Alice in Chains

We’ve a new poster ready.
It’s a very limited edition of 81 pieces printed on cream paper with a variant of 51 prints on gold paper.
Size is the usual cm 50 x 70 and the band is Alice in Chains.
It’s for their gig in Syracuse on the 12th of May 2014.
We took inspiration by the title of the last album of the band “The devil put the dinosaurs here”.
We thought about a she-devil with her long hairs becoming a dinosaur skull.
Something like a hidden creation, like when You look at a numb in the sky and it takes the shape of something.
Ok, let’s look at it.
The prints are both 4 screens, but the variant one is 5 colors cause we have worked on a shade from a luminescent red to a dark on.
First the regular version.

We started with the skin pink color on a peanut coloured paper.


This way, printing a gold as second color, we had 2 different gradients and type of metallic ink.


Third colour has been a red ink.



Then, last ink has been a black one.


There are lots of lines and details in this drawing.
Here below You can see the teeth of the dinosaur coming out of the devil’s hairs.




And this is the final appeareance of the regular version.


As for the variant, we used a very nice gold paper.
We printed a very light pink for the skin, almost white.


Then a bronze metallic ink.



We worked on a shade, a vertical one, from a very intense and luminescent red to a darker one.
Very happy about the effect and deep it gave to the print.





Finally a black ink to obtain all the other lines.



And this is how the variant print looks like.


I’ve also took this incredible picture of the 2 prints side by side.


Hope You’ll like this print like we do.
It’ll be on our webstore starting from the 13th of may.
If You like it, better to stay tuned cause there won’t be a lot of copies available.
Have a good weekend!


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