It’s been a printing weekend.
We’ve been very very busy lately, working on a lot of different projects, from posters to videos.
And taking advantage of a rainy boring weekend, we decided it was time to print a lot of stuff.
First of all we finished the silkscreening of a poster we’re doing in collaboration with our friends at Dark City Gallery.
Soon You’ll know more, don’t worry.
Then, once finished, we put our hands of the posters for the american band ASG coming to Europe in April to kick ass.
We’re working with them since a lot of years, we’ve already done a poster in the past and 2 record covers.
So, it’s been great to work on this new design for them.
But let’s see it in details.
We’ve realized a run of 185 copies.
150 will be on the merch table of the band during their tour around Europe, starting on the 10th of april from Roadburn festival and ending in London on the 26th of the same month at Desert fest (and well, we’ve another silkscreen to do for it!)
The other 35 copies (well a little less) will be on our webstore once the tour will be over.
We started with a red ink.



We thought about the name ASG like something that You can read from upside down and viceversa.
The A becomes a G and the G becomes an A.
Obviously the S remains the same.

From this idea we moved on thinking about a poster You can watch from 2 different perspectives, like the ASG inscription.
And it had to recall the cover art of the BLOOD DRIVE record we did a few months ago.


Two women, a red and a blonde one, almost in a symmetrical and specular vision.
After red color we worked on a silver metallic ink.


And a gold came after



The last ink, the fifth one, has been a black.


And this is how the poster looks like.






What You think?
The print is very strong in person, the gold ink works both as shadow and light.

Next print coming will be Desert fest.
But we’ll have to wait a little cause we’re leaving the studio this thursday.
We’ll be on tour with Ufomammut in some Countries we’ve never been.
We’ll be in Roma (and well… we’ve already been there…), then in Greece!
Athens and Thessaloniki.
Looking forward to be there.
Then we’re visiting Sofia in Bulgaria and Bucarest and Timisoara in Romania.
After one day of relax on the Balaton lake in Hungary, we’ll be in Lubljana (Slovenia) for the last gig.
Check all the venues where we’ll be here, on the Ufomammut’s website.
And come to say hi.

So… see You on the road!


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  1. Fantastico!

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