We’ve a new poster ready for this saturday.
It’ll be for Ulver, live at Bloom in Mezzago.
And we’re very very happy about how it came out.
Four colors, warm ones on kraft light brow paper.
One color is glowing in the dark, so the final print is good to be seen in the light as in the dark.
What can You ask more?
If the World will end and there won’t be any more light, electricity I mean, for looking at Your favorite posters hanging on the walls of Your destroyed (by the apocalypse of course) house after the sunset… this is the right print to solve all of Your concerns…
Maybe it’s a little catastrophic vision…
So, let’s just say it’s the right night and day poster…
Sorry I got a cold and I’m not that clear headed.
So, let’s go with some pics.
First color: glowing in the dark ink.


Then we had a gold ink.


What do You see?
A bearded skull?
Are You sure?


Look closer, after we printed the third color, a brown ink.


Ok, now, with the fourth color, the red one.


It’s a woman, coming out of a forest.
Mankind and nature, this is the meaning.
And a metamorphosis, light and dark.

This is what You’ll see in the dark.


Hope You’ll like it, we’re totally happy about this print.
It’ll be a limited edition of 111 pieces.
A part will be on sale during the gig in Italy and the remaining copies on our webstore (yes! the new wonderful one!) starting from Sunday.


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