Desert Fest

It’s been a very tricky period lately.
Always on the road, then once back a lot of things to do and no time to relax a little and write on our blog.
We’re drawing and packing posters and records a lot in this period.
Working on new prints (Alice in Chains and the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion among the others) and preparing the last one for our webstore.
Cause next week we’ll have ASG and Desert Fest posters ready to sell.
You already saw the first one.
Now it’s time for the second one.
It’s a 6 colors handmade silkscreen and it’s a limited edition of 145 pieces.
100 will be on sale during Desert fest in London, then about 30 copies only will go on our webstore from monday.
It’s very very sparkling with a lot of metallic inks.
Let’s go with a few pics and if You want to see more, just check on our instagram profile.

Schermata 2014-04-25 a 00.33.38

Schermata 2014-04-25 a 00.33.48



Very cool.
But now we have a question for You.
This is a give away poll and You can win one of these Desert Fest prints.
Are Your ready?


Win a Desert fest limited edition poster simply writing us a very funny answer in a comment.
You’ve time till the midnight of Sunday 27th of april.
The most hilarious one will win.
As You can see we’re in front of a dilemma: is the woman really small and the she’s on top of a human skull OR is the woman sit on a giant skull?
And why is she showing horns?
Is because she’s italian and someone passed her quickly on a car or because she’s a metal head?
Explain the situation to us, we don’t know what’s going on in the poster!
Good luck and make us laugh!!!

Watched “the Hunt”
Very nice movie.

8 Responses to “Desert Fest”

  1. Kurtis Ballard Says:

    Students in Stoner Rock Appreciation 101 at the Kalahari School of the Arts typically sit atop giant replicas of Josh Homme’s skull. The rock is loud and the soundwaves can even blow your hair back, so throwing up horns is the standard way to get Professor Dave Wyndorf’s attention.

  2. I’ll explain everything.

    You see there was a group of extra-terrestrial metalheads-stoner-psychedelic motherfuckers who were roaming through the universe in search of gigs, festivals and beach parties, while getting high on intergalactic weed and booze.

    One day, while tripping through time and space, the girl we see in the poster, which is one of the last descendants of planet Venus, was told of a wicked festival happening at a nearby planet.
    The whole planet was said to be a vast beach and the fest line up was badass.

    Upon hearing the news the spaceship set course towards the planet and all the crazy motherfuckers who were aboard started getting high on almost every known drug in the universe.

    Finally, when they reached the planet, everyone was so high and tripping so hard that nobody noticed that they were on the wrong planet partying alone.

    Soon the sun rised. The planet was too close.
    The only thing left is the crazy bitch from Venus still tripping hard standing upon the skulls of the others and waiting for the band to come out and play.


    ps. i assume you realized why the girl could not be burn like the others.


  3. She represents the candle that you see always perched upon a skull in all the old horror movies. Her raised arm is the wick. Her hair is the flame.

  4. It’s because the skull has a horn and THATS what she’s sitting on. So she’s throwing up the devil horns cause she’s riding it like a bucking bronco!

  5. jacob travisano Says:

    The greatest rock band in the world (think tenacious D, Gwar, etc.) awesome non-stop rocking summoned the goddess of the underworld. She’s rising through the dirt and the skulls in the back are her army rising for the Rockpocalypse!!!!

  6. Obviously she’s on planet Dune riding on the leader of the skeleton sandworm army.

  7. She’s sitting on a giant’s shit after having devoured him

  8. This is a close study of old nude Viking-yoga performed by the shield maidens of the north.

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