… close is not the right word, but yes, not so far)


After a morning spent fighting against jet-lag and headaches we prepared for the show and we played at midnight (that was 6 in the morning for us…)



But it’s been soooooo cool. Great people and a totally warm crowd.
Then, after a little rest, we had a great visit to Montreal.
We met our friend Marc of Image Folie merch and he’s been our Cicero, our tourist guide!
And we saw so many things of Montreal, it’ll be pretty difficult to remember them all.
We started from the Canadian Space Agency and the KTM factory, to reach the Biosphere of the 1967 Expo.


And it was not the only big ball we saw, cause we also visited a giant orange one


And it was full of orange juice! After a ride in the F1 circuit…


…we entered the main City…


…to see a long file in front of Schwartz, where people can eat the beat meat of Quebec.


And You can also decide to suicide Yourself adding some chili…


We had a pilgrimage to Saint Joseph where You can use Your knees for the steps to see the heart of the founder…


So we decided it was time to check old bridges and especially…


…to see the Mount Saint Hilaire, where the UFOs are surely hidden in the lake on top.


And this 6 fingered cat knows something about it for sure.


So we thanked Marc…


… and we went back to Victoriaville where a metal night was waiting for us.


Unfortunately, all this happiness made us so sad the day after, that we all cried before leaving for the airport.


And when we took the plane…


… we couldn’t imagine we were going to get lost in space!


I always said airplanes are dangerous… yes…


Walking by Ryan Larkin

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  1. Walking by Ryan Larkin was in nomination at the 42nd 1969 OSCAR award in the category SHORT SUBJECT (Cartoon). It’s Tough to Be a Bird – by Ward Kimball was the winner.

    But at the 77th edition (2004) , Ryan – by Chris Landreth, was honored with the award now called SHORT FILM (Animated). This one was inspired and procuded in colaboration with Ryan himself. Ryan died of cancer a few years after, in February 2007 with his unfinished project called: Spare Change .
    Ryan by Chris Landreth, National Film Board of Canada

    At 11:52, Terrasse La Cabane, Have we met there before ?

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