Printing weekend

We’re busy like hell finishing a couple of posters for next week.
It’ll be a really heavy printing weekend, we’ve to finish the first one tomorrow and it’s a 6 colour one.
Then we’ll need to have the other one done for monday.
So, time to roll up malleus’ sleeves.
Before showing You the first colors of the first print, we want to remember You the winner of our poll.
I must tell You that we wanted to laugh a lot but probably the design of the Desert fest print was not the right one for humor.
So, we decided the best comment was the one of “Skip”
He wrote this comment:
“She represents the candle that you see always perched upon a skull in all the old horror movies. Her raised arm is the wick. Her hair is the flame.”
We found it very nice and so we decided to give this guy the price of the poll that is a Desert fest print.
All the other guys, please, don’t feel bad!
You can always take one HERE.

Now, back to the poster we’re printing.
I write this while I’m listening to “Angelene” by PJ Harvey.
Long time since the last time I listened to this beautiful song.
It was 1998… wow!
OK! Back to the poster.
We’ve put the first 2 colors on paper today.
First one is a blue and then a silver metallic.
You can already read the band of the poster.
C’mon, check the hieroglyphics!




More tomorrow.
Stay tuned

Watched “Rust and bone”.

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