Crosby, Stills and Nash

A month.
And one day.
Since the last time I wrote on the blog.
Not bad… when I was starting in feeling like I was a professional blogger… I quit.
So now I’ve to start from the beginning.
Busy busy… not a lot of time to write.
But here we are with the new poster we’ve just printed for the gig of Crosby, Stills and Nash in Atlanta on the 22nd of March.
It’s a four color print on cream paper.
The edition is of 120 pieces and it’ll be available on our webstore after the gig.
Let’s go with some good pics now!

First color has been a red.


Then we put a gold on top to obtain a metallic brown for the plumage of the eagle.


Then another metallic ink, a silver one for the sky and the grass around the flowers.
As You can see gold has been almost totally covered.


But we printed the pencil drawing on top of red, so we’ll have a sort of shadow on the entire design.


And last, we printed a black ink.


Here’s a few details of the poster.



And this is the final design.


Hope You’ll like it like we do.
We’ll post some better pics soon.
In the meantime we’re preparing for the next one.
A new collaboration with Dark City Gallery, after the Argento serie.
So… keep an eye at the blog for more news!

Watched the new Jarmusch movie and really dig it.
Only lovers left alive.

2 Responses to “Crosby, Stills and Nash”

  1. Its not quantity, but quality that matters. And you do some great quality prints

  2. Haven’t seen them since Sochi 2014,
    Here is a picture:
    Crosby (87)
    Nash (61)
    I can’t read the other number and don’t know if this is Stills on the picture…

    They did came back w/Gold.
    Any news of Young ?

    Have a great week end !

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